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Password:JDM Get Busy In the Back of the GT-R

February 2, 2009 Comments off

Some people love the Nissan GT-R but Password:JDM love it enough to strip it down and get busy with the interior. We’ve seen some great exterior and engine bay parts come from these guys but we’re about to see them take a new direction.

Steve Naing, managing director of Password:JDM, has a personal kinship with dry carbon fibre having worked with it for years. He’s also a huge fan of the Nissan GT-R with one caveat;

I really love this car … my only complaint is that there is too much plastic in the GT-R. If you were blindfolded and taken as a passenger through a road course, you would not be able to distinguish the GT-R from a true super car. Take off the blindfold and seeing all the plastics neutralizes the WOW factor for me…

Planned is a complete re-architecting of the rear interior section beginning with a dry carbon center section and speaker enclosure. Next, the rear seats will be replaced with dry carbon buckets allowing the owner to also remove the rear seat belts saving up to 20 pounds overall. After that the entire centre console from front to back will be evaluated and carbonised if possible.

So great things on the horizon for GT-R owners and carbon fibre lovers from Password:JDM so stay tuned. Check out our previous Password:JDM articles to get a feel for the quality of their parts.

Link: Password:JDM GT-R Website
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Password:JDM Reveal Dry Carbon Engine Compartment Covers for GT-R

January 28, 2009 Comments off

Password:JDM have launched a delicious looking range of dry carbon engine bay covers for your Nissan GT-R today which are direct fit replacements for the OEM plastic types.

These lightweight and rigid items are going to perfectly set off the engine bay especially when combined with a dry carbon engine cover and dry carbon radiator shroud as shown here.

Personally I can’t get enough dry carbon in my life.

Link: Password:JDM GT-R Website
Link: Password:JDM related articles on GTRBlog

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Password:JDM Dry Carbon GT-R Rear Spoiler Update

January 17, 2009 Comments off

Loads more photos of the latest product from Password:JDM have been posted today. We can get a sense of the elevation now and how it looks on the car. The elevated rear spoiler sits 60mm higher and 50mm further back than the standard wing and is constructed completely from dry carbon. Weight is reduced significantly over the standard wing although a final reduction value is not known at this time.

Expect to pay around the $2,500 mark when the wing is finished in the very near future.

Link: Password:JDM Website

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Password:JDM Elevated Dry Carbon GT-R Rear Spoiler

January 13, 2009 Comments off

One of the more sought after GT-R aero modifications are carbon fibre rear wings. Password:JDM are currently putting the finishing touches on one of their own. Featuring full dry carbon construction, a slightly elevated height (elevated 60mm), slight offset towards the rear of the car, an integrated third brake light and an option for gloss or matte finishes this is going to be one hot seller.

The Password:JDM rear wing promises an increase in rear downforce while being lighter than stock. The rear spoiler will bolt straight onto your factory support elements.

The effect is an OEM-“ish” dry carbon wing with the benefits of the OEM third brake light and lightweight, aerodynamic functionality.

Expected price is around the $2500 USD for this US made, top shelf quality wing. Images here are of the pre-production model but expect final delivery dates soon.

Source: Password:JDM

Password:JDM: Dry Carbon Intake Snorkels

October 28, 2008 Comments off

I mentioned these in a post last week and I’ve finally gotten around to downloading the photos that the Password:JDM guys kindly put up over on NAGTROC. These snorkels guide air from directly behind the GT-R’s front grille into the standard airboxes resulting in more cold air being available at high speed.

These look to be quite well thought out and made from dry carbon they’re attractive and durable as well. Too bad you’ll rarely ever see them tucked away when they’re installed.

These snorkels are available now from Password:JDM’s online store linked below. Price is $599 USD.

Link: Password:JDM Website

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Password:JDM: Dry Carbon Radiator Shroud

October 25, 2008 Comments off

PasswordJDM has completed and released some seriously great gear for the GT-R to date. Including hoods and trunks and rear diffuser blades. Some further work has been done since these parts were released though. For sale on their store you’ll now see this radiator shroud available for delivery right now.

Made from strong and lightweight dry carbon fibre this cooling plate as they forces air through the radiator to improve cooling system efficiency. It also doesn’t do too bad at dressing up the engine bay.

So check it out, priced at $449.99 USD plus shipping the part number is PWCCP-R35-C00. While you’re there you’ll might want to check out their dry carbon intake cover and dry carbon snorkel set.

Source: Password:JDM

Password:JDM Carbon Parts Update

September 27, 2008 Comments off

Password:JDM have completed their development of the carbon fibre parts we gave you a preview of a week ago. Working fast, they’ve fitted them to a GT-R and shot some glamour photos for us all.

For those in the US, these parts will be available in October so get ready to order them. Customers of Password:JDM already include Axis Wheels who ordered an early set of Password:JDM carbon parts for their corporate yellow GT-R. More on that later.

They’ve also managed to prep up a new release, a dry carbon set of bolt on rear diffusers. More parts coming soon. Read our previous article for a bit more background on these. More pics after the jump…

Source/Link: Password:JDM

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Password:JDM Carbon Parts in Development

September 23, 2008 Comments off

Long time carbon fibre parts specialists Password:JDM have taken their talents and begun applying them to the new Nissan GT-R. Having in the past worked on everything Italian exotics to JDM track weapons they have worked out a thing or two about the business.

Working so far exclusively in dry carbon fibre they have already produced hood and trunk lid replacements for the GT-R that prove a significant weight saving over the already lightweight standard items.

Password:JDM’s plans for the near future include a whole range of dry carbon fibre parts including intake snorkel, rear venturi blade diffuser, front splitter, side skirts, NACA hood ducts and an OEM wing replacement.

Additionally, a premium range of original and unique dry carbon parts are on the horizon. From fully vented hoods and original intakes to entire underbody panels. Check out what they did for the S2000 in regards to streamlining the airflow under the car.

For those wanting an (almost) immediate carbon fix, good news, the dry carbon hood and trunk lids will be available from October for the reasonable price of $2699 (hood) and $1799 (trunk). You can order online at or hit up their Pico Rivera, CA workshop. A nationwide dealer network is also in the works.

Check out more photos of the creation process as well as examples of their work after the jump. Thanks to Tan from Password:JDM for the details and photos. Discuss these carbon parts over at NAGTROC.

Link: Password:JDM Website

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