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Willall Racing Transmission Bulletproofing Bundle WR35BP

November 28, 2009 Comments off


Willall Racing have quite a few options in the market these days for someone wanting to enhance their GR6 transmission. Either for preventitive reasons or in preference to OEM parts when repairing. It’s kind of a logical next step to package them all up in one bundle then.

So this Christmas you can take advantage of this package deal discount and get all of the following for one price of $2750 in one go. The WR35BP ships with:

Why not spend the holiday period up to your elbows in transmission fluid? Or you could wait and pay more next year!

Maybe just send this link to your wife by accident … ?

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing Release WR35CP Clutch Upgrades for Nissan GT-R

November 15, 2009 Comments off


Willall Racing have just taken the wraps off their latest upgrade for the Nissan GT-R’s famous GR6 DSG transmission. These clutch packs replace the 12 OE clutch packs with high friction carbon kevlar composite discs and claim to offer 30% increase in clamping friction over standard.

Here’s a full list of the technical benefits:

  • Material: Composite Kevlar carbon high friction
  • Drive Coeff: up to 33% improvement with 0.125 friction index
  • Surface Area: up to 16% improvement in clutch face surface area vs factory
  • Temperature handling: Increase maximum clutch temperature point 400F versus 350F factory
  • Bonding: Double bonded up to 600F resistant, chemical resistant
  • Stiffness: Heat treated high strength steel construction at 68 Rockwell
  • Drainage: Deep wide fluid transfer slots for maximum fluid scavenging and heat transfer
  • Compatibility: Designed to work with factory and Willall transmission fluids

A full set of Willall WR35CP clutches will set you back $995.

Link: Willall Racing Website

Top Racing HK: Willall Turbos Good for 700ps in Top Racing R35 GT-R

October 20, 2009 Comments off


The Willall Racing WR35TT twin turbo upgrade package was announced earlier in the year and has been finding it’s way into a few GT-R builds. The premise is simple, take the superb standard combined turbocharger exhaust manifold setup and improve on it.

The improvements specifically consist of a 6mm larger compressor wheels, and 9mm larger turbine. The standard plain bearing core has also been replaced by a complete ball bearing core to prevent any lost in low end response.

One of the biggest concerns for anyone installing bigger turbos is the affect it has on the low end response, by inducing turbo lag. After installing and testing the Willall items however, there appears to be no appreciable effect on the GTR’s low end output at all, seemingly matching the OEM turbo response.

Being the sole distributor for all Willall Racing products in Hong Kong, Top Racing was delighted to be the first to install and test out these set of turbos. The Top Racing GTR demo car was able to produce over 700hps @ 1.4bar boost with supporting modifications including the COBB AccessPort and 800cc Deatschwerks injectors.


The Willall Turbos make strong power with a significant gains throughout the rev range. The fact that this upgrade maintains standard low end response mean they’re great for daily driving while delivering real punch when you want do some hard driving.

Check out Top Racing’s website for some more details linked below…

Link: Top Racing HK Website

Willall Racing Release GR6 Clutch Retaining Clips

October 12, 2009 Comments off


More transmission part replacements/upgrades from Willall Racing have been released recently. Known as the WR35CCL, these items replace the stock clips that keep the clutches on the main shaft. While I don’t pretend to know why Nissan went with such a weedy looking retaining clip (left) from the factory it’s evident that once you remove these you probably don’t want to put them back in and rely on them to keep your $26,000 transmission functional.

If you’re fixing or upgrading clutches, piston seals or anything internal to the trans, maybe consider an upgrade like this to do while you’re there. You’ll be replacing these clips anyway so why not go for a more substantial hardened steel version. The price is set at $150.

Link: Willall Racing WR35CCL

Willall Racing Transmission Piston Seal Upgrades for Nissan GT-R

September 30, 2009 Comments off


The GT-R has quickly grown from supercar to super tuner base car and it seems to be getting trickier to find an owner who hasn’t modified their GT-R these days. Just an exhaust they say, or just an ECU reflash… It’s so simple and rewarding, so why not eh?

While the debate on the durability of the Nissan GT-R’s gearbox may still rave on various blogs and forums around the net ,the innovators amongst us are coming out with their own preventative measures to prevent problems before the occur in a catastrophic way for those who do get the urge to tune.

One of the newer products on the market is the Willall Racing GR6 Piston Seal upgrade. Designed to prevent failures caused by OE seals that may deteriorate and cause the transmission to fail into limp mode or, at worst, take other internals down with it.

Priced at $390, you can hit up the Willall Racing website linked below for the full rundown and order form.

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing Release Turbo Upgrades and Beefed Up Gearbox Parts

August 9, 2009 Comments off


Willall Racing are stepping into interesting territory with the release of their latest upgrades for the Nissan GT-R. So far Willall have been focused on lubricating and cooling the GT-R to prevent untimely wear where possible. This time the goal is much more focused on producing power.

