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COBB Tuning Release TCM Tuning Support for AccessPORT

October 26, 2010

Big update from the guys at COBB Tuning today that is likely to bring a smile to a lot of GT-R owners faces. The tried and trusted AccessPORT just got even better with the official launch of transmission control module (TCM) support! Now with the one tool, owners can upload and change between maps for both the R35’s ECM and TCM.

What exactly does this new AP-NIS-006 with TCM support get you? Here’s some info from the official release:

Installing the AccessPORT on the TCM starts with downloading the OEM TCM ROM for safekeeping, so the TCM can be returned to its stock configuration at any time. Once the OEM TCM ROM is stored, the AccessPORT flashes a new Level 1 map onto the TCM that is based on the Nissan LC2 logic upgrade, but increases launch revs to 3,300RPM and includes more aggressive clutch engagement and throttle curves than stock LC2 logic. The result is a positive launch
that gets the GT-R off and running harder than the stock LC2 logic, but with smoother clutch engagement than the previous LC1 logic. Still not enough for you? A simple reflash of the TCM with the Level 2 map will have you experiencing the increased punch from raising the launch revs to 3,750RPM!

Adjustment of the GT-Rs sophisticated dual clutch system is now also available at the touch of a few buttons. Without reflashing, or visiting a dealer, the end user can now adjust clutch touch points on the fly.

Clutch relearn mode can also be activated using the AccessPORT just by following the simple step by step procedure. This should not only help keep your transmission in a healthy state it could lessen your time consuming trips to the dealership to have simple services performed.

The AP-NIS-006 also comes with all of the usual awesome AccessPORT features like off the shelf power up maps, ability to load custom maps from AccessTuner workshops, data logging, on the fly fast map switching, dash warning indicators and so on.

A new AP-NIS-006 will set you back $1,495 which makes it easily the biggest value modification you can get for the GT-R. Existing AP-NIS-005 owners can upgrade theirs for just $500.

For more information head over to the COBB Tuning website!

Link: COBB Tuning Website