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Willall Racing Launch GT-R Rear LSD Upgrade Kits

December 16, 2010 Comments off

Willall Racing WR35DS

Here’s another good idea from Aussie workshop Willall Racing. Instead of ditching the entire rear LSD assembly for a fancy aftermarket job they’ve decided to beef the stock one up to the task. With the goal of making the OEM LSD good enough for circuit abuse they reckon they’ve achieved it with as little as their new WR35DS Rear LSD Super Lock Kit.

Given that the stock diff is a high quality, well machined 1.5 way item with solid steel assemblies to begin with – it made sense to at least have a look in this direction.

This series of hardened and heat treated differential shims is installed to adjust the pre-load on the factory diff to the owners liking. You can go from “mild” to “wild” depending on how many shims you use.

The end result is significantly more grip and an end to the inside wheel spinning during cornering. A good result for the price of just $395. Click the link below for more info…

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing Expands Nissan GT-R Tuning Catalog Further

October 9, 2010 Comments off

Quite a few updates from the Willall Racing camp in terms of new tuning products in their Nissan GT-R lineup. Let’s take a quick look at what we have since our last update.

First up we see Willall again update their cooling solutions. This time with their latest water misting addon for OEM or aftermarket oil coolers. The concept is that these WR35MS water misting blocks clip into the GT-R’s front bar (or in front of any cooler core) and produce a fine mist of water in the air stream before the cooler core. The quickly evaporating water droplets remove heat from the core more efficiently than air alone. Designed for use with engine oil or transmission fluid coolers, OEM or aftermarket, they’re priced at the $875 mark for the complete assembly.

Moving on to aero products and Willall Racing have launched their own polyethylene front splitter kit. This ingenious modular splitter bolts up to the OEM bolt holes with no cutting required. It’s designed to improve the GT-R’s stability and reduce understeer on the track.

Next is a range of camber adjustment suspension arms called the WR35FCA and the WR35RCA. We’ll let Willall do the talking here:

Using the development technique of assessing the track requirement of the GTR through research from out own Tracked R35 then engineering the solution we have recently produced these replacement Chrome Moly Front and Rear Camber/Castor arms to allow total control and adjustment of wheel camber and toe. Precision tig welded with additional gussets, using quality rod end joints, and coming complete with the required Clevis and mounting pins, WR35FCA is a complete upper-arm replacement system. Bolting up directly into the R35 GTR in maximum trim WR35FCA delivers over 4 degrees negative camber, which can be spaced out with precision spaced ‘shims’ behind the main camber block quickly and easily to change camber settings….

This method of upper arm design is extremely strong, and effective for accurate camber control, particularly in the instance where a 4000lb car is applying maximum cornering G-Force loading through the suspension. The camber block itself is machined from high grade aluminum, and the moly arms are ‘blackened’ for a professional finish.

Both the rear camber and toe arms are designed to give a wide range of rear wheel adjustment for the keen racer, we run 2.5 degrees negative in the rear of our GTR, and are able to be adjusted in the car without having to remove the rear floor pans, which as all GTR owners know, can be a time-costly exercise. Mounts are once more high-end rod end joints, and precision machined flanges for maximum strength.

The WR35FCA front arms and the WR35RCA rear arms will be launched towards the end of October 2010. Willall are looking to make these an affordable option so look for the pricing soon.

For more information on these or to order, head over to the Willall Racing website linked below…

Link: Willall Racing Website – GT-R Performance

Willlall Racing Transmission Cooler Lite Edition – DIY Kit

August 10, 2010 Comments off

While some may feel the need to opt for a full blown GR6 transmission cooler with fancy extended sump like the Willall Racing WR35TC there are others that may not need to go to that expense. Maybe you just track the car occasionally or just want to DIY and keep it simple at the same time. Willall Racing’s WR35TC-Lite will close that gap at a fair price which is a welcome addition to the aftermarket.

WR35TC-Lite is a mid-mount cooling solution mounting in front of the rear exhaust section so that its air ‘signal’ is not polluted by hot exhaust gasses. This is a proven cooling location that we use with our WR35DC rear differential cooler, and testing so far has shown that at within a second of Carerra Cup lap pace (a good worldwide reference line) and 75 degree ambients it is possible to consistently reduce transmission temperature by 15F-25F consistently and keep the GTR transmission temperature out of the red.

