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COBB Tuning Release Boost Control by Gear and Throttle Position

July 1, 2010

It was a breakthrough achievement when COBB Tuning rolled out their updated AccessPORT product with proportional boost gain control (RPM based boost control). The GT-R tuning industry were finally able to navigate the hump of boost spikes that had been holding back the basic bolt on tuning scene to that point.

Now we’ve heard that Cobb have taken boost control on their AccessPORT product to the next level with the ability to limit boost by gear and throttle position. They say this will give the tuner ultimate control over boost to prevent undesirable spikes or bursts of acceleration mid-corner when the throttle is only partly applied.

Gear and Throttle Wastegate Multiplier:

The gear and throttle wastegate multiplier is a gear and throttle position-dependent boost control strategy that behaves like traction control. However, instead of using the brakes and other conventional drivetrain-based methods to limit wheel spin, the ECU alters wastegate duty cycle to limit turbo spool. This in turn limits toque and power output effectively limiting low-end torque and wheel spin.

To go with this new development, the included canned maps are updated and if you’re using an included map you should flash your car’s ECU with one of these updates. On the other hand if you’re running a custom tune, you’ll need to consult your tuner for a new map that takes advantage of this updated capability.

For more information, check out the Cobb Tuning press release in the link below…

Link: Cobb Tuning Press Release