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SuperGT 2009: Nissan GT-R Pole to Win in Round 3 at Fuji Speedway

May 4, 2009 Comments off


Team Nismo MOTUL Autech have made it another pole-to-win victory in round 3 of the SuperGT 2009 championship at Fuji Speedway. It was a very tight finish just 0.219 seconds in front of the #36 Petronas TOM’s SC430 Toyota in second place. The #8 ARTA NSX was 3rd followed by the #24 HIS ADVAN KONDO Racing Nissan GT-R in 4th place.

Further back in the field was the HASEMI TOMICA EBBRO GT-R in 7th place with the #12 IMPUL Calsonic Nissan GT-R in last place after suffering a incident on the first corner when it lost rear traction and speared off the track, impacting an NSX on the way. Race tape fixes all and it was back on the track after a long pit stop though with minimal front downforce though. See the video below for a replay.

The points earned this round keep Kondo Racing on the top of the team championship rankings with 40 championship points, a lead of 3 points of Petronas TOM’s Racing. Nismo moves to 6th spot with 27 points followed by Team Impul in 7th place with 26 points. Still early days in the championships and it’s pretty much still anyone’s at this stage.

High res photos and full race report to come shortly from Nissan Motorsports as well as full race coverage on GTRBlogTV just as soon as we can process it.

Nismo Festival 2008: Saturday Sneak Peak

November 30, 2008 Comments off

We’ve been a bit quiet on GTRBlog over the past 48hrs. It’s been a big few days attending the preparation for Nismo Festival. Some connection troubles to the internet from Fuji Speedway’s press room also has caused some delay. Thanks to the help of the guys from we finally got it sorted.

Nismo Festival is on Today – right now in fact, I’m just taking a quick break from the madness before it really gets started to update you guys from yesterday.

Saturday was, as we said, preparation day and this gave the SuperGT teams time to setup the cars for Fuji Speedway. Nismo were getting in early and had the track for the morning running their #23 and #22 GT500 GT-Rs. I took a stroll around Fuji Speedway to snap a few shots.

Today is the real festival though and we were there at 8am when the gates opened and a torrent of Japanese enthusiasts poured out to snatch up the limited edition Nismo Festival memorabilia.

More on the festival as the day goes on or perhaps tonight when I can reach a stable net connection. When that happens I can get the high-res photos out as well. Until now enjoy photos from Saturday.

Update: Hi-Res version of the photos uploaded now, clicking the thumbnail in this post will now take you to the high resolution version.

Click read more to view the first lot of the photos…

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SuperGT 2010: Nissan GT-R Has Victory Snatched Away at SUGO

July 27, 2010 Comments off

In a solid display of skill by Benoit Treluyer at SUGO Sportsland, the #23 NISMO Motul Autech Nissan GT-R qualified best by almost half a second during Saturday’s Super Lap qualifying round to begin round 5 of the SuperGT 2010 Championships this weekend from pole position. A pace and energy that he managed to maintain in Sunday’s practice and on to Sunday’s final.

Remarkably Treluyer was in such amazing form that he had built up a 3 second lead on second position after just 1 racing lap and continued to pull away until finally handing the car over to teammate Satoshi Motoyama at the 50th lap. Motoyama returned to the lead after the stop, and while rain started to fall continued to battle strongly. At lap 74 with only 8 laps left, victory was felt to be almost certain.

That’s when it all came to a halt, literally as the #23 GT-R suddenly lost power with an electrical problem. Motoyama was able to start the car after a period of time but by that time the GT-R had already lost valuable time. NISMO finished the race in 6th place.

The day wasn’t so bad for underdogs team IMPUL Calsonic with their #12 GT-R weighed down with 66kgs of success ballast from last round’s win. They qualified in 6th place but managed to improve it to as high as 2nd throughout the race. In the end they finished an extremely respectable 4th place. Great work guys!

Finally, the HIS ADVAN Kondo Racing #24 GT-R also had an interesting run. While they only qualified in 11th, the race day performance of Hironobu Yasuda was what counted and he managed to improve their position to a 5th place finish.

For the full race report, hit up the red Read More link below…

Source: Nissan
Images: Copyright 2010 Nissan and NISMO

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SuperGT 2010: One All in Nissan vs Honda Battle for 2010 Championship

April 4, 2010 Comments off

There may be no official tally going on but don’t let that fool you there is most certainly huge rivalry between Honda and Nissan this year in SuperGT after Honda debuted their HSV-010 GT500 machine.

Conditions were much improved over the slippery first round when the race kicked off on Sunday.The #12 GT-R of team Calsonic Impul had managed a third position on the grid. Despite a few spins and contacts going on about the circuit, the guys kept out of drama and fought hard with the front runners to maintain position throughout the race. They fought all the way to the end and managed a fourth place finish to take home 11 points total for the round.

