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AMS Performance 1000hp GT-R Build Update

January 23, 2010 Comments off

The build up of this monster Godzilla is not being rushed in any way. AMS have gained their solid reputation from doing things right and so, in that tradition here’s their progress so far.

Last update we showed you how they used a co-ordinate mapping machine to map the inside of the GT-R engine bay. This was done so they could correctly size the turbo, manifold, wastegate and downpipe configuration to completely maximise the available space. Since then they have spent a lot of time at the CAD software designing how the manifolds will meet all of their design goals like:

  • Completely equal length
  • Port matched
  • Smooth transitions
  • Ease of manifold bolt access
  • Cast in 304 stainless steel

They finished their preliminary design earlier this month and so it was time to move to the fitment testing part of the project. AMS use a plastic composite mock up of the complete part. This is printed in a sophisticated 3D printer by building up layer upon layer of plastic material to slowly build out a exact size replica part within a very tight tolerance.

Once out of the printer they can actually bolt this up to the car to ensure their design matches reality and that it truly will fit into the car. This is the next steps. As you can see in these photos it’s already bolted up to the VR38, next step is to drop the motor in the car and check if the custom heat shields bolt up as planned.

If everything checks out, AMS can organize to have the part cast in stainless steel. Once that is done then they’ll have the moulds for production for other customer cars.

For more pics and details, hit up the AMS Performance website and blog linked below!

Link: AMS Performance
Link: AMS Performance Blog

AMS Performance 1000hp GT-R Build High Tech Introduction

December 16, 2009 Comments off

Well you may know by now that AMS has taken on the task of building Chuck H from NAGTROC’s Nissan GT-R into something of a beast. A Sen-bariki no bakemono if you will indulge me.

Well by now they’ve jumped right into the build and have already dropped the well loved but much abused original VR38 out of the engine bay. While it’s out they’ve gone completely high tech using a Stinger CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) to digitize the inside of the engine bay and the dimensions of the engine. With this data they can layout the stonking great turbos they’ll need to shoehorn in on a simulated GT-R before they need to start mocking up parts in fabrication.

Just another example of how you do things right the first time and how serious AMS are about the end product being perfect.

Check out the video but don’t forget you can follow the progress (with loads more pics) on AMS’s blog and get pinged on updates on their Twitter!

Link: AMS Website / Blog / Twitter


AMS Set Sights on 1000hp Extreme Nissan GT-R

November 25, 2009 Comments off


You’ll have most certainly heard a lot about AMS’s work on the Nissan GT-R over here on GTRBlog, on NAGTROC, at time attack events, at SEMA, at meets and from owners themselves. They’ve already built some epic GT-Rs and taken a few records along the way such as the pump gas quarter mile record.

You may also know them from their other builds like their 1142awhp Evo-VIII that runs mid 8’s or their time attack Evo-X build that is taking out it’s own horsepower records and first places at events such as the Redline Time Attack in the tough highly competitive unlimited AWD and modified classes.

It’s easy to see that these guys know their business well and envision just how they will take the GT-R to the next level on what will be their most epic GT-R project to date.

The base for the build is also well known to readers, it is well known as John Reese’s ex drag record breaking black GT-R. First to drop into the mid-10 second quarter mile bracket it was also the first to bust a gearbox spectacularly on camera.

Now in the hands of NAGTROC co-founder Chuck H the GT-R has already been transported to AMS’s headquarters to begin the teardown for the build.

While much attention will be paid to breaking into the four digit horsepower arena, the known weak points of the gearbox and drivetrain will not be ignored. AMS are not saying exactly what’s planned yet but we’re excited to hear that a great deal will be done in that space. Something that will benefit a lot of other GT-R owners in the long run.

Stay tuned to GTRBlog and NAGTROC to see how the build progresses over time!

Link: AMS Performance Website
Link: AMS 1000hp Nissan GT-R Thread on NAGTROC

AMS Performance GT-950R turbo

AMS Intercooler Upgrade Prototype for Nissan GT-R Photographed

October 2, 2009 Comments off


Spotted previously in rendered form, the AMS Intercooler for Nissan GT-R has now made it to prototype stage. The unit seen here is one of two prototypes that will be on display at SEMA and fitted up to the AMS Nissan GT-R for testing.

Very attractive units but no pricing or release date is set just yet…

Link: AMS Website
Link: AMS Intercooler thread on NAGTROC

AMS Midpipe for Nissan GT-R: Bigger Than Most and Out Now

August 15, 2009 Comments off

AMS Performance Nissan GT-R Midpipe

There’s so many midpipes on the market these days for the Nissan GT-R that you’ll need to do your homework to select one that’s right for you. AMS have launched theirs into the fray over the past week and they’re quick to point out it’s key differentiators. It’s a catless midpipe but, where it differs from most is in the 90mm piping used over the more ordinary 76mm items seen to date.

