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Rays Volk Racing VR.G2 Wheels Black vs. Black

June 9, 2009 Comments off


You probably figured out by now that I really do love these wheels, but when GTMotoring posted these photos I had to do a double take. I knew they were good but this is beyond good and I think I know finally what GT-R / wheel colour combination looks best. These.

Source: GTMotoring via NAGTROC

BBS LM-ACQ Wheels: Silver on Black and White Photo Gallery

April 8, 2009 Comments off


Regular readers have figured out by now that I’m a pretty big fan of the BBS LM-ACQ wheel in it’s various colours. We’ve been rambling on and on about them since BBS first announced them way back in 2008, over a year ago now. Doesn’t time fly!?

Well BBS USA got in on the act recently and has worked with BBS Japan to import BBS LM-ACQ wheels in Nissan GT-R sizes for US GT-R aficionados. GT Motoring has snagged a set in DSK (Diamond Silver) and fitted them to their Challenge brand GT-R to show them off. NAGTROC user Vic55 has also picked up a set for his White Ivory Pearl 2009 GT-R with a set of red center caps to match his red Brembos. Very stylish.

These two are perhaps the first Silver sets I’ve seen fitted up since all the Japanese ones so far were DBK (Diamond Black).

These are available for US owners now in limited numbers so get in before they’re all gone. Enjoy the photos below.

Link: GT Motoring Website
Link: Vic55 NAGTROC Discussion Thread

BBS LM-DSK 20 Inch Wheels for Nissan GT-R

Eisenmann Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

March 31, 2009 Comments off

Eisenmann Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

Stuttgart based Euro exhaust specialists Eisenmann have been secretly developing a new exhaust for the Nissan GT-R. At the behest of a Japanese customer wanting that trademark Eisenmann sound, they’ve built a Y-Pipe back prototype in full 304/306 stainless steel.

Pricing and technical details should be released in the near future but those from a European tuner background should have something to look forward to.

Thanks to GT Motoring for the heads up and photos.

Link: GT Motoring Blog

Challenge Big Rotor Kit for Nissan GT-R

March 24, 2009 Comments off


We introduced the Challenge brand by GTMotoring to you last week when they launched both the brand and exhaust components for the Nissan GT-R. To back it up, today they release the first details about their upcoming R35 Big Rotor Kit.

The rotors earn their “big” moniker too, as if the GT-Rs factory rotors could ever be considered small at 380mm, the Challenge rotors are 400mm all around. Other features include; slotted design, directional cooling fins, aluminium hats, stainless fasteners, and aluminium caliper brackets. The slotted design improve circuit and hard driving durability over the factory, crack prone, drilled items.

Available around mid-April, these will retail for around $3850 for a full set including hats and hardware. For more information on ordering, contact GTMotoring.

Link: GTMotoring Website

GTMotoring Release Challenge Y-Pipes for Nissan GT-R

March 20, 2009 Comments off

GTMotoring have launched three things today, firstly their new Challenge brand. The brand will encompass a range of present and future tuning products. The first of these products are also released today in the form of the Challenge Street and Race version Y-Pipes for Nissan R35 GT-R.

The Challenge Street Spec Y-Pipes are manufactured in stainless steel and feature 76mm piping from the turbo outlets through a pair of resonators which maintain the internal diameter of 76mm. Twin flex sections come next to allow the y-pipes the flexibility they need to prolong their lifespan. The two main pipes meet at a laser cut transition section and form a single 90 mm diameter pipe to the rear flange.

The Challenge Race Spec Y-Pipes are similar in construction minus the twin resonators.

In terms of power gains from changing out to this y-pipe, both versions are almost identical making a maximum 15 awhp gain with an average gain of around 10hp across the rev range. Average torque gains of 7-12 lb/ft can also be seen on the dyno chart below.

Pre-orders on both are available now, pricing for the Street Spec version is $625 while the Race Spec version is just $575.

Contact GTMotoring for more information at the website below.

All photos below are of the prototype versions only.

Link: GT Motoring Website

GTMotoring Forged Aluminum Tow Hook for Nissan GT-R

January 29, 2009 Comments off

US based GTMotoring have finally dipped their toes into the GT-R parts business with their first product on the market this week. These stainless steel and forged aluminum tow hooks fit in the standard tow hooks location providing a more track friendly location to hitch up to.

Available now in red, black and clear anodized finishes for just $150. First buyers will snag free shipping to boot.

Link: GTMotoring Website