“I really wanted to move up one spot and finish the race in third, but unfortunately there was no chance. I gave it my best effort and I believe I put in a good performance. So we can think of this as our starting point and hope to score higher next time. This race was one fraught with frustration.”
– #12 GT-R driver Tsugio Matsuda

“Thank you for your support today. I believe we had a car capable of a better result and so it’s disappointing to miss out on the podium. No doubt we’ll be stronger at the next race at Fuji. Please continue rooting for us.”
– #12 GT-R driver Ronnie Quintarelli

Team Nismo’s day wasn’t so great, they qualified in 7th on the grid and had to battle fiercely in the middle of the pack. They began strongly but were back and forth between 6th and 9th until being hit off the track by the #32 HSV-010 Honda (see 3:02 on the video). The Honda scored a penalty for the incident but the Nismo #23 Motul Autech GT-R was forced to retire for the race and score zero points. A huge blow for the season hopes.

Carrying another 40kg’s due to the round 1 win, the #24 HIS ADVAN Kondo Racing was understandably less competitive in qualifying placing 12th on the grid. They battled for 11th but unfortunately due to mechanical issues had to settle for 12th place. It’s not great but it’s not a DNF either so they take home 2 points. Overall it may be a slow round due to the ballast but they’re still sitting pretty in second place on the championship ladder for the season.

Images: Copyright (C) 2010 NISSAN MOTORSPORTS

Pos No Machine Time / Gap
1 18 Weider HSV-010 2:02’26.084
2 38 ZENT CERUMO SC430 +11.800
3 1 PETRONAS TOM’S SC430 +14.209
4 12 CALSONIC IMPUL GT-R +14.712
5 6 ENEOS SC430 +45.741
6 8 ARTA HSV-010 +48.666
7 17 KEIHIN HSV-010 +57.285
8 100 RAYBRIG HSV-010 +1’11.673
9 35 MJ KRAFT SC430 +1Lap
11 32 EPSON HSV-010 +1Lap

SuperGT 2009: MOTUL Autech Nismo GT-R Podium Finish for Round 7 at Fuji Speedway

September 13, 2009 Comments off


Team Nismo were hoping to make it three GT-R wins in a row at Fuji Speedway today as they began the race from the front row of the grid after qualifying in second place in a very wet Superlap yesterday. It was not to be however as Team ARTA (Autobacs Racing Team Aguri) brought home their #8 NSX in first place for their first SuperGT season 2009 victory.

The #1 Motul Autech Nismo GT-R did manage to snatch a handful of points off their nearest championship rival team for the round however as they passed the Petronas Tom’s #36 SC430 with just two laps to go to finish in second. A great result for team Nismo who continue to carry the most “success ballast” in the field with an added 48kg of weight in the car. With this under their belt, they have a comforting 11 point lead over Petronas Tom’s on the ladder.

The next GT-R to finish was the #3 HASEMI TOMICA EBBRO GT-R in sixth place. This leaves them with an additional 8 points for the round which pushes them ahead in the championship rankings to equal third position with Team Yoshiko (Rockstar #18 NSX). This in turn bumps Team Zent Cerumo down to fifth spot, and all with just two rounds of the season left!

Not the best race for the #24 HIS ADVAN KONDO Racing GT-R nor the #12 IMPUL Calsonic GT-R who finished 13th and 15th respectively. A point finish is what both teams needed, especially Kondo Racing who were in a attractive 6th position on the ladder but will now drop.

Until the full SuperGT race report with hi-res photos comes out (courtesy of Nissan) enjoy these photos of the qualifying round and today’s final.

Link: SuperGT Championship Ladder (not updated at time of writing)
Link: SuperGT Website

SuperGT 2009: MOTUL AUTECH GT-R on Pole for Round 4 at Sepang

June 20, 2009 Comments off


Finally another weekend of GT-R motorsports has kicked off, firstly qualifying for SuperGT Series 2009 round 4 at Sepang Circuit in Malaysia. After a too long, 6 week break between round 3 and this weekend, we get to see the GT500 Nissan GT-Rs doing what they do best – that is – grabbing pole position during qualifying.

It’s good news for the #1 MOTUL Autech GT-R as they’ve managed just that with a best lap of 1:58.124 in the heated SuperLap qualifier round. Also, even more good news for Hasemi Racing with their #3 Tomica EBBRO GT-R in 2nd spot on the grid after setting a best lap just hundreths of a second away from first at 1:58.195.

Back in 7th places we see the #24 HIS ADVAN Kondo Racing GT-R with the #12 IMPUL Calsonic GT-R back in 10th place wrapping up the last of the GT-Rs.

With wet weather sitting in later in the day today, who knows what tomorrow will bring and teams will need to be ready for anything.

