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MotorTrend: 2012 Nissan GT-R Unmasked Spied at Nurburgring

June 23, 2010 Comments off

There’s been a lot of the masked / camouflaged GT-R photos on various sites around the net this week. Unfortunately most of them gave us even less of an idea than we already had about what the facelifted 2012 GT-R was going to look like.

MotorTrend has changed that with the publication of some much more juicy photos clearly showing the front double canards and the rear diffuser updates.

It’s certainly a big departure from what I was expecting up front, I was assuming a more subdued front canard look. Nevertheless the rear end look appeals to me a lot.

Lots more photos at the MotorTrend website linked below…

Link/Source: MotorTrend: Nissan GT-R Prototype Spied

MotorTrend: Lexus LFA vs Nissan GT-R

May 10, 2010 Comments off

Interesting to see what happens when you put the two most menacing Japanese supercars side by side in a straight line.

Considering the price tags I’d say the GT-R holds it’s own. It’d be interesting to see the results using launch control and, as mentioned on AutoBlog, how they fare on a road course.

Source: MotorTrend via Autoblog

MotorTrend Has Fun With a Nissan GT-R and Scion Drift Cars

February 4, 2010 Comments off

A fun video put together by Motortrend for an article they published today about a Nissan GT-R up against a pair of purpose built drift Scion tCs. It’s not really about the numbers, it’s just about how the cars make you feel. A good point to make and a reason why I’m going to get my GT-R out on the track more this year.

Link: Motortrend: Shock Value: Nissan GT-R vs Scion Drift tCs

Motor Trend February 2010: The Nissan GT-R and “Character”

January 3, 2010 Comments off

Motor Trend magazine seems to “get” the Nissan GT-R. They gave it their Car of The Year 2009 prize after all. There’s another brief article on the GT-R in the Feb issue about the GT-R and that difficult to define quality called “character”.

Character is cool when you’re noodling down to the car show in your De tomaso Mangusta, not when you’re chasing tenths of a second on the Nurburgring Nordschleife

– Angus Mackenzie, Motor Trend, Feb 2010

Angus argues that, the fact that a “character” laden car is difficult to drive fast, doesn’t make it a good drive. That and, if you want to drive fast, choosing the car that won’t try and kill you if you make a slight mistake is a smart choice.

I agree with the article although I personally do not feel that the GT-R lacks character. It just has a very different character to that of it’s peers…

Source: NAGTROC forums

Motor Trend: Godzilla Gone Nuclear

March 28, 2009 Comments off


In another first drive article (was an NDA lifted today?) Motor Trend have gone for a slightly more creative title. Too bad about the rest of the article though. Everyone else went to Tochigi but Motor Trend went to Sendai? I must be slacking off my advanced geography studies…

Without photos in the article to say either way I guess it matters not. The article itself is worthy of quoting for the one closing remark:

As we left the track, Mizuno hinted that the least his new charger would do is to better the Corvette ZR1’s 7-min/26-sec lap. “That’s not hard,” he said. “Be ready for a quick time.” We are Mizuno-san, you betcha.

Interesting times right around the corner…

Link: Motor Trend: First Drive: Nissan GT-R SpecV

MotorTrend: How Godzilla Got It’s Name

February 14, 2009 Comments off

This article originally appeared on the MotorTrend blogs website and we’ve decided to archive it here as well due to it’s historic importance:

2009 Nissan GT-R: How Godzilla got its name
Posted March 31 2008 10:38 AM by Angus MacKenzie
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I was working in the office of Australia’s Wheels magazine in mid-1989 when Nissan first revealed details of its all-new Skyline GT-R. Back then the car, now known mostly by its Nissan internal codename as the R32 GT-R, seemed like a high-tech road warrior from another dimension.

The R32 GT-R had a twin-turbo 2.6-liter inline six that Nissan claimed had 280hp, though everyone suspected it was actually punching out more than 300 (nothing has changed — see Frank Markus’ expose of the R35 GT-R’s little white horsepower lie: Dyno Test: 2009 Nissan GT-R Makes 507 Horsepower… at least! ). It had a four wheel drive system that was the first in the world to combine variable torque split with anti-lock braking. And it had four wheel steering.

