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SEMA 2009: Password:JDM Nissan GT-R Debuts Wide Front Fenders at Savini Wheels Booth

November 4, 2009 Comments off


Well we already saw that the Password:JDM front fender project is completed but now we can release the photos of the fenders fitted up on the Password:JDM demo car that’s finally back together.

In these photos we see the final version of the fender along with the “sharks tooth” additions to the front bumper to make the whole deal line up properly. You can see it does away with the side markers also.

I got to visit Password:JDM HQ in Pico Rivera, Los Angeles last week to see how the fenders are made. The whole process is fascinating from concept to clay model to welded prototype to mold and finally to their carbon fibre production line. One thing I understood from my time there was that the guys don’t tolerate product that isn’t perfect. Quality control is key to their great reputation.

The wheels fitted to the GT-R are part of the new Mono da Forza range by Savini wheels which should start shipping this December. The right side are SM2 in Yellow/Black combintation. Custom finishes are also available and all in sizes of 18 – 22 inches. On the left side, we have the SM3 style wheel in Red/Black, again custom finishes are available in sizes of 18 – 22 inches. SM2 and SM3 are both 1 piece forged wheels.

Link: Password:JDM Website
Link: Savini Wheels Website

Password:JDM Dry Carbon Wide Front Fenders for Nissan GT-R Final Release

October 14, 2009 Comments off


Well enough sneak peeks and previews it’s time for the real deal. Password:JDM have spent an unprecidented amount of time developing the perfect widebody front fender out of 100% dry carbon fibre for your Nissan GT-R. These kevlar reinforced dry carbon fenders took 200+ days of development. From a spark of an idea, to painstaking clay modelling to final product.

The main goal was to assist in eliminating understeer in the powerful but heavy GT-R. To achieve that goal the guys at PWJDM wanted to fit a full 20×11 inch wheel fitted with a Toyo Proxes R888 315 wide tyre up front. The only way to do this was to go wider.

So that’s what they did, a full 38mm wider at the front without changing the lines of the car. Fender vents were also widened to help get air out of the wheel well area and the front side markers are replaced with carbon inserts. The whole fender is also signicantly lighter that stock. Overall I’d have to say this is one of the most highly successful aero / body projects for the Nissan GT-R to date.

Price is $3899.99 and as noted previously, the Password:JDM GT-R will be at SEMA in Las Vegas from 3rd – 6th November 2009 if you want to get up close with a truckload of carbon.

Link: Password:JDM Website

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SEMA Previews: NAGTROC Announcement Plus Password:JDM Sneak Peek

October 8, 2009 Comments off


SEMA 2009 is almost upon us and it appears that a few Nissan GT-Rs are being prepared to be tricked out for the show. In about a month’s time we’ll be in Las Vegas for the annual event that runs from the 3rd to the 6th of November.

I will be there and so will the North American GTR Owner’s Club (NAGTROC) who will be hosting their own booth in the North Hall Lobby showing Nissan GT-Rs in varying states of tune from members and sponsors alike.

Speaking of NAGTROC, the guys have organized a special rate for suites at the super luxurious Palazzo Hotel at just $229/night. If you are attending SEMA or want to get in on this exclusive deal contact bookings at 866-263-3001 with group code VNAGT. You must book by MONDAY 5PM PDT 12th October. Then for your included SEMA pass contact me or Chuck @ via email.

NAGTROC and GTRBlog will be getting together for a meetup (or a few meetups actually!) to eat, drink and talk GT-Rs so feel free to get in on this as well by posting a comment below or just stay tuned for the details of the meet place and time.

It’s going to be a great SEMA this year with quite a few surprises in store so start planning your attendance now.

Password:JDM have started their plans. As you can see here their finished dry carbon wide front fenders are fitted and their demo GT-R is off to the paint shop for a respray. These front guards are easily wide enough to swallow 315 wide Toyo Proxes R888s at the front so you can kiss understeer goodbye.

Pricing and availability information to come as we hear it…

Link: NAGTROC Website
Link: SEMA Show Website
Link: Password:JDM Website


Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fibre Rear Seat Delete for Nissan GT-R

September 25, 2009 Comments off


The GT-R is one of those very few supercars that is not only fun as a daily car but practical as well. You get 485hp a big trunk and four seats thrown in to make it a pretty damn good deal all round. Many of us however will use those rear seats as either somewhere to put the helmet when were off to the track or something else even less glamourous than that. There’s the option to remove the seats but then what?

Password:JDM have again hit the sweet spot between form and function with their take on the solution for this. A rear seat delete that leaves you with two lightweight and attractive rear 100% dry carbon seats.

The main feature points to note are:

  • 100% Dry Carbon Construction
  • High-strength, extremely lightweight, organic design
  • Tecnocraft ‘T1’ Racing Seat aesthetic design elements
  • Remove, replace, drop-in and install in minutes
  • Deletes OEM seatbelt hardware
  • Locks into place using factory mounting locations (washers/hardware provided)
  • Just under 7lbs for the pair.

Pricing was not available at the time of writing but to register your interest let the guys know by contacting them via their website linked below.

Link: Password:JDM Website

When developing a true function-over-form product for the R35, sometimes the end-result happens to be extremely aesthetically pleasing as well! We had to put our thinking caps on when bringing a real “game changer” rear seat delete alternative to market… the premise for the design and build was to delete the rear seat and delete all the stuff required for the rear seats. this premise came about since we find the factory rear seats near useless by design. there was hardly any leg room, so why even bother. reducing as much weight as possible without making this car look bare and naked has been our agenda since day one. The PWJDM Rear Seat Delete project has followed this directive to a T.

To maintain and forever perpetuate the infamous PWJDM baller reputation, we definitely had to build them out of 100% dry carbon fiber and mold them to fit both the body and the car like a glove. Building upon the successes of the Tecnocraft ‘T1’ racing seats ( from the premium side of Password Industries, Inc. We also kept in mind the interior “race bucket seat” theme and wanted a continuation of this effort for the rear seat deletes. what’s shown here is a true testament to PWJDM’s commitment to the platform as well as our abilities as a true tuner and developer of great products.

The first thing to notice would be the organic curvature of the rear seat delete, which provides structural strength and rigidity over just a simple flat design. Secondly, they have been molded in such a way to provide a tight, drop-in fit, and have eliminated the rear passenger seatbelt hardware – yes, you are correct, this weight-saving upgrade is strictly for off-road use only!

– Password:JDM

Password:JDM Release Ultimate Front Lip Spoiler for Nissan GT-R

July 16, 2009 Comments off


It’s a big call but when you see what this front lip has to offer I’m sure you’ll agree that this is the ultimate in aero parts for your GT-R’s front end.

The Password:JDM front lip is constructed from dry carbon fibre reinforced with honeycomb matrix that’s designed to be extremely durable. This is no museum piece and is designed for guys who are going to drive their cars and occasionally, you know, meet a speed hump or, god forbid, drive up their steep driveway.

This lip is also completely modular, and has loads of options to choose from. You can fit strakes, brake ducting, skid plates and add on splitters to enhance the look and, more importantly, the functionality of the lip. Above you can see it in it’s raw form and below with the add on splitter fitted.

We mentioned brake ducts earlier and that is going to be interesting for a few of you. The GT-R sure could use some cooling on the brakes and this offers it in spades. The full carbon brake ducts again bolt onto the underside of the lip and force air onto the calipers

If strakes are your thing then Password:JDM give you that option as well with a set that easily bolt up to enhance downforce at the front.

So I’m pretty sure many of you will agree on this being the ultimate front lip and if you’re keen to get one head over to the Password:JDM website to contact them. We don’t have pricing or delivery dates yet but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Link: Password:JDM Website

Password:JDM Dry Carbon Wide Front Fenders Coming Soon

July 12, 2009 Comments off


Ever thought about upgrading the tires on the GT-R but been dissatisfied that you had to have staggered sizes due to not being about to fit the same ultra wide tires at the front that you can easily accomodate in the rear?

When choosing tires, staggered sizes can often result in outer diameter differences between the front and the rear of the car. This can lead to issues with the ATTESA system and cause various fault codes and conditions to be thrown.

What you REALLY need is giant tires on the front and the rear to both dial out that understeer AND get all the power to the ground in the most efficient way possible.

Cue Password:JDM who thought of exactly this when designing their new full dry carbon wide body front fenders for the Nissan GT-R. The primary goal was to allow the client to go up to a massive 315mm in both the front and the rear.

Finishing up the final prototype now we expect to see some prototype shots very soon so we’ll keep you guys in the loop.

Link: Password:JDM Website

Password:JDM Door Sill and Rear Speaker Shelf Update

March 6, 2009 Comments off

An update on the latest Password:JDM carbon parts, we have a write up and pricing of each. I’ll let Steve from Pw:JDM take it from here:

The PWJDM Dry CF Rear Speaker Shelf: A true work of art for the GTR.

The complexities of molding a panel which is essentially carpet on top of cardboard without destroying it was not very fun… nor was it easy, but here at PWJDM, we were still able to get this completed with the processes that we have developed in house. All of this was done in less than a week. The agenda was to produce a piece that adds volumes in terms of looks to the GTR and keep everything very tasteful. I can honestly say it was mission accomplished here at PWJDM.

