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Mine’s R34 GT-R Up Against Japan’s Hottest R35 GT-Rs

February 15, 2010 Comments off

Hot Version volume 103 has hit shelves in Japan and this one is a corker for GT-R fans. Not only does it feature a R35 GT-R tuner lap battle but there’s also this race where the legendary Mine’s R34 GT-R tackles some of the quickest R35s in Japan.

Check out the video below and hit up Amazon to buy your copy online…

Source: Hot Version DVD Volume 103 via
Link: Hot Version 103 – Buy Online with Amazon Japan

OS Giken Extend Range of Rear LSD Upgrades for the Nissan GT-R

February 12, 2010 Comments off

Some time back Sunline Racing worked together with well known Japanese manufacturer of all things clutch and LSD related, OS Giken, to come up with an improved rear LSD for the R35 GT-R. The result of this partnership was the OS Giken OS-TCD LSD. This flagship product is a easy to live with but high performance LSD in the OS Super Lock LSD range. It features unique oil control systems to ensure that all of the friction plates are kept lubricated all of the time. The result is a smooth performing LSD with extreme high performance capabilities which led Sunline Racing to shave seconds off their laptimes at the track.

The OS-TCD may be the ducks guts rear LSD but it comes at a price of 300,000 yen in Japan before tax.

OS Giken have now developed a less intense but still better-than-standard performing upgrade rear LSD for the GT-R known as the OS-NEO. The NEO is designed for daily driver GT-Rs who see some performance street driving and track days and are looking for a bit more predictable traction from the rear out of the turns without the interference of VDC. The NEO will set you back just 191,000 yen in Japan before tax.

OS Giken are also pegged to release a front LSD upgrade for the GT-R in coming months. This will compete with existing offerings from HKS Kansai.

Link: OS Giken LSD Range Release (Japanese)

Sunline Racing Dry Carbon Roof for Nissan GT-R

December 17, 2009 Comments off


Sunline Racing have released their dry carbon roof for the Nissan GT-R. This roof is said to be designed for high strength while it’s 0.8mm thickness lends itself to being extremely lightweight.

It comes with a UV protection coating to ensure it keeps looking good for a long time to come and sells for 241,500 yen in Japan.

I’m surprised that not too many companies have done carbon roofs for the GT-R so far. There’s something good about that unpainted carbon look on the roof that I love…

Link: Sunline Racing Website

Sunline Racing and OS Giken Rear LSD Upgrade

March 16, 2009 Comments off

Nissan GT-R Rear LSD by Sunline Racing and OS Giken

After considerable effort, Sunline Racing in partnership with OS Giken have created an upgraded LSD for the Nissan R35 GT-R. The upgraded rear LSD offers a considerable bump in rear end stability at the track.

To prove it Sunline Racing have been out at Okayama International Circuit with GT300 race driver Yasushi Kikuchi to see what it can do. During testing, Kikuchi-san managed to knock almost 2 full seconds off their previous best laptime of 1:42:00 to lap the 3.7km track in just 1:40:20.

The Sunline Racing OS Giken rear LSD is on sale now at the retail price of 320,000 yen.

Thanks to Ben @ for the heads up.

Link: – Sunline Racing Dealer Online
Link: Sunline Racing Website

Sunline Racing Dry Carbon Rear Diffuser Fins for GT-R

January 30, 2009 Comments off

Another mini parts update today, this time from Japan. Sunline Racing have come up with these bolt on rear diffuser fins for the GT-R. Made from dry carbon fibre, they’re designed to stabilise the rear end and provide more downforce for faster cornering.

Easy to fit up but are they practical? At 99,750 yen they would want to be. Wind tunnel testing is planned in the near future.

Link: Sunline Racing Website
Link: Sunline Racing related articles on GTRBlog

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Sunline Racing Update, Hyper Battle and Transmission Cooler

December 15, 2008 Comments off

Sunline Racing’s
Hyper Battle 2008 will be held again this year on December 30th at Okayama Circuit. Expecting as many as 40 tuned cars to enter across various classes. The Sunline Racing Nissan GT-R will also compete in the 4WD turbo class.

Sunline have also finished up producing their prototype transmission cooler adaptor plate for the GT-R’s GR6 transmission. Seen below this should enable the use of an external oil cooler to keep temperatures in check on the track.

We’ll keep an eye on their progress and update you when more information is available. We expect to see Sunline at Tokyo Autosalon 2009!

Link: Sunline Racing Home Page

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Sunline Racing – Silent Front Pipe for GT-R

November 11, 2008 Comments off

Word is, quite a number of the resonator less, de-cat front pipes that are currently on the market leave you with an annoying drone in cabin. On the track this is no problem, you aren’t sitting at 3000 rpm constantly, but on the highway this becomes tiring quickly.

Sunline have completed their silent front pipes and we have the first photo of them here. These promise to be a performance boost while keeping the drone away. Looking typical top quality Sunline Racing we should know soon price and availability.

Source: Sunline Racing

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Sunline Complete and Price Decat Dump Pipes

October 4, 2008 Comments off

Sunline Racing’s latest exhaust parts, their dump pipes we first showed you last week, are now completed and a price is set. Made from 304 grade stainless steel the final unit will come in priced at 134,400 yen in Japan.

Check your nearest Sunline Racing distributor for details.

Link: Sunline Racing Home Page

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Sunline Racing Decat Dump Pipes

September 28, 2008 Comments off

Sunline Racing complete the set of exhaust parts with this latest prototype for some de-cat dump pipes. Suitable to match with their own range of racing decat front pipes and GTSpec Titanium RS circuit spec exhaust.

While these are just a prototype, expect an announcement from Sunline Racing soon on availability.

Source: Sunline Racing

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Sunline Racing Fit Carbon GT-Wing

July 28, 2008 Comments off

Looks like Sunline Racing have been spending some time with Voltex lately as they’ve ditched the standard spoiler in favour of this carbon GT Wing. Looking like the single element version of the same wing we saw Garage Defend fit to their R35 GT-R back in March.

Sunline also seem to have moved away from the Work rims they were running earlier in the year on the track and at Tokyo AutoSalon. They’ve fitted up some dark grey Volk GT30s with ADVAN Sport tires.

So what do you think? Personally I think if you want to go big with the wing, Power House Amuse have it covered with their carbon rear wing upgrade.

Source: Thanks to Ben from GTC for the photos!

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