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Esprit Intercooler Upgrade with Dry Carbon Duct

November 14, 2008

Esprit have come up with something GT-R owners have been looking for, a big front mount intercooler upgrade. While ARC took the route of a subtle flow and end tank upgrade, Esprit makes a bold move with a dual core horizontal flow cooler design.

Technically this should improve airflow across the intercooler as the air no longer needs to make a complete 180° turn.

Esprit’s tame racing driver Hisashi Wada-Q has been out at Suzuka Circuit putting the kit to the test combined with a HKS GT570 kit.

The good news is that on the track there is a significant decrease in intake air temps (56°C -> 41°C)and oil temps (126°C -> 112°C) while maintaining the same water temps. As we all know a cooler intake charge results in more power, and it does, making over 600 hp. Top work there.

So if you’re looking to make 600 hp and keep things cool you might just want to consider this kit when it’s released soon. The front dry carbon intercooler duct is available now for 113,000 yen.

Source: Esprit via GTRCenter.net