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Endless Launch Zeal Function-T and Function-A Suspension Kits for Nissan GT-R

May 6, 2008

Endless has released two new suspension kits for the Nissan R35 GT-R this month. Available in steel body (Function-T) and aluminium body (Function-A) types the kits have a variety of options such as 6 adjustment points vs. 30 adjustment points and multiple coil types. Each kit is made to order to each customer’s specifications and all Zeal function-T and function-A kits offer full height and damper adjustability.

Prices start at 255,000 yen ($2,500 USD) for the Function-T kit including X-Coil springs and 6 way damper adjustment. 297,950 yen ($2900 USD) will get you in a set of the base model 30 way adjustable function-T sets.

For the function-A expect to pay from 311,850 yen ($3,100 USD) and up but what you get is a lighter weight suspension component and we all know who could do with a little less weight.

When GTRBlog wrote to Endless USA recently we were told that these kits (Function-A/T) themselves are not being promoted just yet but should be available in the near future. Other suspension types already offered may be ordered with custom setup for the R35 such as the Super Function Type-C suspension which is a circuit spec suspension setup with remote reservoirs offering independent damper and rebound adjustment.

Endless USA are however already offering the Endless Mono6 6 piston monoblock racing calipers however. Priced at $7500 USD per front set (inc. 387mm two piece slotted rotors) and $6380 per rear set (also inc. 387mm rotors). For the money however you get an extremely lightweight and rigid brake caliper (only 7.4 pounds) that outperforms other 8 and even 12 piston calipers.

Source: Endless Japan and Endless USA