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Envy Imports – Sydney, Australia: R35 GT-R Preview

March 29, 2008

Envy Imports have long been keeping it under their hat that their R35 Nissan GT-R was bound for Australia but yesterday they were finally able to get their hands on it.

After prying it away from the nations customs and quarantine bureaucrats who, understandably, wanted to keep it for themselves GTRBlog.com joined Herman Urriola director of Envy Imports at their workshop in Brookvale for a look at their new acquisition.

Looking intimidating in titanium, the first we’ve seen of this colour in Australia, this premium edition GT-R is 100% Japanese spec. Imported under the low volume new vehicle import scheme, Envy Imports now embark on the process of ensuring compliance against a long list of Australia design regulations before they can road register it.

The good news is that it’s almost certain that we will see this car and others like it on the road well before the official Nissan release date. A good thing especially for Nissan Australia who gets the brand awareness without needing to lift a finger, despite the fuss they are creating over it.

Thanks to Herman and Richard for assisting with the photo shoot.

Click the photo shoot link below for the photos!

Link: Envy Imports
Link: Envy Imports R35 GT-R GTRBlog.com Photo Shoot: Part 1

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