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Speedware Motorsports Harness Bar for Nissan GT-R

November 3, 2010 Comments off

Perfect for the track day warrior who prefers to have something a little less full on than a full roll cage but wants to go with a proper harness all the same. This GT-R specific harness bar is completely bolt in – no drilling – no cutting. It comes with a seat rail mounting hole based “Tank Plate” which is designed to allow you to rapidly install and remove the setup in under an hour with hand tools.

With this harness bar fitted, you can continue to use the stock seatbelts for your drive home and the seat retains it’s full range of forward/backward motion.

More info? Click over to the Speedware Motorsports site below…

Link: Speedware Motorsports Website

Switzer’s Animal 800 Horsepower Streetable Trackday Star

April 10, 2010 Comments off

Switzer Performance Innovation have put the finishing touches on their most recent Switzer P800 based Nissan GT-R build up. The goal of this build was one that will resonate with many an R35 owner in that, while big things will be expected on the circuit, a comfortable drive to and from is a must.

To get there the decision was made to lift horsepower, lower weight and improve handling, all sensible checkboxes to tick to wind up with a great drive but there’s also a lot of pitfalls to look out for along the way.

Fortunately the guys at Switzer have the knowledge and experience to do it right the first time and chose great components to do it with. Some of the highlights of which are the AP Racing carbon rotors which save loads of unsprung rotating mass at each corner, in-house tuned JRZ suspension and a Aeromotions active rear wing.

For full build details and more information, click through the jump for the full press release below…

Link: Switzer Performance Website

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Top Racing HK Report from R35 Street Battle at ZIC in China

April 9, 2010 Comments off

The 27th and 28th of March was a big weekend for the GT-Rs around Hong Kong and China. For the first time ever, the R35 Street Battle was held at the Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) on the 29th and organized by the Hyper Zpeed Magazine. Many GT-Rs turned up for the event to see how fast they were able to go. Although there was a small drama on Saturday, one of the GT-Rs was severely damaged during practice, the race course was required to shut off for a while for clean up. It was a great day with nice sunshine, with an air temperature of 20 degrees and overall, it was proved to be an enjoyable event run smoothly.

Top Racing GT-R Professional Workshop also attended the event with their customers and became the spot light of the day. Since Top Racing had experience at Zhuhai International Circuit from previous trackdays, the track’s layout was well known to them. Since it was technically a Street Battle, Top Racing brought their street demo car up to ZIC to conduct the speed trial. This street spec car was able to manage a respectable 1:46.28 lap time and also set the highest top speed for the day of 244km/h at the end of the main straight. To top it off, on the very same night at the after battle dinner party, Top Racing GTR Professional Workshop won the Most Fashionable award, Quickest Lap Record award and the 2009 Media Best Tuner Gold award for their street demo car.

The Top Racing street demo car was equipped with the Willall Racing WR35MTT turbo setup which runs 1.1 bar of boost, HKS Hipermax III ZIC spec suspension, Tanabe sway bar, SSP radiator, Trust oil coolers for the engine and transmission, HKS Superior Spec R, Trust Intake Suction kit, HKS GT600 Kit, COBB Tuning AccessPORT, Dixcel R15 brake pads and SP FSC brake rotors. Also, in the transmission department it was equipped with the Dodson Motorsport mechanical circlips and FWD gear lock to ensure durability, as well as Willall Racing WR35CP clutch packs to ensure good bite while shifting gears.

What is special about this time out is a newly in-house designed aero kit which borrows concepts from the Nissan FIA GT1 spec race car. Not only does it give the GT-R a new aggressive look, but it could also decrease the engine oil, transmission oil and water temperature dramatically. This aero kit completely solves the usual temperature issues and allows the driver to drive their GT-R on the race track at full pace with peace of mind. The aero kit is made out of light weight, rigid dry carbon, and provides ducting to cool the front brakes down which helps solve the problem of brake over-heating. The new aero front bumper is also designed to give greater down-force and provide greater stability at high speed, add that to the fact that it reduces weight and you can see how it can improve handling. The kit reduces weight by 5kg in the hood, 5kg in the front bumper and under panels, 2.5kg in the rear bumper and 2.5kg in the rear trunk lid.

The Director of HKS product strategy management, Suguru Kobayashi, was also there on the day as a spectator, he was astonished with the cooling ability of this new aero kit and admired the quality and design. He is greatly interested in the aero kit, and in discussions with Top Racing, has requested a set for testing on the HKS R35 demo car.

Unfortunately, Top Racing’s race ready R35 “TR35” was unable to attend this event. The TR35 GT-R features an even more aggressive aero kit which provides for even wider front wheels. We are all anxious to see how well the TR35 will perform with the wide body kit on the race track.

