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Euro Nissan GT-R Sports Additional Updates for Next Year

November 11, 2009


Nissan recently announced several key changes to the base Nissan GT-R for the Japanese market including tweaked suspension and upgraded rear diffuser.

Nissan Europe has also carried over the changes from the MY2010 JDM car into the European market GT-R with a few more items we hadn’t seen before such as:

  • Updated electronic braking distribution to provide better braking control in the dry
  • Updated torque distrTo reduce rear axle binding at low speeds and when fluids are cold, Nissan has modified the torque distribution between the front and rear axles
  • Updated TCM code for more aggressive downshifts between 4th – 3rd and 3rd – 2nd
  • ECM code updated to meet Euro 5 emissions standards
  • Double clear coat on bumpers
  • Gunmetal finish on guage surrounds
  • Rear seat area receives more insulation

Overall a couple of positive changes that will result in a more refined GT-R come next year. Sale date still to come and no word if pricing will remain the same yet.

Source: Leftlane News

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