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Edmunds: 2009 Nissan GT-R Road Trip – Part 3

March 28, 2008

If, by now, you haven’t been keeping glued to your PC monitor waiting for updates from Edmunds here’s a wrap up of what they’ve gotten up to on their adventure from Santa Monica to Reno covering 3000 miles on the way.

Last time we saw them take the GT-R to El Mirage dry lake bed to get it dirty with some 130mph on dirt action. They’ve posted a new video about this and it’s well worth watching.


After this they took the GT-R to Sacramento Raceway to drag the GT-R down the 1/4 mile managing a 11.8 @ 118.5 mph which is slightly higher than expected but good enough for a first try. (Check out the link at the end for the video)

After the drag strip Edmunds did some real driving around Miller Motorsports Park and apparently had a load of fun but aren’t letting us in on any of it yet so we’ll have to wait for the photos.

Next stop on the agenda was the famous Bonneville salt flats to see how the GT-R fared at top speed of 193 mph but it wasn’t to happen as they found the place covered in water. They did manage to again test the launch control on the desolate access roads near by though. Why not hey.

That’s about it, for the full details checkout the pages over at Edmunds Inside Line: Straightline blog linked below.

Link: Edmunds Inside Line: Straightline blog

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