So it was an enjoyable weekend at ZIC, everyone from Top Racing and their clients had fun and enjoyed the thrill of high speed on the race track, they are all looking forward to hitting the track again very soon.

Top Racing Hong Kong would like to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to the following:

  • Weave Carbon Series
  • HKS
  • Dodson Motorsport
  • TANABE Japan
  • Willall Racing
  • TOYO

Link: Top Racing GT-R Professional Workshop Hong Kong

Nissan Owners Loyalty Update: Maintenance Relaxed and Nissan Sports Club Coming

April 5, 2010 Comments off

A big update from Nissan Japan was dropped today in the form of an Owners Loyalty Plan update. Further to the 2010 Model Up Kit that we already gave GTRBlog readers a heads up on earlier in the month, Japanese GT-R owners are getting a couple more benefits for being faithful to Godzilla.

First up, the Model Up Kit has been extended to SpecV owners too. It’s a little different but it includes the following upgrades:

  • Rear shock absorbers: a change to improve the rear suspension to ride flatter in the corners and provide a more comfortable ride
  • VDC Actuator Unit: changes to improve the braking performance and front brake pad life span with some changes to the ABS and EBD control logic.
  • Rear Brake Cooling Air Guides: Assist lowering the caliper temperatures in the rear
  • ETS Controller: Update to the ETS control logic to improve torque distribution, even in severe weather conditions.

Pricing for the kit is laid out in the table below, see if you’re getting an idea of just how expensive a set of those brake pads for the SpecV‘s carbon ceramic brake system are and why you might be pretty keen to improve the lifespan with a VDC update…

Part Name Set Pricing Set Pricing
(not including Front Brake Pads)
Rear Shock Absorbers 1,417,500 yen 491,400 yen
VDC Actuator Unit
Rear brake cooling air guide set
ETS Controller
Front Brake Pads

Nissan have also had another swing at lowering the GT-R’s ongoing maintenance cost by lowering the cost of OEM consumables including tires, brake pads and brake rotors. A set of Dunlop SP SPORT 600 DSST tires, commonly regarded as the best OEM tire available for the car, are down from an MSRP of 409,500 yen a set to 357,000 yen a set before labor and taxes.

Brake pads are similarly reduced from 176,085 yen per set down to 135,450 yen a set and brake rotors are cut from 409,500 yen to 388,500 yen a set.

The temperature thresholds when owners were recommended / obliged to change their transmission and differential oils has also been relaxed slightly. Nissan Japan are now using the following guidelines for these two fluid changes:

  Interval for Replacement Updated Temp Threshold Previous Temp Threshold
Transmission Fluid 60,000km Not exceeded 120 deg C Not exceeded 110 deg C
5,000km Exceeded 120 deg C but not 140 deg C Exceeded 110 deg C but not 140 deg C
Immediately After (No Change) Exceeded 140 deg C
Differential Oils
(front and rear)
60,000km Not exceeded 120 deg C Not exceeded 110 deg C
5,000km Exceeded 120 deg C but not 140 deg C Exceeded 110 deg C but not 140 deg C
Immediately After (No Change) Exceeded 140 deg C

Lastly, Nissan are establishing a sports club membership which will equip member GT-R’s with 4-point seat belt harness, roll bars, long life slick tires, and special edition Bilstein suspension. It’s the intention that members who get involved in this will be offered driving training days, track days and other get togethers. Nissan plan to roll out support for these Sports Club members via special service centers, the first three of which are already named to be:

A “long life slick tire” for the GT-R’s OEM 20″ wheel could be of extreme interest to the global community of track goers so I’ll keep a firm eye on that one to see what develops.

Source: Nissan Japan

HiOctane’s Mental Time Attack R34 GT-R Prepping for World Time Attack Challenge

March 15, 2010 Comments off

I’ve always had a fascination with this car since I first checked it out at Superlap 2009 back in March last year. Maybe it harkens back to my black R34 GT-R or maybe it’s the absolute raw focus and single mindedness of this build. It’s probably both mixed in with the fact that it’s happening in Australia versus somewhere in Japan where you’d normally see a R34 this insane.

This year the Superlap event has gone global and taken new form as the World Time Attack Challenge and Hi Octane are getting the car ready with some interesting updates to improve grip in the corners.

With thanks to Aeromotions and The Tuners Group, they’ve upgraded to an active rear wing that gives them more downforce in the turns but less drag down the straights. They’ve also updated the front aero with a rather impressive (and by that I mean massive) looking splitter.

Other changes to the suspension will hopefully make the car a little easier to control especially now that it’s making even more power even earlier due to an E85 tune.

