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Garage Yawata Street Special Dual Sound Exhaust

January 3, 2009

Garage Yawata have been hard at work on their new exhaust innovation which is now on sale. It’s another take on the Dual Sound Exhaust concept but without the need for a remote control unit.

Sound is controlled with the throttle input so around town the full titanium exhaust is quite docile but when the right foot is exercised the sound ramps up in unison.

The exhaust is good to support the 650ps the Yawata Street Special GT-R is making and has been tested on their GT-R up to 324.6km/h!

For a full demonstration of how it works watch the video below and check out their top speed run after the jump.

The exhaust is available now for 490,000 yen.

Link: Garage Yawata Home Page

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