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Garage Yawata Street Special R35 GT-R

May 11, 2008

Tuning shop Garage Yawata are a well established tuning shop in Aichi, Japan. These guys have had their white Nissan GT-R for a while now and so far they have cracked the ECU and are offering speed delimiting to their customers at around the 130,000 yen mark. Tuning of the standard ECU is currently in development.

Garage Yawata are featured in Option magazine this June regarding their top speed runs in this car and it so far they’ve managed 309.3 km/h (GPS measured) in their almost standard delimited GT-R.

Over 300km/h the car is said to still be relatively quiet inside and to track quite well. It’s a little scary but it’s not going to stop them trying to go faster. Next steps are to figure out the tuning side on the standard ECU and shoot for 320km/h! Good luck guys.

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