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COBB Tuning AccessTUNER Pro for GT-R Released

November 22, 2008

Not satisfied with COBB’s canned tunes for your Nissan GT-R or mods getting too out of control that you need a few tweaks on the tune? Well good news for you because the AccessTUNER Pro 1.7 software is available now for workshops.

This software gives your tuner the power to customise the fuel, ignition, timing and so on to your exact requirements. When done, you take your custom map and flash it to the car’s ECU via the AccessPORT. It also has sophisticated data monitoring capabilities as well.

One of the first workshops in south eastern US to get the R35 GT-R AccessTUNER software is SpeedForSale. Jeremy from SpeedForSale let us know that their Atlanta based workshop is ready and able to tune your Nissan GT-R now.

Source: COBB Tuning via SpeedForSale

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