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PPG Full Gear Set for Nissan GT-R Released

August 6, 2009 Comments off


There are many options on strengthening the GT-R’s gearbox coming to market these days but none so mind blowing as the full gear set we just laid eyes on from Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) out of Australia. The full first through sixth gear upgrade is manufactured from high-carbon steel, CNC’d to PPG’s specs which increase gear contact area by up to 40% (first gear). Combine the superior materials used with the heat treating process and the gears are up to twice as strong as standard.

These should suit the high power street GT-R to around the 700 – 900 hp (engine) range.

Head on over to for the details on pricing and availability.

Thanks to Mike @ GT-RR for the heads up.

Link: PPG Website
Link: PPG Full Gearset for Nissan GT-R @


PPG Nissan GT- R First Gear Set Deliveries Begin

March 13, 2009 Comments off

Well when we showed you loyal readers the photographs of the PPG (Pfitzner Performance Gearbox) first gear set for the Nissan R35 GT-R’s GR6 dual-clutch transmission back in December 2008 we began holding our breath and waiting for them to reach the hands of customers and workshops. Today we can breath again as the first deliveries are made.

PPG has delivered their first sets to some big names in the GT-R world. The set here belongs to Titan Motorsports but we know of at least one other set that is in the hands of an end user right now too.

This set here is ending up in John from Samurai Speed’s gearbox, you’ll remember John from previous posts when he ran the fastest 1/4 mile time seen in a GT-R so far then famously lunched his first gear on video.

These first gear sets not only offer a viable replacement option for any first gear “issues” some owners may have but and also wider than standard to offer more strength and surface area on the teeth.

This is great news and we’re eagerly awaiting some results after seeing them fit up.

Thanks to Chuck @ NAGTROC for the heads up.

Link: Pfitzner Performance Gearbox Website
Link: Titan Motorsports Blog – More Photos

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PPG Transmission Upgrades for Nissan R35 GT-R

December 23, 2008 Comments off

Australian gearbox gurus Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) have completed their first Nissan GT-R GR6 gearbox upgrades in the form of a drop in first gear replacement. You can see it pictured about sitting next to a standard GR6 first gear.

You can tell just by looking at this picture the basics of this upgrade, a much wider gear to increase strength. The main cause of gearbox failures occurs on the teeth of the first gears after extreme stress. Initially fractures develop and eventually teeth give way. Once one tooth is gone the rest follow like dominoes.

To follow on from this, PPG plan some gear upgrades for big horsepower cars as well as a 1st through 4th gear upgrade set.

Link: PPG Home Page
Source: Titan Motorsports via NAGTROC

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