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GT-R/Nissan Collections Add New Models To Their Lineup

September 18, 2008

Three new GT-R related products added to the GT-R/Nissan collection lineup this week. For those who aren’t regular readers, the Nissan Collection and the GT-R Collection are Nissan’s merchandise range available from their Japanese online store, Galleries, and some dealerships in Japan.

First up we have a new SuperGT GT500 GT-R with LED light up feature in a special Nismo packaging/display. These are available in #23 XANAVI Nismo type, #22 MOTUL AUTECH type and black Nismo test car type and retail at 1,500 yen. So it’s a cheap way to get into owning a SuperGT model.

Next is this vertical display unit for your GT-R Minicar Collection. Cars sold separately but this does a good job showing them off if you bought a bunch of them. Each slot has a mirror to show the rear end of the car off as well. The stand goes for 13,500 yen.

Lastly is this unique, and huge, 1/8th scale GT-R model (pictured at the top). This is a hand made model, 55cm in length and if you order now the hand crafting process takes about a month. So you can probably guess what the price will be like. At 320,000 yen (about $3000 USD) you’d have to be pretty enthusiastic.

The SuperGT car and the Model Car Showcase are on sale at the online store now but the 1/8th scale model goes on sale mid October.

Click the read more link below for the photo of the model showcase.

Source: Nissan
Link: Nissan Online Store

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