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Japan: First National GT-R Owners Meeting

April 15, 2008

The GT-R Mixi social networking club have held their annual R35 GT-R owners meeting at the Royal Hotel in Hamamatsu, Japan earlier this month. Hamamatsu is about 3 hours south east of Nagoya or 5 hours west of Tokyo. The day was mostly sunny with only a few specks of rain but of course being spring time lots of beautiful sakura (cherry blossoms) were blooming.

This has been the biggest meet so far with a total of 41 R35 GT-R’s in attendance eclipsing the usual meet sizes had at places like Daikoku Futo Parking Area by 20+ cars.

A few of the owners had already taken to modifying their GT-Rs and some of the more popular mods were exhausts and body colour matched front/rear lips and side skirts. Looks like one owner had painted his factory wheels white too which looks nice from the photos. Everyone seemed happy to talk about their cars and the atmosphere was friendly and enthusiastic as you can expect!

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Images and Source: GTR-World.net

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