SuperGT 2009: Nissan GT-R Podium Finish at Suzuka

April 19, 2009 Comments off


Not a dream day for the Nissan GT-R today at Suzuka Circuit for round 2 of the SuperGT 2009 series. Beginning the race on pole the MOTUL Autech #1 Nissan GT-R had a great start and fought hard to keep in front of the Toyotas and eventually began to build a lead.

The rest of the race consisted of MOTUL Autech GT-R leading in front with as much as a 13 second gap while the IMPUL Calsonic #12 GT-R ran a race of consistency in and out of third place.

With five laps remaining, when they seemed almost a sure thing to win, they suffered some trouble and weren’t able to maintain the pace. They were forced to concede the lead to the ZENT Cerumo SC430 which finished the race first. They were able to complete the race finishing in fourth position but were later penalised 27 seconds to result in a heart breaking 11th place finish.

Meanwhile, the IMPUL Calsonic #12 Nissan GT-R finished their consistent race with a third place, a solid points round for them which moves them into fourth position in the championship ranking. For the full race results click the Read More link below, otherwise enjoy the photo gallery from today’s SuperGT action.

Just two weeks until round 3 at Fuji Speedway, let’s hope the GT-R’s get back on top then.

Update: Couple of mistranslations corrected and full race report from Nissan added after the jump.


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SuperGT 2009: HIS ADVAN KONDO Racing GT-R Wins in Heavy Rain

March 22, 2009 Comments off


While hopes were not high after qualifying yesterday, the poor weather today has not hampered the #24 HIS ADVAN Kondo Racing Nissan GT500 GT-R entry into the SuperGT series 2009 round #1 at Okayama International Circuit this afternoon. Joao Paulo de Oliveira and co-driver Seiji Ara drove the Nissan to victory in heavy rain conditions after maintaining a steady pace the entire day. The team finished 21.6 seconds in front of the second place #18 Rockstar Dome NSX but at one point held a lead of 25 seconds over their nearest rival.

The #12 IMPUL Calsonic GT-R had a great result also, finishing on the lead lap in fourth position. NSXs dominated the other three top five race finishing positions.

That’s not to say the conditions didn’t create drama, the #1 MOTUL AUTECH Nismo GT-R was hit early on and suffered heavy left front end aero damage. It required a lengthy pit stop to repair and was penalised on top as well. They did go on to finish the race but in 13th position. The #3 HASEMI TOMICA EBBRO GT-R finishing in front of it by 4 laps but just one race position in 12th.

This win marks the second season in a row that the GT-R has won the first race of the season. Since it’s come back to SuperGT GT500 class racing in 2008 the GT-R has dominated the sport despite handicaps being thrown it’s way.

Congratulations to Team Kondo Racing!

Link: Full Race Results

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Nismo Festival: The Souvenirs

December 8, 2008 Comments off

One of the most popular and fun parts of Nismo Festival is all the limited edition and interesting souvenirs you can pickup. And no … I don’t mean the race queens… Sheesh.

You gotta see the mad rush for this stuff at gate open time. I was a bit late showing up I admit, 8am Sunday morning exactly was when I arrived. Just as we got inside and were parking the car the gates opened and the mass of humanity flooded out of the gates. People had been waiting god knows how many hours to get a good place up front.

Once inside there’s a good reason for the rush, the line for the best items fills up quickly. Nismo Festival merchandise was popular but the most popular place was the Nismo Garage Sale Corner. Here they sell used and/or no longer serviceable parts off the past and even current SuperGT race cars. Everything from carbon hoods, carbon fenders, to entire carbon front ends.

Nismo only permit 8-10 people to browse the stuff at a time and if you’re in you feel free to take as long as you like checking out all the items. By the time I turned up I estimate the wait as long as 3 hours to get in to the stall. Being press has it’s advantages however so I was able to photograph all the items.

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SuperGT Round 8: Win for NISMO Xanavi GT-R!

October 20, 2008 Comments off

Nismo have pulled off a great victory this weekend as the #23 XANAVI NISMO GT-R finishes in first place after qualifying in pole in yesterday’s Super Lap. The win sees them walk away with maximum points for the round and puts them 14 points in the lead on the championship table.

In terms of team rankings, this puts Nismo in second place just 5 points behind Petronas Toyota Team Tom’s.

With just one race left in the series a GT-R debut series championship win looks like a real possibility. A well deserved one too considering so far GT-Rs have won 6 of the 8 races.

Not a bad result for other teams either today, #22 MOTUL AUTECH GT-R was forced to start in last place after technical inspection decided their rear wing was slightly too high. They battled up 11 places to finish 5th. Quite an achievement as Autopolis circuit offers very few overtaking opportunities. The #3 YellowHat YMS Tomica GT-R finished next in 6th place.

A few weeks remain now until the finale of SuperGT series 2008 with round 9 at Fuji on the 9th of November. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer.

More photos from Sunday after the jump.

Link: SuperGT Series 2008 Related Stories

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