Technical aspects of WR35TC-Lite are as follows

  • German gear style VDO 6 litre per minute transmission pump
  • 13 row oil cooler core
  • 500F lines with crimped fittings
  • CNC mounting bracket (anodised) and cooler plate
  • High durability hose clamps
  • Tapered lock fitting for the stock transmission pan (comes with professional seals)
  • Wiring loom integrated with relay and operation switch (with light)
  • Anti abrasion wrap for the cooler lines

The kit is priced at the $1295 mark and is available now from Willall Racing dealers worldwide…

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing Launch 450kw WR450 Package Downunder

July 14, 2010 Comments off

Not to be left out of the latest round of tuning packages for Godzilla, Australia can now benefit from Adelaide based tuner Willall Racing’s experience in a neatly packaged format. Willall have launched a locally designed and built performance package designed to get your GT-R breakfasting on supercars in no time without the hassle of going abroad for parts and support.

Willall Racing WR450 R35 GTR upgrade system represents a benchmark of Supercar Engineering that is now available to Australian customers. Forged from data gleaned from thousands of laps test data and engineering analysis and then honed with strong eco-sound credentials WR450 delivers genuine Supercar Crushing Performance and track day durability in a thoroughly developed and comprehensive package that can be applied to your R35 GTR.

Included in the package is a raft of Willall Racing goodies like a WR35EX full titanium exhaust, fuel upgrades capable of handling both E85 and 98 RON fuels and engine oil pan extensions to increase the engine oil volume and thus improve the cooling properties and overall lifespan of the special WR35MO engine oil.

Willall don’t just focus on the engine though and a good deal of thought goes into beefing up the transmission too. The common weak-spots like the gear fasteners and retaining clips get fixed. The clutches get replaced with upspecced items too and the whole lot is protected by the WR35TMVS transmission fluid.

After all that Willall say the WR450 GT-R is good for a reliable 3.1 0-100km/h and a 10.7 quarter mile run.

The WR450 sells for around the $23,800 AUD mark fully installed but sub-packages (engine only, trans only) are available. There’s also optional extras you can add on if you’re so inclined.

For the full run down, head over to the Willall Racing site linked below…

Link: Willall Racing WR450 Website

Willlall Racing Shift Light for the Nissan GT-R

June 16, 2010 Comments off

No longer do standard ECU GT-R owners have to envy their aftermarket ECU comrades for their fancy dash gadgets. The Willlall Racing WR35SL shift light is the perfect touch for the circuit loving GT-R owner who needs that subtle reminder of when to grab that next gear.

That “subtle” reminder will come by way of 7 high intensity, RPM programmable, LEDs that will light up in regular intervals until they’ll begin to all flash at a pre-set RPM limit just before cutoff.

The WR35SL is priced at just $160 and seamlessly fits into the GT-R’s interior. It comes with all the instructions you need to install and get setup.

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing WR35TML Transmission Fluid Released

April 6, 2010 Comments off

If you’re in the market for an alternative transmission fluid, want upgraded performance and protection from a transmission fluid or live in a cold climate, Willall’s new formula might be for you. This new fluid is primarily designed for street applications and for colder climates but has been developed to maintain the benefits of their regular WR35TM fluid such as better gear face protection, better film strength and better clutch drive additives. It does this at a lower viscosity which might be just the thing for those who wake up to freezing temperatures in the morning.

One great thing to note about the new WR35TML is that it looks pretty much identical to the factory green transmission fluid. It will also keep that clear green quality longer than the factory fill which will oxidize and turn black more quickly.

It currently retails around the $600 mark for 10 litres which is good for one full service. See the Willall Racing website or contact your local distributor for more details on pricing shipped to your door.