At the core, the upgrade consists of larger compressor wheels, 6mm larger to be precise, and larger turbines, 9mm bigger there. Whenever you hear “bigger” with a set of turbos you automatically think of lag and the big “Will these be laggier than standard?”. To answer that, Willall will also be replacing the standard plain bearing core with a full ball bearing item for overall similar low end power delivery.

Willall’s turbo upgrades are inspired by those Nissan made to the GT-R for the SpecV and they say that power output with a set of these fitted could be increased as much as 100awhp. We’ll know more data after they’ve compiled their data.

Right now these are still in the testing phase but pricing and availability details will be posted when we know.


Increasing the GT-R’s horsepower should be considered carefully because once you get hooked on the power you’re going to start wanting to strengthen the drivetrain to ensure reliability. Willall have you covered for cooling and lubrication but other weakpoints are being handled as well. The WR35CC GR6 Gear Fastener set is a set of three replacement clips for those that Willall have seen failing on GT-R transmissions.

According to Willall, the factory circlip, which essentially holds the transfer gear secure on the shaft is of questionable suitability for the task. So they drew on their motorsports experience to improve on it.

While the replacement does require remove and refit of the gearbox, it makes sense for anyone replacing their gearset or performing any other extensive gearbox work to do “while they’re there”.

Priced at $370 it may very well be cheap insurance against a terminal failure.

Link: Willall Racing Website
Link: Willall Racing US Distributor Forged Performance

Willall Racing WR35DC-F Front Differential Cooler

July 4, 2009 Comments off


On the back of the release of the Willall Racing WR35DC rear differential cooler comes this complimentary cooler for the front differential also from Willall Racing. This compact cooler mounts behind the front grille and is supplied with the pump, brackets, hoses, fittings and wiring required to fit up. The cooler promises an increase in front diff component longevity by running the oil cooler and by increasing total oil volume up to 1.1 quarts.

Again the front diff cooler integrates seamlessly with Willall Racing’s cooling products – so if you already have the others there’s always room for one more!

Link: Willall Racing Website
Link: Willall Racing Cooling Products @ Forged Performance

Willall Racing WR35DC Rear Differential Cooler

June 30, 2009 Comments off


Another Australian innovation to show you guys today, Willall Racing’s latest addition to their cooling and oil related product lineup, the WR35DC rear diff cooler. Designed from the ground up with circuit driven Nissan GT-Rs in mind, the kit is designed to be a direct bolt on, no nonsense required fit onto your Nissan GT-R.

Featuring a 13 row oil cooler, CNC machined brackets, oil pump, high pressure hoses and fittings as well as every fastener you’ll need to bolt it straight on. The kit also has a neat replacement diff cooler air scoop and jack point adapter to ensure you can continue to service the car via the rear diff jack point as per normal without concern that you’ll break something.

One other benefit of going with the WR35DC is the integration and compatibility with the existing WR35TC transmission cooler. If you have this item or are looking to buy it at the same time, you’ll find that Willall can ship with the require brackets and looms to mount them both without issue.

Priced at $1,495 it’s available from your Willall Racing distributor now, test data should be made available shortly.

Link: Willall Racing WR35DC thread on NAGTROC

Willall Racing WR35OP High Volume Oil Pan – Installed Photos

June 27, 2009 Comments off


We saw the design and CAD images back in early June but now Willall Racing has completed the design and fabrication and has installed the WR35OP on their own Nissan GT-R.

The final product is finished beautifully and is supplied with oil pan, oil pickup extension and all seals and quality fasteners required to complete the install job.

Once fitted up, Willall Racing filled up with just under 8 litres of engine oil, a 40% increase in oil volume over standard.

You can order these from Willall Racing or Forged Performance, the US distributor of Willall Racing products.

Link: Willall Racing WR35OP at Forged Performance
Link: DW Tuning – Willall Racing WR35OP Installation Thread

Willall Racing High Volume Oil Pan for Nissan GT-R

June 5, 2009 Comments off


The VR38 is a well designed engine but as with any high powered turbocharged engine design it runs hot and puts a lot of pressure on the engine oil to perform. The standard GT-R’s oil volume however may be considered lacking by some for the extreme rigors involved in motorsports.

Willall Racing have developed an extended oil pan for the VR38 to increase the total oil capacity of the engine. Bumping up the capacity from 5.5 litres to around 7.1 litres. The extra oil capacity helps keeps temperatures down and improve oil longevity.

The WR35OP, as it is called, is made from CNC billeted aluminium and bolts on in place of the OE item. The lower section is removable and finned to increase the surface area for extra cooling.

Production of the first units has begun and these should be available soon if everything goes as planned. We’ll keep you updated.

Link: Willall Racing Website