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Zele International Coilover Sleeve Kit Prototype Completed

December 18, 2008 Comments off

Zele International continue to improve on the base Nissan GT-R with great parts. Today they’ve shown off the first photos of their upcoming Zele Performance Suspension Sleeve kit for the standard Bilstein Damptronic suspension fitted to the GT-R. This kit adds the ability to use aftermarket springs as well as adding adjustable ride height.

The kit will be on display at Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 which is right around the corner as part of the Zele Complete Edition Nissan GT-R. Stay tuned for more as AutoSalon approaches!

Link: Zele Performance

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Zele International Price Rear Diff Cooler Type 2

November 27, 2008 Comments off

Regular readers will recall when Zele announced their rear differential cooler for the Nissan GT-R in October. The Type-1 cooler was nice and functional but pictured here is the Type-2 version with all it’s accompanying carbon fibre goodness.

For a small sum of 40,000 yen on top of the Type-1 kit you get a carbon mounting, carbon cooler surround and carbon air guide to provide more airflow to the cooler.

As with the Type-1 kit, this cooler is supplied with braided lines, Earls fittings and all the accessories required to fit it.

Link: Zele Performance

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TAS2009: Zele International Announce Tokyo AutoSalon Plans

November 26, 2008 Comments off

Tokyo AutoSalon is coming up fast and plans are being put together. Zele International have let slip on some of their plans for the show which attracts over 250,000 people annually.

Zele will have their Zele Complete Edition Nissan GT-R there of course, followed up with a Nissan Skyline 370GT Coupe and a Nissan 370z.

Three cars this year is three times bigger than Zele’s booth in 2008 so can’t wait.

Source: Zele Performance via

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Zele Complete Edition Dry Carbon Fibre Spoiler

November 24, 2008 Comments off

Zele add even more dry carbon fibre to their Nissan GT-R Zele Complete Edition today with the completion of their full dry carbon rear spoiler prototype.

This OEM shaped spoiler saves a significant amount of weight and will be completed for release in December. It will debut to the public at Tokyo Auto Salon in January 2009.

Source: Zele Performance

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SEMA 2008: Zele Complete Edition Prototype Wins Mothers Choice Design Excellence Award

November 6, 2008 Comments off

Congratulations to Zele International, ranked as one of the top 13 cars at SEMA by Mothers taking away the Mothers Choice trophy for design excellence. Nice work guys!

Link: Zele Performance

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SEMA 2008: Zele International / ENEOS Oil Booth, Mothers Shine Award Nomination

November 5, 2008 Comments off

Today Zele International were nominated for the Mothers Shine award. Given for a display with an outstanding finish, this is certainly a prestigious nomination when you consider some of the level of detail SEMA cars get in the paint department.

With their world famous Lamborghini Orange Nissan GT-R they’ve managed to get quite a lot of attention and influence on the GT-R scene. Many other SEMA GT-Rs are fitted with Zele Performance parts.

The final spec of the car shown at SEMA is:


Performance Parts

Check this car out all through SEMA at the ENEOS Oil booth (#24501). This is the Zele Complete Edition early prototype and Zele plan on continuing to work on reducing the weight of the GT-R and producing even more parts for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon exhibit. GTRBlog will be updating you of course between now and then.

Link: Zele Performance
Link: ENEOS Oil

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SEMA Preview: Zele International Carbon Fibre Roof Prototype

October 30, 2008 Comments off

Zele International keep the innovation coming today showing off photos of their latest prototype, a carbon fibre roof for the Nissan R35 GT-R. Replacing the roof with this item will shed up to 5 kg of weight while improving body rigidity.

Seen here in prototype form, you can check it out for yourself at SEMA this coming week from Tuesday the 4th of November. See the famous Zele International demo car at the ENEOS Oil booth (#24501). First person to mention to Kamata-san wins a free Zele catalogue*.

Link: Zele Performance

*Catalogues may or may not already be free…

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Zele International Price Rear Diff Cooler, Firm Up Release Date

October 27, 2008 Comments off

We promised in September, Zele International would release their rear differential cooler kit for the Nissan R35 GT-R soon and today they’ve updated us on the release date. We’ve also got pricing for the kit and word that two versions will be offered.

The two kits on offer are:

  • Type 1: This kit features the oil cooler core, oil pump, hoses, fittings and mounting hardware required. This kit is priced at 198,000 yen.
  • Type 2: This kit features the same as Type 1 but with the addition of a carbon fibre air guide to provide more airflow through the cooler. This kit is 238,000 yen.

Both kits go on sale from your Zele International dealers from November 17th 2008. While this kit works best with an aftermarket exhaust, a version that works with the standard exhaust is currently in development.

More photos after the jump…

Link: Zele Performance Home Page

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Zele International Dry Carbon Mirror Prototypes Completed

October 23, 2008 Comments off

We saw these a couple of weeks back but now they’re clear coated, polished and fitted to the Zele demo car. These are lightweight dry carbon items and will make up part of the Zele Complete Edition package prototype in early 2009.

See these at SEMA in early November at the ENEOS Oil Stand (#24501) as the famous Zele International GT-R will be representing.

Updated: Added two further images of production version – Feb 09

Link: Zele Performance Home Page

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Zele International Gears Up For SEMA

October 20, 2008 Comments off

Zele are in full preparation mode for the upcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas beginning on November 4th 2008. Regular readers will remember when we announced Zele attending the SEMA show back in early September. Since then we have had confirmation that Zele’s famous bright metallic orange demo car will be stationed at the ENEOS Oil stand (#24501).

Zele have a full English catalogue produced available to interested parties at the show as well. Photos of the catalogue after the jump…

SEMA is the largest and best show of automotive tuning and specialty products in the US and will be held from the 4th of November to 7th of November 2008 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Link: Zele Performance Home Page
Link: SEMA Home Page

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