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Edmunds Update Their Long Term GT-R and Get Faster

February 12, 2009

Edmunds long term test blog has been debating on whether or not to update their Nissan GT-R with the latest software update from Nissan for a couple of weeks now.

They finally decided to go ahead with it (for science!) and have now put it to the test. They’ve confirmed what others are saying and the GT-R is only improved by this update.

Results – VDC Off:

  • 0-60mph – 3.6 sec (3.3 adjusted)
  • 0-400m ET – 11.6 sec @ 118.9 mph

Results – VDC On:

  • 0-60mph – 3.6 sec (3.4 adjusted)
  • 0-400m ET – 11.7 sec @ 118.5 mph

Their “tips” on launching the updated GT-R may explain why their time is not as fast as we’ve seen. Some owners are reporting that there’s more to it than just planting the brake and the throttle. There’s a certain technique and timing required to get the best out of the new launch.

They also don’t mention what transmission mode they’re in since you can now do it in manual and auto in any transmission mode.

Check out the link below for the full article with details and a comparison to their previous best results…

Link: Edmunds Blog: 2009 Nissan GT-R: Reprogrammed, Our GT-R Gets Quicker

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