The PWJDM Dry CF Rear Speaker Shelf is truly a work of art. This is the one interior piece that’s most visible from the exterior. Stand anywhere near the rear of the vehicle, and the PWJDM Dry CF Rear Speaker Shelf demands your attention. The eye popping details in this piece is more than just skin deep. It maintains a consistent thickness of .045″ throughout the entire surface. It weighs approx. 1 pound and mounts perfectly by sandwiching between the stock shelf and the speaker grilles. It takes only 5 mins to install once you have the factory shelf removed. There is absolutely no rattle, shake, or extra noises of any kind once installed. All hardware for installation is supplied as well.

The PWJDM Dry CF Rear Speaker Shelf is being offered with or without(as shown here) rear seat belt cutouts. This is because our next product will be the Dry CF Rear Seat Deletes… and you guessed it… Dry CF as always.

Pricing for this is $999.00. Clear coated version with burnt edges is also available for $1199.00.

The PWJDM Dry CF Sill Panels: Stepping out in style (Dry CF style).

The PWJDM Dry CF Sill Panels is the perfect “entry” mod for those of you who would like to have a taste of Dry CF. Its very clean and is something you can appreciate every time you open your doors. Some people would like the red carpet treatment when they step out somewhere… as for me being a true car enthusiast, I’ll take Dry CF any day and this is what was delivered here with the PWJDM Dry CF Sill Panels. Step out in style and delete some of that plastic that’s very common with the GTR. you’ll be reducing a bit of weight as well with this mod. the PWJDM Dry CF Sill Panels take less than 5 mins to install once you have the factory rocker panels removed.

The door sills are $499 a set.

Thanks Steve for these. You can get more info on Password:JDM at their website below.

Link: Password:JDM Website
Link: Password:JDM Speaker Shelf and Door Sill Panel Photo Gallery

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Password:JDM Nissan GT-R Dry Carbon Parts Update – March 2009

March 5, 2009 Comments off

Since Tan @ Password:JDM has let the cat out of the bag early there can’t be any harm in posting a sneak peak of the next carbon fibre parts to come out of the Password:JDM crew.

First up are the door kick plates for the GT-R. We don’t have pricing or availability yet but we’re sure we’ll see these installed soon and we’ll get back to you when we do.

Next is the dry carbon parcel/speaker shelf for the Nissan GT-R. This is a far more intricate piece of work and was actually molded off the OEM carpet and cardboard rear shelf if you can believe that. At just 1.2mm thick it’s extremely light and suits the discerning GT-R owner with a certain type of addiction. To carbon parts that is. It’s an easy install and uses the factory clips and is secure enough to not rattle when you pump up the volume.

Password:JDM have promised us installed photos and more information to come this week and we will pass it on. Check after the jump for a few more photos of these parts.

Link: Password:JDM Website
Link: Password:JDM related articles on GTRBlog

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Photo Gallery: Password:JDM Carbon Rear Spoiler a Class Act

March 1, 2009 Comments off

It’s a thing of beauty this car and with the addition of some real subtle dry carbon pieces it can look even better. Classy yet fierce with a touch of hardcore JDM underneath it all – what you’re looking at here are photos forwarded my way from Password:JDM after fitting up their latest release production version Dry Carbon Extended Rear Wing.

For more information on the wing including pricing, weights and specs, check our previous posts on the topic. For now just kick back and enjoy the rest of your weekend and the truck load of photos after the jump.

Link: Password:JDM Website
Link: Password:JDM Rear Dry Carbon Wing article on GTRBlog
Link: Password:JDM articles on

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Password:JDM Rear Wing Finished, Carbon Roof Preview

February 8, 2009 Comments off

Password:JDM have wrapped up (or should that be unwrapped) the final revisions on their dry carbon rear spoiler for the Nissan GT-R. We’ve written on this one and showed some pre-production shots in the past but now here’s some photos of the final product.

The rear wing weighs just 4.4 lbs (2kg) and is available later this week. We’ll have some photos of this fitted up to Steve from Password:JDM’s own GT-R this coming week provided the weather co-operates.

Next on the cards for Password:JDM is a dry carbon roof replacement. The great thing about carbon roofs is they look great and remove weight from the top of the car lowering the center of gravity. The last carbon roof we saw saved 11lbs (5kg) here so it will be good to hear what results Password:JDM have in that department. Of course the last carbon roof we saw can’t actually be bought separately.

Link: Password:JDM Website
Link: Password:JDM related articles on GTRBlog

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