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HiOctane’s Mental Time Attack R34 GT-R Prepping for World Time Attack Challenge

March 15, 2010 Comments off

I’ve always had a fascination with this car since I first checked it out at Superlap 2009 back in March last year. Maybe it harkens back to my black R34 GT-R or maybe it’s the absolute raw focus and single mindedness of this build. It’s probably both mixed in with the fact that it’s happening in Australia versus somewhere in Japan where you’d normally see a R34 this insane.

This year the Superlap event has gone global and taken new form as the World Time Attack Challenge and Hi Octane are getting the car ready with some interesting updates to improve grip in the corners.

With thanks to Aeromotions and The Tuners Group, they’ve upgraded to an active rear wing that gives them more downforce in the turns but less drag down the straights. They’ve also updated the front aero with a rather impressive (and by that I mean massive) looking splitter.

Other changes to the suspension will hopefully make the car a little easier to control especially now that it’s making even more power even earlier due to an E85 tune.

The World Time Attack Challenge has attracted competitors from as far away as the US and Japan this year so there’s going to be some stiff competition. For GT-R fans this will be the horse to back I’m betting. Can it slay the finely tuned Evos of the world though? We’ll see this coming May…

For now I highly recommend you turn your speakers up and listen to this crazy RB26 as it preps for the coming events in the video below…

Link: Aeromotions Wing Data @ The Tuners Group
Link: World Time Attack Challenge Website

Yokohama Superlap 2009: Nissan GT-R Photo Gallery

March 30, 2009 Comments off


This Sunday was the second annual Superlap Time Attack event at Oran Park Raceway outside Sydney Australia. Some seriously modified cars were in attendance with some pretty serious drivers behind the wheels.

It was a GT-R fest all round with many examples in attendance from R32 Skyline GT-Rs all the way up to the R35 GT-R from RGM Racing driven by Russ Newman.

On the topic of the RGM Racing R35, they’re running a little different to the setup from Superlap 2008. The car was prepped for tarmac rally events and indeed it will be entering into Targa Tasmania but really, such modifications barely change it from standard specification. Including a roll cage, timing gear, fire extinguisher, racing seats and harnesses the car cannot stray far from standard weight due to the class rules. What did change were the wheels and tires.

This year they ran the 19″ Volk TE37 wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes R888 tires. The choice of going with 19″ wheels was made due to difficulty of fitting 400mm rotors (a common upgrade on the R35) under 18″ wheels while giving options for R-Compound tires that a 20″ wheel currently doesn’t.


Unfortunately the combination didn’t work to the GT-Rs advantage and seemed to work against the cars weight and cornering forces resulting in an abundance of oversteer and lack of grip on corner exit. Understeer was reduced but you can see in the photo gallery that the soft sidewalls were pushed to their limit. Russel reported the entire feel of the setup to be slippery compared to the standard OEM delivered Dunlop 20″ DSST 600 street tires.

Wanting to save his OEM rubber for Targa Tamania coming up in late April, Russ was content to run lower times and have a great day doing it managing a 1:18.769 a full 1.6 seconds slower than last years best time on 1:17.1 with a standard car on Dunlop tires.

Another exciting event this weekend was the debut of the Advan/Hi Octane Racing Time Attack R34 GT-R. A serious weapon that will likely represent Australia at an international level of time attack motor racing. This full ground up prepared R34 GT-R has just about every dream component that the best of Japan and Australia’s RB and GT-R engineering minds can come up with. Even in it’s incomplete state, the car ran second fastest on the day running deep into the 1:13s suffering with some serious grip issues. We’ll be making a separate article on this one in the next week or so.

Thanks to the organisers of Superlap for the great event, Yokohama and the other Superlap sponsors and RGM Racing for the access and information on the R35 GT-R.

We have a truck load of GT-R photos from the day so hit up the Read More link and check them out…

Link: Superlap Official Website
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Yokohama Superlap 2009 Coming this Sunday

March 23, 2009 Comments off


It’s almost that time again, the Yokohama Superlap 2009 is bearing down on us and is this Sunday 29th March 2009. This year we’ll be attending again to checkout the time attack action from the Australian GT-R crews at Oran Park Raceway just outside Sydney, Australia.

Russ Newman will have his RGM Racing Nissan R35 GT-R competing in the open class and Hi Octane Racing are unleashing one of the worlds most hard core R34 GT-Rs built strictly for time attack.

With more time in the R35 since Superlap 2008 it will be interesting to see if Russ will be lapping in the 1:16’s or lower this year.

If you’re in Sydney, make your way out to Oran Park this Sunday.

Link: Yokohama Superlap 2009 Website
Link: Superlap 2009 Website
Link: Photo Gallery from Superlap 2008

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SuperLap 2008: GT-R Time Attack Photo Gallery

July 5, 2008 Comments off was in attendance at SuperLap 2008 today at Oran Park Raceway outside Sydney, Australia. Entered into the open class for the time attack was Russel Newman with his brand new Hi Octance Racing / CNJ Motorsport Nissan R35 GT-R. For the event he had fitted up a HKS VAC speed delimter but the car was mechanically standard and was wearing the standard JDM base model Dunlop summer tires.

Russel managed an awesome time of 1:17.1 in the GT-R and was looking consistent in the 1:17s on his hot laps. We will most likely have a complete rundown of the results by early next week. To put that in perspective the fastest cars on the day ran 1:12 – 1:13s and they were race prepped supercharged Lotus Elises weighing somewhere around half a GT-R.

Haltech was also in attendance with their Nissan R35 GT-R although they weren’t racing today it sounds like they might be gearing up to head back to the track shortly. More on that when it happens.

For now enjoy the photo gallery by clicking through the jump below…

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