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Development History of the Zele Nissan GT-R Body Kit

June 6, 2008

Well I’ve been sitting on these photos a while now waiting for a quiet day to post them. The Zele GT-R we all know and love started off this way as a pair of brand new development GT-Rs. A black base model and a white premium model.

Click the read more link below to follow the timeline with photos of the Zele Nissan R35 GT-R body kit development.

Source: Zele International

The black Zele car shortly after purchase in December get’s a new set of 19″ Rays Nismo LMGT-4’s test fitted. The offsets on these actually look ok and it’s too bad they weren’t to stay on the car. At this point the standard Bilstein Damptronic suspension is also grooved to hold C-rings in order to provide the ability to lower the ride height.

Of course things move quickly however and the car was disassembled for painting. The rear underspoiler, side skirts, front bumper and front lip became guinea pigs for modifications.

The white car was wrapped in plastic to preserve it’s paint and the parts were test fitted on it. All up this work was completed in around a month right in time for Tokyo Auto Salon 2008.

One final touch was to add some Recaro TS-WS front seats on original Zele rails saving 30kg.

Of course the finished product was completed in time for Tokyo Auto Salon where GTRBlog.com first got a look and a sit down in it as well…

Development of course did not stop there and still continues today. To catch up on the development of all the various parts since check out our Zele category by clicking here.

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