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GTMotoring Release Challenge Y-Pipes for Nissan GT-R

March 20, 2009

GTMotoring have launched three things today, firstly their new Challenge brand. The brand will encompass a range of present and future tuning products. The first of these products are also released today in the form of the Challenge Street and Race version Y-Pipes for Nissan R35 GT-R.

The Challenge Street Spec Y-Pipes are manufactured in stainless steel and feature 76mm piping from the turbo outlets through a pair of resonators which maintain the internal diameter of 76mm. Twin flex sections come next to allow the y-pipes the flexibility they need to prolong their lifespan. The two main pipes meet at a laser cut transition section and form a single 90 mm diameter pipe to the rear flange.

The Challenge Race Spec Y-Pipes are similar in construction minus the twin resonators.

In terms of power gains from changing out to this y-pipe, both versions are almost identical making a maximum 15 awhp gain with an average gain of around 10hp across the rev range. Average torque gains of 7-12 lb/ft can also be seen on the dyno chart below.

Pre-orders on both are available now, pricing for the Street Spec version is $625 while the Race Spec version is just $575.

Contact GTMotoring for more information at the website below.

All photos below are of the prototype versions only.

Link: GT Motoring Website