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing Transmission Cooler Pump Upgrade for WR35TCF

March 13, 2010 Comments off

For maximum efficiency when using Willall’s front mounted transmission cooler, they’ve designed this pump upgrade that will replace the supplied VDO item. This Propump, as they’ve called it, manages to circulate the entire volume of transmission fluid through the front mount cooler every 40 seconds. In testing, the guys have found this unit can assist lowering temps by as much as 35 – 55 degrees F.

The kit will ship with all components necessary to fit it including the high performance pump assembly, control electronics and CNC machined mounting hardware.

To spec out a new WR35TC-F with the Propump will run you an additional $395. Existing WR35TC-F owners should stay tuned and expect an announcement on what they can do for an upgrade some time in April.

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing’s Racing Surge Tank Setup for Nissan GT-R

February 21, 2010 Comments off

If there’s one inadequacy that sets many road cars apart from proper track cars it’s proper fluid control under high cornering G loads. Willall Racing have discovered the GT-R is not immune to this when the fuel tank gets low and the fuel pickup starts to be starved on tight right handers.

To properly put the issue to bed they’ve built this compact half gallon surge tank that mounts in the trunk and feeds the engine via a pair of Walbro 255l/h pumps and teflon braided lines.

With this setup they’re easily able to pump enough E85 to make 600rwhp, which if you’d read our story the other day about HP Logic’s E85 tuning, you’d know is a lot more juice than your average 600hp gasoline tune. Better yet, they’re able to keep driving the car hard all the way to empty without dangerously leaning out the fuel mixture intermittently on tight corners.

Want one? Well slow down, this isn’t one of Willall’s standard product launches. I think if you ask nicely though they might be convinced to build you one on a one off basis. You can reach them by email at “info AT”

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing Announce Victory Spec Transmission Fluid for the Nissan GT-R

December 24, 2009 Comments off

After already finding success in protecting a large number of tuner and end user GT-R gearboxes from accelerated wear, Willall Racing are releasing another product that goes even further. Named Willal Racing Transmission Fluid Victory Specification (WR35TMVS), this is a DCT fluid that shares the same proven formulation of the WR35TM with extra protection for those who need it. Whether its launches at the drag strip or bags of power from upgraded turbos, this fluid sets out to protect your precious gearbox internals.

The key to the WR35TMVS is it’s proactive cushioning between gear faces by way of a solid boundary additive.

Think of it as millions of tiny plastic balls in each 10L container of WR35TMVS that forms a plasticised barrier between the gear contact faces, bringing down the shock of gear engagement at high power and torque, whilst still allowing the GTR transmission to shift at its super-rapid factory set timing interval …

“The GTR transmission is at most risk when being rapidly loaded, thats means shifting at full power while the car is light over a crest or partially airborne, or in the case of some of the 1000hp super GTRs being built simply from shifting at full throttle. WR35TMVS addresses these all important issues and offers that extra layer of protection the GTR needs in these extreme applications whilst still retaining the same excellent base clutch friction properties of WR35TM and wide extended service intervals. – Willall Racing

Sounds just crazy enough to work to me. Solid data on this new lubricant is due to be released in January which will coincide with it’s launch at distributors worldwide.

Each 10L container of WR35TMVS suits one GT-R for one complete fluid change with a little extra for a top up. Included in the price is trans fluid lab analysis for the next 12 months to help you plan your service schedule with hard science data to back it.

No exact pricing is available yet but keep your eyes peeled and we’ll let you know soon.

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing WR35WS Brake Cooling System for Nissan GT-R

December 13, 2009 Comments off


There’s many takes on effective methods of brake cooling. You can choose different vented rotors, build large air ducting systems, and now, you can watercool with Willall Racing’s WR35WS system.

It’s not a new invention but it is new to GT-R owners, the system injects water into the center of the rotor and offers many benefits such as, cooler brakes which leads to better braking performance for a longer period of time, prolonged pad life, and prolonged rotor life with fewer cracks developing.

The system consists of a central computer controller, hoses, fittings and brackets to mount enough gear to cool the front two rotors.

While some may see the direct injection of water onto the rotors as a controversial subject, top tier racing teams have been using the same type of technology with great results for many years now. Willall Racing have also conducted their own testing on their R35 system and found the improvement to be dramatic.

Link: Willall Racing Website