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GT-R Transmission Parts Development from SpeedForSale

September 13, 2008

SpeedForSale let us know that they have their GT-R’s DSG gearbox in pieces developing some upgrades for it due over the coming months. So far they’re working on a transmission cooler, a differential cooler and upgraded clutch packs. SpeedforSale are also working on their own oiled and dry versions of high flow intake air filters.

Expect the trans/diff coolers and air filters out in as little as 3 weeks but no firm date on the clutches yet.

Turbo kits that SpeedForSale are also developing should be ready some time in the next two months so we’ll keep an eye on those and let you know as soon as we hear.

Link: SpeedForSale Web Site
Source: Jeremy from SpeedForSale.com

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