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Trust and Garage Saurus: GReddy TD06-20G Kit Dynos 834ps @ Wheels

August 12, 2009 Comments off


We’ve been following the progress of the Trust GReddy TD06-20G turbo kit for a while now, thanks to Garage Saurus, and today we’ve learned cold hard numbers on what the kit can do.

On Trust Japan’s dyno, running 22 psi of boost and completely maxing out the Bosche injectors they’ve managed to pull off a 834ps (822hp) run at all four wheels. Other components upgraded for the run were the intercoolers, utilising the Trust GReddy Type06-R Intercooler kit.

Quite an upgrade from where they started with “just” the 650ps output from Garage Saurus original basic performance upgrade components back in January.

Source: GReddy Blog via

Garage Saurus Intake Piping Kits for Nissan GT-R Now Available

July 30, 2009 Comments off


For those keen on a full replacement for your intake, blow of valves, and intercooler piping all in one kit, it’s now here. Garage Saurus have been putting this together for a while but it’s finally available to customers.

Seen here is the final production version of the kit which includes full replacement polished alloy intake piping, silicon joiners, clamps, Blitz blow off valves and Blitz air filters.

Final RRP is 302,400 yen but speak to your local Garage Saurus dealer for a good price.

Link: Garage Saurus Website

Garage Saurus Tune the Nissan GT-R SpecV

June 23, 2009 Comments off


Given the opportunity, you would tune this too. Not content to have the quickest production GT-R available, this SpecV owner has booked it in for a few basic performance upgrades. Garage Saurus have complied and installed a few choice upgrades from their range such as the Trust / GReddy full titanium exhaust, Garage Saurus Suction Piping Kit, Blitz twin blow off valves, Garage Saurus upgraded wastegate actuators, and to control the boost a HKS EVC.

To complete the picture, ECU tuning will beging this week. With this being the first SpecV worked on, they expect a few speed bumps but nothing serious. While tuning a set of Garage Saurus Bosch 750cc injectors may make their way on to this car as well to beef up the fuel system. I think this car is in good hands! Should be interesting to see the final power figures.

Link: Garage Saurus R35 GT-R Website

Nissan GT-R SpecV Turbos vs. Standard Turbos

June 4, 2009 Comments off

GT-R vs SpecV Turbo Comparison

When the price of SpecV parts were being made public via various Japanese media outlets many were firstly shocked that a SpecV badge could cost $1,500 and then intrigued why the SpecV‘s turbochargers were listed as a separate part with a higher cost.

Nowhere did Nissan mention that the turbochargers were different so why the cost?

Garage Saurus have had a SpecV in the workshop for a couple of weeks and couldn’t help themselves. They’ve pulled the exhaust off and taken photographs to compare.

What we see here is quite unexpected. A larger exhaust wheel combined with a totally different blade design. Add to that a what looks like a slightly larger volume exhaust opening. The SpecV’s turbo is actually a rather big improvement over the standard item then.

Garage Saurus have commented that this difference could mean we see a lot more horsepower without reaching the turbos limit from the SpecV versus a base model GT-R. Who’s game enough to do it though with a 16 million plus yen investment?

Link: Garage Saurus R35 GT-R Website

Nissan GT-R Injector Flow Test Comparison and Future Upgrades

May 31, 2009 Comments off


More and more injector upgrades are being placed on the market to meet the fuel demands of the more powerful GT-Rs out there. There hasn’t really been much publicized testing or even acknowledgment of the standard injector capabilities versus after market items though. Garage Saurus have made it pretty simple for us with a nice visual you can check out below.

In their testing, the standard GT-R injectors flowed equal to a 570cc injector. You can see below the comparison with SARD 650cc injectors which flowed around 660cc for this test and BOSCH 750cc injectors which actually seemed capable of flowing up to 820cc in testing.

As a side note, Garage Saurus liked the BOSCH injectors so much they will be using them in a big injector bolt-on upgrade for the GT-R which they’ll sell you for 24,000 yen a piece, or 144,000 yen all up. Don’t all rush out and by them though because the GT-R still needs something to control these big injectors. The standard ECU is out of it’s depth with injectors of this size.

Link: Garage Saurus’ R35 Tuning Website


Garage Saurus Intake Piping Set

April 21, 2009 Comments off


Officially the Saurus Suction Kit we think the Intake Piping Set sounds a little better to the average English speaker who might need to explain to the wife what just got delivered in the unassuming large brown box. Nonetheless it’s a full intake hard pipe kit made from 70mm diameter aluminium piping. It features a set of Blitz SUS metal air filters as well as a Blitz twin blow off valves. The kit also comes with silicon hose joiners and upgraded hose clamps.

