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Top Secret Super GT-R: New Aero Launched for R35

September 25, 2010 Comments off

Not one to be outdone by Nissan themselves, Top Secret has launched their own updated fascia for the Nissan GT-R. You may be forgiven for at first thinking that this takes a leaf out of the 2012 GT-R’s book because of the double canard design. This look is all original Top Secret though and is reminiscent of the legendary Twin Turbo V12 Supra aero.

Also shared with the Supra design theme is the nose extension factor. If you take a second look you’ll see that this is no rehash of the OEM bumper but it has been extended forward by 50mm.

Finished here in the newest iteration of Top Secret Gold, more details of pricing, construction and availability should be out soon…

Link: Top Secret Website

Preview: TopSecret Carbon Fibre Hood for Nissan GT-R

July 28, 2010 Comments off

Top Secret have leaked a few images of their upcoming newest product. A carbon fibre hood for the R35 GT-R. As you can see the hood features some large vents to improve engine bay cooling in much the same way as the GT1/GT1 style hoods do.

Looking forward to getting more details on this one soon…

Link: Pre-order Top Secret’s new carbon hood @

TopSecret Release Carbon Bumper Air Intake Ducts for Nissan GT-R

July 6, 2010 Comments off

Top Secret have launched a new product this week designed to improve cooling airflow to the intercooler / radiator. The GT-R’s front end, while aerodynamic, does leave something to be desired in the use of the surface area to great cooling effect. Understandably so too since Nissan had to fit a bumper reinforcement in there somewhere.

The aftermarket doesn’t need to be concerned with bumper reinforcement however so with some modification this bumper duct will direct air straight onto your cooling systems.

Priced at 65,100 yen for the half carbon version or 79,800 for the full carbon version, you can get in touch with your local Top Secret distributor for more info…

Link: Top Secret Website

Top Secret Launch Turbo Upgrades and More for the Nissan GT-R

May 16, 2010 Comments off

Just launched are a batch of new parts out of Japanese tuning house Top Secret including the latest high flow ball bearing turbo upgrade.

Let’s check out the turbos first. The Top Secret turbo upgrades are said to be good for around 600hp while maintaining streetability and standard spool characteristics by using ball bearing cartridges. The standard housings are utilized and honed out to fit the larger internals. You can see a comparison of before and after below and a dyno chart from Top Secret in the photo gallery below.

Up next is the Top Secret Super Suction Kit which replaces the OEM compressor side cast piping with a larger 56mm internal diameter stainless versions. It works well with the Super Induction Kit, sold separately, but works with the stock intake system just as well.

Then we have the Top Secret Oil Catch Can, a custom unit with a 2 litre capacity. It’s internally baffled, is 180x180x65mm in size and is fitted with a level gauge.

Lastly we have a Top Secret Bonnet Damper Kit, something simple that many thought Nissan should have included with the GT-R to begin with. These gas struts make the hood support obsolete and are a great idea for those who like to work on the car themselves. They’re even covered in a cf-look wrap.

For more info and pricing, head on over to the official Top Secret distributor, GT-RR and check out the entire range of Top Secret gear….

Link: Top Secret Parts @

GT-RR Release GT-RR 570 Premium Package

April 13, 2009 Comments off


Not to be mistaken for the “other” 570 hp kit the GT-RR 570 Premium Package comes with everything you need to get started in the GT-R tuning world at a level of quality not seen until now. Each part is hand chosen from GT-RR’s extensive range of tuning parts and is brought together into this kit to suit discerning GT-R owners with the urge to modify.

The package consists of the following parts:

  • Top Secret Titanium Hard Pipe Kit
  • Custom COBB AccessPort tune specifically for each car
  • Forge Adjustable Wastegate Actuators (with 4 interchangeable spring sets)
  • Esprit Turbo Outlet Pipes
  • Esprit Mid-Pipes (resonated, de-cat)
  • Synapse’s Blow Off Valves
  • HKS Spark Plug Set
  • HKS Super Hybrid Panel Filter Set

The kit requires you to have a Cobb AccessPort, something the guys at GT-RR can also sort out for you for a great price. All up you’re looking at $7,775 for the GT-RR 570 Premium Package.

Checkout the link below to see more detailed photos of each part and also take note of the new online ordering system available at Something that their team’s been working on for quite some time and is finally ready for customer use.

