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Edmunds Inside Line: Dyno Tests – GT-R vs. Others

March 14, 2008

As seen earlier in a post highlighting the dyno results of JSpecConnect.com’s R35 GT-R at both Harman Motive and Road Race Engineering Edmunds Inside Line has now published the full story.

The GT-R made 452 hp at the hubs on the Dynapack dyno and 406 hp at the wheels on the Mustang dyno.

Edmunds also compared it against the 997 twin turbo on the same dyno’s showing just how consistent the power delivery is from the car. Edmunds go on to comment that while the GT-R is not the outright horsepower champion it does use it’s available ponies more effectively than any car they have tested to date.

Check out the Edmunds Inside Line website for a photo gallery as well as a video clip of the R35 on the dynos.

Link/Source: Edmunds Inside Line
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