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COBB Tuning Update: GT-R ECU Cracked, High Flow Cats

April 2, 2008

COBB Tuning have released information regarding their recent hard work developing parts for the R35 GT-R. First up they have confirmed recent rumors that they have indeed cracked the Nissan’s “uncrackable” ECU and are able to remove their Japanese spec GT-R’s speed limiter among other items. This gives COBB a significant headstart on producing their famed AccessPORT product which, when finished, will give end users and workshops the ability to tune the GT-R’s factory ECU.

Also pictured above is COBB’s first prototype exhaust section. Created out of 304 stainless steel they have replaced the factory catalytic converters with high flow models and removed one of the factory mufflers.

Check out COBB’s website for more details.

Update: COBB have posted over at NAGTROC with a few more details regarding their latest posts:


…I will say is that the factory ECU is a very capable system. You get very advanced closed loop boost control, electronic throttle body (plural as there are two) control with feedback between the two to keep them ‘in-sync’ in one another, variable cam timing control, etc. Add to that all the communications that happen between the seperate computers on the car through the CAN BUS (traction control, transmission control, ABS, etc) plus the fact that it is OBD-II compliant. That all is just the tip of the iceberg…

You don’t need to replace any chips on the GT-R ECU to tune it. It uses a sophisticated 32-bit processor w/ on-board FLASH memory to store all its program code and calibration data. With the AccessPORT, we can write new data to the ECU…

If you want to change a map (say you upgraded the car with new exhaust) you just go to Change Map on the AccessPORT, select the new map and it’ll flash it straight to the ECU. If you want to uninstall the AccessPORT, you can do so and it’ll return the ECU programming 100% back to stock.

Link: COBB Tuning

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