Nissan quoted a quarter mile time in the high-13sec bracket. And that’s exactly what we got when we tested the car in Australia some months later, along with a 0-60mph of under 5.5sec. Back then, this was supercar stuff. Our Japanese correspondent of the time, Peter Nunn, noted in his story that the Japanese media had already christened the car Obakemono — a shape-shifting monster.

The GT-R was big news in Australia because Nissan was planning to homologate it for local Group A touring car racing so it could go wheel to wheel on the race track against the home-grown Holden Commodore V-8s, BMW M3s and Ford’s UK-built Sierra Cosworth (the cool, scary-fast version of the Merkur America never saw). It looked like Australia would be the only market in the world outside Japan where the R32 GT-R would be sold.

That made the GT-R cover material for the July 1989 issue of Wheels. I can remember sitting around with editor-in-chief Phil Scott and a couple of Wheels staffers as we kicked around cover lines. Obakemono came up in the discussion. Scott, a hard-nosed newspaper-trained editor with superb tabloid sensibilities, seized on it. He didn’t like the word — no-one would know what it meant on the cover — but he liked the Japanese monster idea.

It was a simple step from there to describing the GT-R as “Godzilla on wheels”. Which is exactly what we did. And a legend was born.

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Motor Trend: 2009 GT-R Not Slow…

November 25, 2008 Comments off

So the rumour is, from Nissan, that launch control will be gone come next year’s Nissan GT-R. So this means the GT-R should take a hit on it’s 0-60 mph and 1/4 mile times right? It’s slow now right?

Well Motor Trend say nope and we agree. In tests they’ve performed themselves with a GT-R they’ve managed to still achieve 3.9seconds to 60 mph, they also managed a 12.2 sec. In the hands of private owners we’ve seen as fast as 11.67 down the quarter mile stock without launch control.

It also pays to remember that the GT-R has never been about driving in a straight line. To compare it on that level is missing the point of an entire world of going fast around a circuit that is the core essence of Godzilla.

A good, common sense article, linked below.

Link: Motor Trend – So, Just How Slow is a Nissan GT-R Without Launch Control Engaged?

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Motor Trend: Car of the Year – 2009 Nissan GT-R

November 18, 2008 Comments off

Motor Trend did the sensible thing today and awarded the Nissan GT-R their Car of the Year award. Not only that but they also put together a pretty flattering write up accompanied by some great videos and original GT-R artwork.

Great work guys, I’m sure this helps put that little incident with the loaner GT-R behind you eh? hehe…

Link: Motor Trend – Nissan GT-R – Car of the Year

Read more…

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Motor Trend: America’s Best Handling Car – Part 2

August 29, 2008 Comments off

Following on from their instrument test a few days back in this test Motor Trend now head over to Laguna Seca to put the various cars through their paces with some hot laps.

Equipped with their own “tame racing driver” Randy Pobst they drove each car flat out and then ranked them in order subjectively and also by laptime. Again lots of data and again interesting to read. GT-R does well in terms of laptimes but is ranked only midfield in terms of the drivers opinion after a few laps.

Link: Motor Trend: America’s Best Handling Car: Track Testing

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Motor Trend: America’s Best Handling Car

August 26, 2008 Comments off

Never before have I seen such a fastidious dissection of the handling characteristics of a car than in this Motor Trend article. A heavy 10 pages in just part one but if you’re at all interested to know down to the finest detail just how good the new Nissan GT-R is check it out.

Some of the more surprising results are the fact that the GT-R rides better than many of the cars on test (despite all the moaning by motoring journo’s of the west) and so far it handles better than most (measured several different and maybe confusing ways).

Part two is due out on Wednesday 27th August so we’ll update you then. Until then follow the links below to read part 1 and see the photos.

Link: Motor Trend – America’s Best Handling Car Competition: Contenders and Instrument Testing
Link: Motor Trend Article Photo Gallery

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