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Edmunds: 2009 Nissan GT-R Road Trip – Part 4

March 31, 2008

Well it’s time to wrapup the US road trip which we’ve been following for the past week. Edmunds have reached their final destination of Reno Nevada and handed in their keys (or keyfob more accurately) but not without having a lot of fun first.

We mentioned in our last post that Edmunds had gotten quite a bit of time with the car at Miller Motorsports park. Indeed they turned at least “20 laps” of the two mile 10 turn west loop circuit. Managing a Ford GT rivalling 1.44 laptime by an unfamiliar driver. Check out a bit of the action in their video below:


Following that and their trip to the salt flats, Edmunds finished up their road trip taking Highway 50 to Reno. The good news at the end is that Edmunds has decided to add a new GT-R to their fleet and perform a one year test on the car with weekly updates. We’ll be subscribed for that.

Overall what did Edmunds Inside line think of the GT-R? This quote sums it up:

we did prove one thing: The 2009 Nissan GT-R is an incredible car. Fast, comfortable (relatively) and dead reliable. Nissan’s new supercar is a real workhorse that can be driven to work, on the racetrack or across the country. And it likes to go fast.

Check out the full posts over at Edmunds Inside Line: Straightline blog at the link below.

Link: Edmunds Inside Line: Straightline

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