The World Time Attack Challenge has attracted competitors from as far away as the US and Japan this year so there’s going to be some stiff competition. For GT-R fans this will be the horse to back I’m betting. Can it slay the finely tuned Evos of the world though? We’ll see this coming May…

For now I highly recommend you turn your speakers up and listen to this crazy RB26 as it preps for the coming events in the video below…

Link: Aeromotions Wing Data @ The Tuners Group
Link: World Time Attack Challenge Website

Forged Performance and NAGTROC Trackday at Virginia International Raceway Photos

February 23, 2010 Comments off

Forged Performance and the North American GT-R Owners Club got together for a superb day of enjoying their GT-Rs where they’re meant to be, on the circuit. The weather wasn’t so great but I’m sure it hardly dampened the guys enthusiasm.

Check out the rest of the photos at the link below.

Photos here are by KJM-Photo @ NAGTROC.

Link: Photos and Discussion Thread @ NAGTROC Forums

COBB Tuning AccessPORT Powering the GOTO:Racing Time Attack GT-R

January 19, 2010 Comments off

Earlier this month, the Cobb Tuning team put together this rundown of the features of the Cobb AccessPORT ECU reflashing tool for the Nissan GT-R. They’ve chosen to focus on how the top level time attack team, GOTO:Racing use it on their ~800hp GT-R to get the best results out of the GT-R with minimal level of fuss.

The Cobb AccessPORT still stands as one of the best bang for your buck modifications anyone can do to their GT-R and this video highlights a couple of the features you may not of known it had.

On the topic of the AccessPORT for the GT-R, Cobb Tuning have also now released a version for the East Asian and Japanese markets. Preloaded with the latest 2.0 version of the Cobb Tuning default maps, it’s available now. This brings the total global markets supported by the AccessPORT up to:

  • Australia
  • East Asia
  • Europe
  • Gulf
  • Japan
  • South Africa
  • United States

Cobb don’t stop there though, one final AccessPORT related announcement was made recently, regarding the AccessTUNER Pro software compatible with the Nissan GT-R. The latest release of the software, version, contains updates that will allow tuners to utilise the Proportional Gain Boost Control logic, as seen in the canned 2.0 maps. It’s also available now and supports all of the above listed regions.

Source: Cobb Tuning

Dell Equallogic GOTO:Racing GT-R Impresses at Super Lap Battle Against Steep Competition

November 12, 2009 Comments off


If you guys have been keeping up with the GOTO:Racing time attack Nissan GT-R build over on NAGTROC you’d have heard about their recent testing and tuning successes.

Thanks to a new tune, the car is now making a mammoth 787hp at the wheels and 721 lb/ft of torque. The Super Lap Battle was the perfect opportunity to see how well the GT-R could make use of the new power.

The guys @ GOTO:Racing have written up their drama filled experiences so I’ll hand over to them, don’t forget to click through the jump to read the whole thing…

The GOTO:Racing crew had a busy mid week event overcoming some serious issues to bring home a very respectable lap time at Buttonwillow Raceway at the Super Lap Battle. The event started with with some semi serious technical problems, and progressed into a very serious technical problem. The first session out Brian Lock, lead driver for GOTO:Racing, reported major clutch slip, bad enough that the car could not be driven at speed. Upon the cars arrival in the pit lane fire was seen under the hood of the car as the heat shielding of a turbo line was smoldering. To make matter worse, Brian also reported that the car was getting serious rear brake lockup, and the car was way off pace.


Images: GOTO:Racing Website

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Skylines Australia Track Day: This Sunday October 4th – Oran Park – Calling GT-R Owners

September 27, 2009 Comments off


Just a reminder to NSW, Australia based GT-R / Nissan / car owners in general that Skylines Australia is hosting a track day at Oran Park circuit in Sydneys west this coming Sunday October 4th.

Quite a few GT-Rs will be out on the track, including my own, so get out and have a punt around the South Circuit while you still can. Oran Park is scheduled to be demolished to make way for property development so you need to have a drive there at least once before it goes.

Cost is just $200 per car and full details and signup can be found over at the link below.

Link: Skylines Australia – Oran Park Trackday Events Thread

Buttonwillow Circuit Track Day II With NAGTROC: March 30th 2009

March 4, 2009 Comments off

Passing on this announcement on behalf of west coast NAGTROC members. The second NAGTROC Buttonwillow track day is scheduled for Monday the 30th of March right after Redline Time Attack which is on the Sunday.

If you own a GT-R on the West Coast you may very well want to head over to the NAGTROC thread and sign up quickly before the spots fill up. The Buttonwillow 13CW configuration will be used which by all accounts makes for an excellent day of track goodness.

The first Buttonwillow track day held late in 2008 was extremely successful and this one will be bigger, there will be pro photographers, import models, and other special guests there.

For more information and to sign up, you know what to do

Link: Buttonwillow Track Day II – NAGTROC Thread

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