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TAS09: Garage Defend GT-R – A Face Only a Mother Could Love

January 27, 2009 Comments off

It’s not pretty but almost a year since Garage Defend built their one of a kind Nissan GT-R with trademark Stingray Carbon Canards up front it still pulls a crowd. It’s one of the most aggressive looking GT-Rs in Japan and is still a one of my favourites from Tokyo AutoSalon 2009.

Regular readers will be quite familiar with the modifications Defend Racing have made to their GT-R such as:

  • Garage Defend Stingray Evolution Front Canards
  • Garage Defend GTU-Spec Carbon Front Mask
  • Garage Defend GT Cooling Panel
  • C-Ring modified standard suspension for lower ride height
  • RDD 400mm rotors up front
  • Bride Seats
  • Takata Harnesses
  • Blitz Nur Spec F-Ti Exhaust

Click through the jump for more photos of the Garage Defend GT-R from Tokyo AutoSalon 2009…

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Defend Racing: GT Cooling Panel Released

September 22, 2008 Comments off

We first saw the prototype of Aichi, Japan based Defend Racing’s GT Cooling Panel back in August and now we see the much anticipated release of the part for sale.

The GT Cooling Panels traditionally offer an improvement in cooling efficiency by ensuring air passes through the radiator instead of around it, this version also offers a great look under the hood of the GT-R.

The GT Cooling Panel replaces the standard shroud and is a bolt on fit.

Priced at 98,700 yen in Japan it’s not too badly priced either.

Link: Defend Racing Home Page
Source: Defend Racing via

Garage Defend Prepare for Customised Street Event

August 22, 2008 Comments off

Well a big weekend is ahead of us, the SuperGT round 6 37th Annual Pokka 1000km race and the Customised Street mega tuner event both at Suzuka Circuit. Garage Defend don’t want to show up underdressed so today they received their Blitz production Nur-Spec F-Ti titanium exhaust to replace their currently standard exhaust.

Yes it looks a lot like their prototype Blitz exhaust seen at Nagoya Auto Trend in March this year but this final production version has a few unseen benefits such as actually improving exhaust flow.

More photos after the jump.

Link: Defend Racing home page

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Garage Defend GT Cooling Panel for R35

August 21, 2008 Comments off

Traditionally one of my favourite Garage Defend parts were their super high quality carbon radiator shrouds. Pretty much nothing fits like a Garage Defend GT Cooling panel on a legacy GT-R. Plenty of aluminium ones to choose from sure but carbon ones are rare and chinese copies have never worked at all.

As we predicted way way back Garage Defend now have completed their prototype GT Cooling Panel for R35 GT-R and it’s a big one.

Wrapping around the front of the engine bay there’s currently no other thing just like it, while the functionality may be questionable it sure makes a statement.

More photos after the jump!

Link: Garage Defend Home Page

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Garage Defend’s Collection, Wallpapers

May 24, 2008 Comments off

It’s probably a good thing I don’t currently live in Japan or I’d probably have spent most of my paycheck down at a place like this. Garage Defend’s corporate colour is bright red so I’d imagine they were quite happy when Nissan launched the new GT-R in that colour. Anyway here’s some photos from their workshop this week showing whats up for sale. Everything of course, if you’re keen on their R35 GT-R though you can easily tempt them with 10,000,000 yen or make an offer on their auction. Price starts at 8,880,000 yen.

Follow the jump to check out another wallpaper from Garage Defend and other photos from their workshop this week.

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Garage Defend Take the GT-R Drifting @ Suzuka

April 21, 2008 Comments off

Well … It’s not exactly accurate but there was drifting at Suzuka today and Garage Defend were there with a sea of red cars ranging from Toyota Altezza’s, to S15’s to their GT-R. The D1 teams were representing but the GT-R was just there for some beauty photos.

Don’t forget that the Garage Defend GT-R is for sale, so why not check out their photo gallery and make them an offer they can’t refuse!

For more photos from Suzuka today follow the Read More link below.

Link: Photo gallery: Garage Defend GT-R

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Garage Defend at Opt2 Trophy Cup @ Nishiura Motor Park

April 13, 2008 Comments off

After taking home a commendation for one of the 10 best cars at Exciting Car Showdown Garage Defend have attended the Opt2 (Option 2 Magazine) Trophy Cup yesterday at the relatively new Spa Nishiura Motor Park in Nishiura about 3 hrs south west of Tokyo by bullet train.

The circuit has only been open since mid 2007 but certainly looks like fun technical track.

More pics from the day after the jump as well as a video of a R33 GT-R on the circuit!

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Photo Gallery: Garage Defend Exciting Car Showdown

April 6, 2008 Comments off

Garage Defend GT-R at Exciting Car Showdown 2008

April 5, 2008 Comments off

Garage Defend was one of the tuners at the first day of Option’s Exciting Car Showdown 2008. Here’s a pic from the Garage Defend stand at the show just after they finished setting up Friday night.

Checkout the photo gallery linked below for more photos of the Garage Defend GT-R!

Link: Photo Gallery: Garage Defend R35 GT-R
Link: Photo Gallery: Garage Defend at Exciting Car Showdown 2008

Photo Gallery: Garage Defend R35 GT-R

April 4, 2008 Comments off

MCR will be featuring in Option magazine in the near future, here’s a pic of their GT-R being photographed for the mag with the editor in chief.

Next up, we have a couple of better quality photos of the Garage Defend R35 GT-R parked outside their workshop.