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Blitz Intercooler and Suction Kit for Nissan GT-R Now Available

May 29, 2010 Comments off

We got our first look at the new Blitz intercooler all the way back in January at Tokyo AutoSalon. It’s a smart looking mild upgrade for the stock intercooler units which goes for the joined core look. That core is 260mm high 532mm wide and 100mm thick so it’s a decent step in the right direction while not being over the top and radiator airflow restricting. The big change since January is that it’s now buyable as of last week. The price hasn’t changed and it’s still set at the 260,400 yen mark.

Something we couldn’t get a look at in January though, but we’re told about, is the new Blitz Suction Kit for Nissan GT-R. These cast, polished aluminum items reduce the internal airflow resistance and improve air intake efficiency. They increase the internal diameter by 10mm on the turbo compressor side and also improve the air filter side by 10mm. They come with silicon hose joiners as standard and are priced at the 136,500 yen mark in Japan.

Links: Blitz Release for Intercooler and Suction Kit

Nomuken Drifts the Blitz R35 GT-R – First Video

April 13, 2010 Comments off


Just picked up this video from what looks to be Nomuken’s first try at drifting the recently completed rear wheel drive, manual transmission sporting Blitz R35 GT-R. Jump to 2:20 mark if you want to skip over the getting to know you bits and get straight into the drifting.

I believe this is from Video Option Drift Tengoku DVD volume 56. For more, pickup your copy at your local Japanese bookstore.

Tokyo AutoSalon 2010: Blitz FR Drift GT-R and New Gear at the Blitz Booth

January 25, 2010 Comments off

Blitz had another strong showing at Tokyo AutoSalon this year. Always a popular booth it can be tough to make your way through as it’s litterally swarming with enthusiasts! We got our hands on the man Kawabata-san again to have a chat about what’s new with Blitz, the drift car and plans for the future.

We were pleased to hear they had been continuing to make progress with the famous Blitz R35 GT-R rear wheel drive drift car. In case you hadn’t heard, Blitz debuted this GT-R at Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 converted to RWD with a Hollinger 6 speed sequential manual transmission bolted firmly to the rear of the VR38. The third pedal looks right at home in the drivers footwell doesn’t it?

Other modifications to the drivetrain include fitting an R34GT-R NISMO GT rear LSD and an ORC709 R35 SPL clutch.

Power modifications wise, the Blitz drifter is actually running now, as opposed to last year where it was barely bolted together. It’s tuned by a MoTeC M800 DBW4 SKM ECU and breaths through a Blitz intake piping kit and Blitz‘s new Intercooler CS for the R35 GT-R. The turbo’s as stock and their internal wastegates are actuated by a pair of Blitz Upgrade Actuators for R35. Out back there’s a Blitz Nur-Spec C-Ti Quad exhaust system.

On the inside Bride seats hold Nomuken in place and Blitz Racepak IQ3 with an array of Blitz Racing Meter’s (Boost, Temp) in carbon fixtures keep him informed.

The car is fitted with a custom DG-5 suspension setup particular to this very unusual car and stops with the help of Blitz MR-VS brake pads. The wheels are the ultra nice BRW-09 forged magnesium deals in 20×9.5 +38 up front and 20×10 +18 in back and come wrapped with Dunlop SP Sport DSST tyres thanks to their sponsor.

We’re hoping to see this car in action this year but when I asked Blitz, they were kind of shy about answering. I really think they may be shooting for next season to debut this car. Even some friendly encouragement about the American’s and their Dynamic AutoSports/Hankook drift GT-R couldn’t pursuade him to commit to 2010.

Either way it’ll be interesting when it debuts.

Also at the booth was Blitz’s current and planned lineup of parts for the GT-R. We have this front mount intercooler unit which is another take on the dual core single unit design that is really popular. It’s known as the Intercooler CS-R which means it features the “Chemical Shine” coating for extra shiny appearance with added durability. It’s also corrosion resistant which is a plus. The price marked was 260,400 yen.

Blitz also had their new wastegate actuators on display. These were some stand out actuators but too bad you’ll never see them buried way under your turbo and piping.

Next to the actuators were a set of Carillo conrods for the GT-R and CP pistons as well, what they were doing there we weren’t able to find out.

In terms of new parts on the horizon, Blitz is shortly going to release a new set of air filters for the GT-R. A replacement kit for the airbox utilising the filters you see here. Obviously they will ship with an intake piping kit of some sort but where they will finally mount I’m not sure.

Lastly, Blitz announced that they will be developing a version of their latest data logging multifunction display computer, known as the Touch Brain for the GT-R. It will connect up via OBDII port and possibly solve a lot of the data logging type problems. We asked if it would record output to flash memory and they couldn’t confirm at this stage of the development. We hope so really.

Well that’s about it from the Blitz booth 2010, if I remember anything else I’ll pop an update in this article. For now, check out the rest of the photos in the gallery below!

Link: Blitz Website

TAS2009: Blitz R35 GT-R Goes Rear Wheel Drive, Manual Gearbox

January 9, 2009 Comments off

Tokyo AutoSalon is here today. One of the biggest surprises of the show for many is the Blitz Nissan GT-R. Blitz are developing the Nissan GT-R for the D1 drift series in Japan.

Speaking with a Blitz representative, Kawabata-san, today we have learnt that Blitz have a desire to have Nomuken drive this car in an upcoming D1 season. While they wont commit to a definite date, 2010 was not out of the question.

Blitz have not yet completed the car but the removal of a significant amount of AWD drivetrain has lightened the car considerably. The job’s not completed however so they cannot give a definitive answer on exactly how much.

New on the exterior of the Blitz GT-R for TAS09 is Blitz ZRR suspension, Blitz Carbon Infusion carbon hood, BRW09MAG forged magnesium wheels. The carbon hood is top quality looking item. When we asked if it was dry or wet carbon we were told it was a “carbon infusion”. We’ll have to translate the text on their explanation for exactly what that process means.

On the interior we see a custom carbon panel for the gear shifter, the gearbox is a Hollinger sequential unit so no need for a H-Pattern. The A/C is also removed and the controls replaced with a trio of Blitz gauges. The seats remain standard but perhaps a set of Bride seats will find there way to this car, Blitz said.

When asked about engine modifications, Blitz were confident that the standard motor with the full Blitz exhaust would be suitable for the development of the drift car and that no hard core power modifications are planned at this time.

Notice the three pedals in the photo below. This is a first for the R35 GT-R and something many people wanted to see. Dont forget to follow the jump to see the rest of the photos from the Blitz R35 GT-R.

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Blitz Release BRW09 Magnesium Wheels for Nissan GT-R

January 4, 2009 Comments off

Blitz have launched their new range of BRW09 MAG forged magnesium wheels exclusively available for the Nissan GT-R. The wheels will be available in Metal Silver colour in sizes 20×9.5″ +38 offset front and 20×10.5″ +18 offset rear.

Magnesium wheels are extremely light, in the case of the BRW09 MAG wheels we’re talking 9.65kg per front wheel and 10.65kg per rear wheel. An unsprung weight saving of almost 2kg per corner.

Blitz have also announced they will be attending Tokyo AutoSalon bringing several of their demo cars including the Blitz GT-R. Other cars at their booth will be the Blitz Evo X, Blitz Toyota IQ. A range of parts will also be on display.

You can find the Blitz booth (#209) in hall three at Tokyo AutoSalon from this Friday to Sunday.

Link: Blitz Home Page

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