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AutoSelect Pillow Ball Bush Upgrades for Nissan GT-R

November 27, 2008 Comments off

These AutoSelect pillow ball bush upgrades come in a set of 22 pieces. For that you get a serious amount of improved steering response, better road feel, and more stable handling.

A great upgrade for any track or serious street GT-R. Price for the full kit starts at $3465 from

Source: SpeedForSale

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AutoSelect Tweaked GT-R in Dubai

August 13, 2008 Comments off

The owner of this red R35 GT-R hails from Dubai, he’s been keen on the Auto Select front lip since he first heard about it from Ben Linney over at GTC. He’s fitted up the AutoSelect carbon front lip, front grille and canards to give the front end a huge facelift.

This GT-R also has a Power House Amuse titanium exhaust, straight pipes and dump pipes on the way as well as Power House Amuse rear wing, Zele sideskirts and Zele rear underspoiler to complete the cosmetics.

As for ECU, he’s elected to go with the COBB Tuning AccessPORT just as soon as it’s available from August 18th.

This is certainly going to be one of the best privately owned R35’s going around outside Japan shortly. Thanks to Saeed for sending these pics in of his new ride.

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Auto Select R35 GT-R Tuning Parts

July 6, 2008 Comments off

Sawa-san of Auto Select based in Osaka, Japan has contacted us recently with photos of their latest tuning parts for Nissan R35 GT-R. You may remember that Auto Select bought two GT-Rs back in December 2007. They have a black and white one but are also working on fitting out this silver one with original parts.

So far developed is a replacement front under spoiler with built in canards and extra ducting. This lip spoiler is crafted in carbon fiber. Not sure on pricing yet but when we get the information we will pass it on as usual. To go along with the front lip they also have carbon fiber canards visible in these pics.

AutoSelect also have this 400mm big rotor kit. Similar to the Mine’s kit it comes with rotors, pads and brackets. I would expect these to retail around the 240,000 yen mark.

Lots more photos from AutoSelect after the jump, click the Read More link below!

Source: Auto Select
Update: Sawa-san from AutoSelect has sent in a few new close ups of the brakes and carbon canards. Check the brake close up above and the others after the jump!

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AutoSelect Take Delivery of Two R35 GT-Rs

December 21, 2007 Comments off

Not one’s to miss out on all the R35 GT-R action, Auto Select have now taken delivery of a white and a black R35 GT-R.

Shown here outside their Osaka based workshop you can really see how big the R35 is parked next to the Auto Select R34.

Source: GT-C Racing

Link: Auto Select’s Home Page

Link: Auto Select R35 GT-R Photo Gallery

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