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MCR GT-R vs. RE Amiyama RX-7 Touge Battle

June 18, 2008 Comments off

From the Hot Version 93 DVD we posted about the other day we have this video of the GT-R battling the RX-7 for dominance at the Gunma Cycle Way touge track. That the GT-R can even compete with the RE Amiyama RX-7 here is quite amazing considering the weight of the thing. The GT-R does quite well considering this.

Thanks for Chuck from NAGTROC sending this in.

Link: Hot Version 93 DVD: Buy online at

Video: MCR GT-R Test Drive

June 12, 2008 Comments off

Following on from our article the other day regarding the MCR GT-R, we now have a video to go with it. Watch as the MCR GT-R tears up some nice country roads but you can really hear those Endless brakes squeel!



Hot Version 93: MCR GT-R Touge Attack

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Well the Hot Version 93 DVD is out now and available online. This issue pits MCR’s red hot R35 GT-R against the competition at the Gunma Cycle Sports Track touge style. The entrants are RE Amiyama with their Devil RX-7, Spoon FD2 Civic Type R, J’s Racing Honda S2000, Fujita Engineering FD3S and others.

Link: Hot Version 93 DVD: Buy online at
Link: HowTo: Buying online from from outside Japan MCR Nissan R35 GT-R Test Drive

June 10, 2008 Comments off

GTR-World continue their high standards with their latest article on the MCR Nissan R35 GT-R. In this edition they have met with Kobayashi-san, owner and boss of Matchless Crowd Racing (MCR) workshop which frequently graces the page of this and many other blogs. Here is the GTRBlog translation of the article.

MCR recently completed their new paddle shifter setup. “Why don’t the paddles turn with the steering wheel together?” wondered Kobayashi-san from day 1 of receiving their new GT-R. It wasn’t long before they had figured out the workings of the system and put the finishing touches on the new original MCR paddle shifters.


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Photo Gallery: Car Festa 2008 – Fukushima

June 1, 2008 Comments off

Car Festa 2008 is half over and some photos of the cars on display are coming out. The MCR and Arios car’s are quite popular so we have a few photos of each of their stands. Arios just fitted up some Endless Zeal Function A suspension and Endless Mono6 racing brakes this week so they’re displaying at the Endless stand.

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Car Festa 2008 – Fukushima Japan – This Weekend

May 30, 2008 Comments off

Car Festa 2008 in Fukushima kicks off tomorrow and should be a decent one for Nissan GT-R fans. At the show will be GT-R’s from MCR, YellowHat and others. The show runs on Saturday and Sunday and will feature loads of modified and custom cars from all spectrums as well as live music and drifting exhibitions and tonnes and tonnes of girls.

MCR have already setup for the show, here’s a sneak peak at their stand at Car Festa 2008.

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MCR Cruise Control Interface In Development

May 24, 2008 Comments off

MCR don’t think you should give up the simple luxuries in life just because you swapped out the standard paddle shifters for MCR’s non-stationary type paddle shifters. Here we can see they are working on a cruise control interface to give that functionality back to their customers who have to drive their GT-R daily but still want to track it without swapping out the steering wheel.

This is currently in testing for release shortly.

MCR’s Carbon Non-Stationary Gear Shift Kit Launch

April 26, 2008 Comments off

MCR who were the first to fit an aftermarket carbon fiber paddle shift kit and steering wheel to their Nissan GT-R back in March have now launched the product as a kit.

The kit includes steering wheel boss, wiring harness, fasteners, and carbon fiber paddles will retail at 79,800 yen ($798 USD) and will require an aftermarket steering wheel.

Updates from MCR – Gearbox Trouble Brewing

April 25, 2008 Comments off

MCR have been giving their Nissan GT-R one hell of a workout since they got it. It’s making significantly more power than standard, has stacks of bolt on upgrades and has been hitting Fuji Speedway, Tsukuba Circuit, and other circuits nearly every week. On top of this they’ve been punishing it on the tight togue track filming for the upcoming Hot Version 93 DVD.

While a standard car might not flinch at this, the extra power MCR is making seems to be taking it’s toll. Stephen from Skylines Australia forum recently spoke to Kobayashi-san, head of MCR, on this subject and was told that the gearbox is wearing out quickly under the stress and estimates it’s life span at 12 months of serious track punishment on cars making significant more power than standard.

GTRBlog wasn’t able to clarify if the clutches were the problem or if it was the box itself but from other independent sources we’ve heard that the clutch packs in the DSG gearbox are the first weak point in the drivetrain when shooting for big power.

Source: MCR
Photos: MCR and Stephen from SAU

Follow the jump for more news and photos from MCR.

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MCR GT-R Filming for Upcoming Hot Version DVD

April 19, 2008 Comments off

MCR have been fiddling with their GT-R’s Endless ZEAL suspension for a couple of weeks now in preparation for filming of the next Hot Version DVD at the touge track. Many of you may know Hot Version but for those who don’t they may want to refresh their memories. Hot Version DVD 91 featured MCR’s R35 GT-R (when standard) racing against highly modified R32, R33, and R34 GT-Rs at Tsukuba Circuit.

You can checkout Hot Version 91 over at Veoh video but it requires a software install so I won’t link directly to it.

We’ll keep you posted as to when this issue is coming out!

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