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GT-R Review From a Porsche GT3 Owner

February 25, 2008

Blowdog from the UK GTR Register has written up his experiences in the new R35 GT-R coming from the perspective of a 911 GT3 driver. A well written article is full of gems like:

And the car handles it with consummate ease with its trick suspension and 4WD super chassis doing an incredible job of telling Einstein that all his theories were wrong and in fact we’ve been studying the wrong laws of physics. It’s true, the GTR demonstrated that E most definitely doesn’t equal MC squared. How else can a car with 1700KG appear to be so lithe and nimble, so fast and manoeuvrable? That apple was rotten, Newton.

Definitely worth the read and while your there don’t forget to checkout the photos which are indeed automotive porn.

Link: And so I drove the GTR today (Thanks Ben!)

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