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Garage Active – Huge GT-R Update

August 6, 2008

Fukuoka based Garage Active have been quite that (active!) with their new Nissan R35 GT-R demo car. Not new to GT-Rs by any stretch of the imagination Garage Active have recently beefed up their range with original parts for the R35.

First up is a range of rear muffler exhaust sections. Well maybe muffler isn’t the best word as you can see, there aren’t any on this circuit spec titanium exhaust. Called the Titanium Muffler Version 2 this is begging to be paired up with a set of de-cat centre pipes. The price for this one is 333,900 yen.

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Source: Garage Active via CBA-R35 Blog

Then we have the street spec rear exhaust section, the Titanium Muffler version 1. Quieter but still probably a great sound as titanium always has a unique note. This exhaust retails for 386,400 yen.

Next we see their de-cat centre pipes. These delete two of the GT-R’s four catalytic converters and give the GT-R a much louder exhaust note to boot. Costing 123,900 yen it saves weight and will bolt up to any of the other Garage Active exhausts as well as the standard setup.

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