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ARC Launch R35 GT-R Mini Site for SAVRA Parts Series

September 25, 2008 Comments off

ARC have launched their new Nissan GT-R parts today with a bang in the form of a flashy mini site for what they’re calling “SAVRA Parts Series”.

We have covered the parts in detail before but this marks their official availability while the site itself gives a great visual.

What does SAVRA mean though? I thought the writing under “Concept” would help but it’s more of a poem than an explanation. Anyways… Link below and lots of pics after the jump.

Link: ARC – SAVRA Parts Series Mini Site

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ARC Exhausts, Intercoolers Priced and Set for Release

September 12, 2008 Comments off

ARC has announced that this month they will not only release their twin intercooler replacements for the OEM intercoolers but that they will also finally release their two types of titanium exhausts for R35 GT-R. We now have pricing for each of these parts as well as part numbers.

First up the ARC intercoolers, shown above, will retail at 398,000 yen. Part number is M079R35G. Release date is September 2008.

Next is the ARC Titanium Exhaust Type-G. This is aimed at those looking for a less obnoxious exhaust. Weighing in a 10.4kg it’s lighter than stock while maintaining great flow and a relatively low noise output. The ARC exhausts all have the single opening elliptical tips. Some may not like these. Price is 448,000 yen and part number is TSR35-G.

Lastly is the ARC Titanium Exhaust Type-S. This is a louder more circuit spec exhaust with a lighter weight (6.8kg) and louder noise. The price is also cheaper due to less materials used at 315,000 yen. Part number is TSR35-S.

These parts were developed in conjunction with MCR and will be available soon from GT-R parts dealers such as

Link: GTRBlog – Up Close With the ARC Intercoolers

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ARC Intercoolers for R35 GT-R Set for September Release

August 28, 2008 Comments off

While the release date is still a couple of weeks away, we just had to post this photo up now. Damn this looks tough even without the front bar. Or maybe because there’s no front bar…

Either way ARC’s coolers are suitable for anyone looking to improve the response of the already responsive VR38. Check out our ARC intercooler category for more details on this upcoming product.

Link: ARC Category

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Up Close With the ARC Intercoolers for R35

August 13, 2008 Comments off

As we know from early July, MCR have fitted up the latest ARC intercooler product for the R35 GT-R. Developed in partnership with MCR the ARC intercoolers offer improved cooling performance, improved flow characteristics all in a lighter weight package. ARC benefit from years and years of experience making top shelf quality cooling products for Japanese cars and they continue to maintain their reputation today.

Updated: Close up pic of the difference between the two cores after the jump.

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MCR, ARC Partner Again

July 27, 2008 Comments off

Found this creative photo of the ARC intercoolers on the MCR R35 GT-R and thought to share it. MCR and ARC have teamed up on a number of projects lately. Firstly they collaborated on the ARC titanium exhaust version 1, then the ARC intercoolers. Next up is the ARC titanium exhaust version 2 which they are currently working on.