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Dymag Carbon Fibre Magnesium Wheels for Nissan GT-R

November 6, 2008

UK based Dymag have shipped the first set of GT-R bound Dymag carbon/magnesium ultra lightweight wheels by way of our friends at GTC-R to send off to a customer in Dubai. Dymag have perfected the manufacture of the carbon composite / magnesium wheels to come up with a design that is lighter and stronger than standard wheels.

Reducing unsprung weight has huge advantages, to have the same effect as removing just 8 kilograms of unsprung mass in the wheels you would need to remove 48 kilograms from the body. You get better acceleration, braking, fuel efficiency, lighter and sharper steering and more.

Here we see them fitted to Saeed from Dubai’s GT-R. This GT-R also features plenty of other modifications supplied by GTR23.com like:

  • HKS GT570 KIT
  • ARC Intercoolers
  • Power House Amuse Turbo Outlet Pipes
  • Power House Amuse STTI RS Exhaust
  • Power House Amuse Rear Wing
  • AutoSelect Front Spoiler
  • AutoSelect Front Canards
  • COBB Tuning AccessPORT
  • COBB Tuning Coilover Sleeve Kit

Thanks a lot to Ben from GTR23.com for sending these in.

Source & Link: GTR23.com

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