Part of the Garage Saurus Spec660 package, this kit including joiners, clamps, filters and BOVs will set you back 248,000 yen and is available for order soon. These images depict the prototype version so may look slightly different for the production version.

Link: Garage Saurus Website

Garage Saurus Lightweight H-Beam Conrods for Nissan GT-R

April 19, 2009 Comments off


Garage Saurus have got the first sets of these H-beam forged connecting rods completed now as they make their first steps towards improving the internals of the VR38DETT’s bottom end. The H-beam design allows for a similar or improved strength over the forged I-beam standard rods with a significantly lower weight. In this case Garage Saurus weighed the standard conrods at 725.6 grams a piece while their H-beam items are just 582 grams each, a saving of 143.6 grams each or 861.6 grams of reciprocating mass total!

Each rod set comes fitted with ARP rod bolts and is rated for 800 ps. These will form an integral part of Garage Saurus’ upcoming engine upgrade set.

Update: Garage Saurus conrods priced at 168,000 yen per set.

Link: Garage Saurus Home Page

Garage Saurus GT-R Brake Rotor Upgrades

March 14, 2009 Comments off

Garage Saurus has released an update on the GT-R brake front, after trying a few combinations they’ve decided to stick their name on this slotted and standard sized design. The standard sizing keeps the price down and the slotted design does away with the issue the drilled factory rotors have of cracking on the track.

Designed to fit the stock hats, they come with the rotor and fitting hardware for about $675 per corner. Blue or gold anodized hats are available as options. Hit up the links below for more information…

Link: Garage Saurus Website
Link: Garage Saurus Rotors on
Link: Garage Saurus related articles on GTRBlog

TAS09: Garage Saurus GT-R, Original Saurus Parts Net 650ps

January 13, 2009 Comments off

One of the more subdued GT-Rs at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 was also sporting some interesting modifications. Regular readers will have been tracking Garage Saurus’ build up for some time now and at AutoSalon we finally got to take some close up photos.

Featuring the Garage Saurus original parts lineup such as the exhaust system including Garage Saurus Extension front pipes, Garage Saurus No.2 straight through mid-pipes and Garage Saurus centre exit muffler.

On the intake side, an original Garage Saurus intake/intercooler hard pipe kit with silicon hose joiners was held together with upgraded hose clamps. A pair of Trust/GReddy R35 GT-R intercoolers is fitted to round it out.

Making 650ps on the standard fuel delivery system is not a great idea, the injectors will be strained resulting in a lean fuel mixture. Something you definitely can not live with. Garage Saurus have thus upgraded the injectors and to provide that stronger spark, have gone with OKD-R Coils. Controlling all these is a Garage Saurus Power-ROM ECU upgrade.

In terms of handling, Garage Saurus tuned Ohlins suspension with 16kg/mm spring rates up front and 12kg/mm spring rates in the rear does the job. Wheels are Yokohama ADVAN RS-D in size 9.5×20″+40mm offset front and 10.5×20″+20 offset rear wrapped in 255/35 front and 285/30 rear Yokohama ADVAN Sports tires. Stopping power is enhanced with some new Project µ brake rotors front and rear with Project µ 900i brake pads.

A Garage Saurus GT-R transmission cooler kit keeps trans temps down at the track.

Check out the Garage Saurus GT-R at our photo gallery by clicking read more link below.

Link: Garage Saurus Home Page
Link: Garage Saurus Related Articles on GTRBlog
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Garage Saurus Injector Upgrade Update

December 15, 2008 Comments off

Garage Saurus have been in the middle of this upgrade for a while now, finding a suitable injector upgrade isn’t as easy as it first looked. They’ve settled on a set of Bosch 680cc injectors which they plan to fit up soon. These are about 12% larger than standard Denso injectors. For a setup of 6x injectors expect to pay around the 80,000 yen mark.

This upgrade could signal the next round of power increases as a number of tuners who are maxing out the standard injectors on standard turbos grows daily.

The next round of power upgrades (high flow turbos anyone?) may need to be built on a solid foundation of fuel supply which hinges on injectors and fuel pump. We’ll find out shortly if the GT-Rs standard pump is capable of supplying 680cc injectors soon.

Link: Garage Saurus Home Page
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