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Cobb Tuning Announce Transmission Control Module Tuning Beta Testing for GT-R

January 27, 2010

At first there was the Nissan’s “uncrackable” ECU that was toppled in record time and has since gone on to be completely conquered. Next on the block is the even more cryptic TCM – the transmission control module.

For those who aren’t keeping track of the latest tuning trends, the TCM has been causing some grief for quite a while now. Ever since GT-R owners were cracking 10’s down the quarter mile the TCM has been getting it’s 2 cents in to dampen the fun when and where it can. Soft and hard limp modes, protection modes, error codes, conservative limiters and a general lack of tunability has led a few people to frustration with their mid to high horsepower cars.

Some companies have so far claimed the ability to tune the TCM but so far the services are limited or expensive and sometimes have little in the way of published data to back their GT-R experiences.

Cobb Tuning on the other hand have begun the first campaign to get TCM tuning data out into the community with some solid goals in mind. They’ve figured out how to speak to and flash the TCM via the OBDII port and are set on the path to create TCM maps that can eventually be uploaded using the Cobb Tuning AccessPORT hand held device.

While there’s still a very long ways to go, and 4500 TCM maps to decode, this announcement is one of the most positive steps in the right direction we’ve seen to date. Kudos to Cobb for being open about their progress.

We already know that the estimated RRP will be $1,495 when completed, for more information check out the thread over on the NAGTROC forums…

Link: Cobb Tuning Announcement @ NAGTROC