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Endless Brake Lines for Nissan R35 GT-R

August 22, 2008 Comments off

Endless have announced details and pricing on two new brake line kits for Nissan R35 GT-R this week. These two kits aim to upgrade brake feel and pedal response by providing a stiffer steel braided line which resists expansion at high temperatures.

The first kit is called the Swivel-Steel kit (part number EB111SS) and the second is a Swivel-Racing brake line kit (part number EB111). The difference being the 304 grade stainless steel used in the swivel racing kit.

Pricing on the swivel steel kit is 68,250 yen ($650 USD listed at GT-RR) and the racing kit 89,250 yen.

Source: Endless via GT-RR

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R35 GT-R Brakes – A Comprehensive Look from Endless USA

August 7, 2008 Comments off

are already well into the R35 GT-R brakes market worldwide with their brake caliper kits and brake pad upgrades. So you know that they’ve done their homework. Dom from Endless USA is no exception and has been putting a lot of effort in lately on R35 brake solutions.

He has posted up a good chunk of info over on his blog regarding both the OEM Brembos, their strength’s and weeknesses and also the Endless range of calipers, pads and fluid and it’s strengths. Dom also mentions the Endless ME20 track spec brake pads that are coming out soon for the OEM Brembos.

The ME20 brake pads have an ideal temp range of 300 – 800 degrees C and a friction coefficient of 0.35 – 0.40. They’re also conveniently available for pre-order over at

If you’re planning on tracking or racing your GT-R and you haven’t thought about brakes yet, you need to read this article. Even if you have thought about brakes take a look.

Link: The (sort of) Comprehensive R35 GTR Brakes Post
Source: Endless USA via Dom’s Blog

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Endless MX72 Big Mother Brake Pads

August 2, 2008 Comments off

Dom from Endless USA has posted up a comparison photo on his blog with a set of Endless MX72 brake pads next to an Apple iPhone. It kind of gives you an idea of just exactly why the 3800+ lbs of GT-R can stop so damn well.

Endless make some of the best brakes on the market and have pioneered in offering big brake kits for the R35 GT-R early in the year with their Mono6 6 piston monoblock racing caliper line up.

Source: Endless USA via NAGTROC

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Photo Gallery: Car Festa 2008 – Fukushima

June 1, 2008 Comments off

Car Festa 2008 is half over and some photos of the cars on display are coming out. The MCR and Arios car’s are quite popular so we have a few photos of each of their stands. Arios just fitted up some Endless Zeal Function A suspension and Endless Mono6 racing brakes this week so they’re displaying at the Endless stand.

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Endless Launch Zeal Function-T and Function-A Suspension Kits for Nissan GT-R

May 6, 2008 Comments off

Endless has released two new suspension kits for the Nissan R35 GT-R this month. Available in steel body (Function-T) and aluminium body (Function-A) types the kits have a variety of options such as 6 adjustment points vs. 30 adjustment points and multiple coil types. Each kit is made to order to each customer’s specifications and all Zeal function-T and function-A kits offer full height and damper adjustability.

Prices start at 255,000 yen ($2,500 USD) for the Function-T kit including X-Coil springs and 6 way damper adjustment. 297,950 yen ($2900 USD) will get you in a set of the base model 30 way adjustable function-T sets.

For the function-A expect to pay from 311,850 yen ($3,100 USD) and up but what you get is a lighter weight suspension component and we all know who could do with a little less weight.

When GTRBlog wrote to Endless USA recently we were told that these kits (Function-A/T) themselves are not being promoted just yet but should be available in the near future. Other suspension types already offered may be ordered with custom setup for the R35 such as the Super Function Type-C suspension which is a circuit spec suspension setup with remote reservoirs offering independent damper and rebound adjustment.

Endless USA are however already offering the Endless Mono6 6 piston monoblock racing calipers however. Priced at $7500 USD per front set (inc. 387mm two piece slotted rotors) and $6380 per rear set (also inc. 387mm rotors). For the money however you get an extremely lightweight and rigid brake caliper (only 7.4 pounds) that outperforms other 8 and even 12 piston calipers.

Source: Endless Japan and Endless USA

Endless Release cc-X Brake Pads for Nissan GT-R

April 23, 2008 Comments off

Endless have released a range of aftermarket brake pads suitable for the 2007+ Nissan R35 GT-R this week. The ceramic carbon metal range of brake pads (cc-X) are suitable for the standard Brembo 6 pot front and 4 pot rear brake caliper setup and are good for street and trackday use.

Pricing is slightly more reasonable than Nissan’s asking price for replacement Brembo pads coming in at 36,750 yen ($368 USD) for a set of front pads (part #RCP117) and 25,200 yen ($252USD) for a set of rear pads (part #RCP118). As usual Endless also sell full sets of cc-X pads for R35 GT-Rs but pricing is not yet available.

These pads add to an existing market for R35 GT-R brake pads from manufacturers such as Pagid/Mine’s but at a significantly lower price.

Link: Endless Sport Website

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Endless Racing Mono6 Calipers Now Available

April 12, 2008 Comments off

Endless, brake manufacturer of choice for many of the best tuners of the R35 GT-R so far, have finally launched their Racing Mono6 line of brake upgrades to the general public this week. Having been seriously tested by the likes of MCR and Hirano Tire on the track in prototype form, these are now available in the form of Endless “System Inch Up Kits”.

Pricing is steep as expected but the quality of the hardware matches it. For the kits you’re looking at:

  • Front Only: 787,500 yen ($7875 USD)
  • Rear Only: 669,900 yen ($6,690 USD)
  • Rear and Front Kit: 1,417,500 yen ($14,175 USD)

The kits are supplied with 387mm x 34mm two piece slotted vented rotors with aluminum hats, Endless RCP072 pads, braided lines and caliper brackets for bolt on fitment.

Link: Endless Website (Japan)

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MCR at Fuji Speedway Testing Endless Setup

February 22, 2008 Comments off

MCR spent today in the sunshine out at Fuji Speedway testing their new Endless brake and suspension setup. The new brake and suspension setup is the same as advertised on the Endless R35 GT-R at Tokyo AutoSalon in January. We don’t have any lap times just yet but we will keep our ear to the ground and update when we know more.

Update: During this testing MCR managed a 1.52.216 lap time which is their best in the R35 GT-R. The ARC exhaust resulted in a noticeable power increase, the brakes are an improvement and the suspension worked well. More development on the settings will yield greater times again I’m sure.

MCR Also Going Endless for Brakes

February 4, 2008 Comments off

After fitting the Endless Zeal suspension on their R35 GT-R MCR are also fitting up and Endless Racing Mono6 Type-3 6 spot calipers – the same ones we saw at Tokyo Auto Salon 2008. These rotors are not carbon, the photo is a little dark that’s all.

Click the image above for a larger version, also check out some more pics below:

MCR Going With Endless Zeal Suspension on R35 GT-R

February 2, 2008 Comments off

After what seems like quite a while, MCR look to be trying out some Endless Zeal suspension on their R35 GT-R. Will be nice to see some track times once they’ve worked out the settings to see how much difference it makes over the already fairly decent stock suspension.

Update: A couple more images from MCR of their new suspension: