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GT-RR.com World Debut – GTRBlog Talks With Bespoke Ventures

July 23, 2008

Bespoke Ventures and Bulletproof Automotive are well regarded names in the US tuner world. Known for being able to get you the best of the top shelf parts from Japan from all the best tuners in the game. Their blog “The Real JDM” is one we follow closely to see how things are panning out in North America.

GTRBlog.com recently spoke to the President of Bespoke Ventures, Ben Schaffer on the topic of how the new Nissan GT-R factor’s into their business and how they are responding to the imminent need for tuner parts the launch of the R35 is sure to create in the English speaking world.

Lucky for us GT-R enthusiasts, Ben and his team are not new to the world of JDM tuning and after 9 years in the business the relationships he’s built with the tuners build a solid foundation to supply these new parts in response to this upcoming demand.

Bespoke Ventures have been secretly working away in their underground bunker on building a new GT-R online superstore befitting the GT-R supercar itself. In partnerships with the likes of Top Secret, Power House Amuse, Zele International and Mine’s they’re offering all these big name parts right now.

Looking forward to seeing some modified R35 GT-R’s in North America soon setting some serious performance benchmarks!

Check out GT-RR.COM today and click through the jump to see the official press release on GT-RR.COM’s world debut.


Los Angeles, CA – Bespoke Ventures and Bulletproof Automotive, in association with Powerhouse Amuse, Top Secret, Zele, Mines, and other pioneering Japanese R35 GT-R tuners proudly announce the much anticipated debut of GT-RR.COM. This early BETA release of GT-RR.COM gives public access to the only Nissan R35 GT-R website backed by Japan’s GT-R Tuning Legends.

Just in time for the North American release of the new GT-R, GT-RR.COM already features more than 100 aftermarket Japanese made tuning and styling products for the new GT-R and is updated regularly to feature the most up to date content. Coming soon to the website will be an exclusive, GT-R only content portal with daily updates featuring GT-R news gathered from around the globe.

GT-RR.COM was developed in association with Japan’s legendary tuning houses to ensure a proven, safe, cost effective and efficient way to distribute Japanese made tuning parts worldwide. In today’s climate of fly by night shops and unethical businesses, customers are rightfully cautious about purchasing special order Japanese products. The protection of both the customer’s trust, and the Japanese company’s image in the global marketplace is why GT-RR.COM exists. Customers can retain the utmost confidence in their purchasing security because of reliable nine year history of GT-RR.COM’s parent company Bulletproof Automotive, as well as Bulletproof’s stellar customer service record and industry reputation.

GT-RR.COM’s parent company, Bulletproof Automotive, LLC acts as authorized distributor to dozens of Japan’s specialty high end tuning shops, many of which are featured on the GT-RR.COM website.

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