Other features important to note are the full SUS304 stainless steel construction, including stainless flanges. It’s also available with or without a 90mm muffler section (shown without above) and includes all fasteners and gaskets needed to bolt straight on.

It’s available now for $1,495.

Link: AMS 90mm Mid Pipe for Nissan GT-R

AMS Raise the Bar Again: Worlds Highest Trap Speed for Nissan GT-R

August 13, 2009 Comments off

AMS can’t get away from the drag strip it seems as they are constantly pulling off personal bests. The latest was quite a win for them as they were able to set the highest known trap speed for a Nissan GT-R to date when they ran 10.48 @ 134.30 mph.

To place that in context with their rivals, the current quarter mile record is set at 10.31 @ 131mph by MVP while the previous best MPH was from SSP when they ran 10.37 @ 134mph.

To run 10.48 @ 134.3mph means the car is good for even lower ET’s depending on the launch / 60′ time. They really need to nail that down to see the car drop into the all out drag champion.

Link: AMS Performance Website

AMS Update: Intercooler Upgrade for Nissan GT-R, New Drag Record

August 2, 2009 Comments off


A two part post today regarding AMS’s exploits in the Nissan GT-R scene. First up they’ve unveiled renderings of their upcoming intercooler for the Nissan GT-R.

In other AMS news the guys have been back out at the drag strip to try and beat their own record for a Nissan GT-R on pump gas. Thanks to a set of loaner MT drag radials courtesy of Chuck “NAGTROC” H, with no other changes, they’ve dropped their own world fastest GT-R on pump gas ET down to 10.53 @ 133.68 mph! Congrats!

Video to come shortly!

Link: Discussion threads on NAGTROCIntercoolerDrag Record
Link: AMS Performance Website

AMS Sponsored GT-R Pump Gas Quarter Mile Record

July 18, 2009 Comments off

Seems like the big power GT-R scene has matured somewhat of late and quarter mile times are both falling and requiring less experimentation to get there. The AMS sponsored GT-R in the video above has run a 10.69 @ 132 mph on 93 octane gas making it the fastest run on pump gas according to AMS. What’s more is the list of modifications is quite brief and it was done on the standard Bridgestone runflat tires.

So what goes into an AMS built tuned mid 10’s on stock tires Nissan GT-R? Here’s the modifications list:

That’s all… Crazy eh!?

Link: AMS Performance Pump Gas Record Discussion Thread @ NAGTROC
Link: AMS Performance Website

AMS Performance Release Turbo Upgrades – Available Now

June 26, 2009 Comments off

AMS Performance Turbo for the Nissan GT-R

Great news for horsepower lovers as AMS Performance complete their development and now release their Nissan GT-R turbocharger upgrades this week. One of the first turbo upgrades to come with dyno proven test data, on 93 octane pump gas they produce some impressive numbers across the rev range while maintaining stock response and driveability.

Exclusive Features

  • Direct factory replacement with NO cutting or trimming required
  • Capable of up to 800hp depending on boost and octane level
  • 170 wheel horsepower and 150ft lbs of torque gains on just pump gas!
  • Factory like fitment, even incorporates the factory heat shielding
  • Bolts right up to the stock piping and intake system.
  • OEM look that is hard to detect
  • Utilizes machined OEM turbine and compressor housings
  • Assembled with a True Garrett GT series ball bearing center section
  • Ability to reuse the factory wastegate actuators (for increased performance add on the Forge motorsports wastegate actuators)


  • Garrett GT Ball Bearing center section with machined OEM housings
  • Comes complete with oil and water lines for easy installation


  • Available with Forge motorsports wastegate actuators for an additional fee

Available via the network of AMS Performance dealers such as and Forged Performance, hit up the NAGTROC discussion link below to ask any questions you might have on these. Retail price is $5,995.

Link: AMS Performance Turbo Upgrades on
Link: AMS Performance Turbo Upgrades from Forged Performance
Link: AMS Performance Website
Link: NAGTROC Discussion Thread

AMS Turbos and Downpipes Tested and Photographed

June 13, 2009 Comments off

AMS Performance Nissan GT-R Downpipe

There’s already a variety of turbo downpipes on the market but move over and find room for one more. This one stands out of the crowd though since it’s the new AMS cast downpipes. We’ve been following AMS’s progress on these and are pleased to see how they finally turned out.

Featuring cast end sections with stainless centers AMS say these are good for a huge increase in power (20hp peak, 25hp mid-range) and response when combined with the AMS turbo upgrades. They should do great things for stock turbo’d GT-Rs as well.

Check out the dyno graph in the gallery below showing power and torque on the same graph. The red line is AMS turbos with stock downpipes while the blue line is with the AMS cast downpipes. Quite a startling result.

Link: Discussion thread over on NAGTROC
Link: AMS Performance Website