Link: GT-RR 570 Premium Package @

TAS09: Top Secret Super GT-R Sees the Light of Day

January 18, 2009 Comments off

Top Secret have been extremely busy over the past year since they picked up their first GT-R in December 2007. Their showing at Tokyo AutoSalon 2008 got everyone’s hopes up but shortly after they disappeared into the Top Secret batcave in Chiba. When they emerged six months later they came bearing their first parts and have slowly picked up the volume since.

Now the Top Secret Nissan GT-R parts catalogue is quite broad offering everything from multiple types of suspension to body kits to electronically operated exhausts.

Something we hadn’t seen yet from Top Secret that was at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 were these 410mm front and rear rotors for the R35 GT-R. Just when you thought your 400mm rotors were big someone goes and gets a bigger set. Top Secret’s 410mm rotor sets go for 230,000 yen for the front and 250,000 yen for the rear.

As for the Top Secret demo car, it featured the following laundry list of modifications:

  • Top Secret Super Induction Kit
  • Top Secret Intercooler Piping Kit (half titanium)
  • Cobb Tuning Access Port Top Secret Version
  • Top Secret TV-Pro Titanium Muffler
  • Top Secret Titanium Front Pipe
  • Top Secret G-Force Front Lip Spoiler
  • Top Secret G-Force Side Diffuser
  • Top Secret G-Force Rear Diffuser
  • Top Secret Super Spring Roberuta Kit (F:14kg/mm R:7.3-10.3kg/mm)
  • Rays Volk Racing TE37G2 20×10 front and 20×11 rear wheels
  • Takata Harnesses

Click through the jump below to see the rest of our photos of the Top Secret car at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009.

Link: Top Secret Home Page
Link: Top Secret related articles on GTRBlog
Words/Photos: GTRBlog (C) Usage requires a link to GTRBlog

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Top Secret Front Diffuser Prototype Completed

October 22, 2008 Comments off

Here are the first photos of the completed Top Secret front diffuser prototype. This diffuser managed to look aggressive while maintaining a more conservative shape than some wild diffusers we’ve seen to date.

Ducting for the brakes, mandatory in any serious aftermarket diffuser can also be seen here.

Pricing and availability to be announced shortly.

Update: A couple more photos came in from Ben from

Source:, thanks for the tip Ben

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Top Secret Titanium Intercooler Piping Kit Fitted

October 21, 2008 Comments off

Top Secret’s titanium piping kit made a pretty good impression when it was first shown a couple of weeks back. Here’s a couple of photos of it from Top Secret fitted up to their demo car.

Looks like this kit also may have an effect on the intake piping coming loose issue that a few guys have seen due with the OE rubber intake hoses. Silicon hose joiners are included in the kit.

Updated: Better images and a close up of the pipes showing the Top Secret intake kit fitted also (click Read more link below to see that photo). Thanks to Ben from for the photos.

Source: Top Secret via Ben from

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Top Secret Update – New Parts and Upcoming Parts for Nissan GT-R

October 11, 2008 Comments off

Top Secret, quiet on the GT-R front until recently, has unveiled, released and publicised a load of new and upcoming parts. Breaking their silence we have a few details about their current parts line up and their new parts in development from their Chiba, Japan based workshop.

First up is this titanium intake hard pipe kit pictured above. It comes with stainless intercooler piping and titanium intake manifold piping it certainly dresses up your engine bay in a unique way. You will also be able to get the kit in just stainless for a little less. Not out just yet but expect this soon.

We have been keeping you in the loop on their titanium twin sound remote activated exhaust system and this week we received the Top Secret press release unveiling it for sale. Officially known as the TV-Pro Titanium Muffler the confirmed price is 525,000 yen plus shipping from your vendor. This includes the carbon fibre exhaust surrounds we showed last weekend.

Keep reading after the jump for more news on Top Secret’s current and planned parts lineup for the R35 GT-R…

Link: Top Secret Home Page
Link: Top Secret Dealer USA/NAM –
Link: Top Secret Dealer Europe/EMEA –

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Top Secret Put Finishing Touches on Exhaust

October 4, 2008 Comments off

Top Secret’s latest titanium dual-function exhaust we posted about a week or so ago has been finished off with a set of custom carbon fibre outlet surrounds.

This is looking exceptionally nice on this white GT-R – a great quality finishing touch to an amazing exhaust. Check after the jump for more pics and “before” photos.

What do you guys think of the single outlet look?

Images: Top Secret via Thanks Ben for sending the photos in!

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