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GTC’s GT-R: Europe’s First Tuned R35

July 8, 2008

Ben Linney has been busy collecting parts for his Nissan GT-R over the recent months and has gone and fitted them up and run it on the dyno recently out at Perfect Touch. The results are good making 452.8 hp at all four wheels at 6,187 rpm. So far GTC are using a Sunline Racing GTspec TiTANIUM SR exhaust and a straight through front pipe. This setup deletes two of the four catalytic converters and improves flow as well as giving the car a great exhaust note.

Ben has also used a Cobb Tunning AccessPORT (beta version) to delimit the standard ECU. Tires have been replaced with Cooper Tires Zeon 2XS which are lighter than the standard Bridgestones by a considerable margin.

Next up GTC are looking to fit Power House Amuse R1000-No.1 Turbine Outlets to delete the remaining two catalytic converters.

Check out the rest of the photos Ben sent in after the jump.

Source: GTC Racing Technology