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Amalgam 1/8th Scale Nissan GT-R Model Released

November 22, 2009 Comments off


UK fine model car maker Amalgam has finally released the photos of their completed 1/8th scale Nissan GT-R model. Amalgam are recognized as the premiere model maker and supplier of models to high end luxury car manufacturers and racing teams globally.

At 1/8th scale this model is around 22 inches or 58 cm in length and weighs 5kg. It’s huge by any standard and is the most phenomenally well detailed model you’ll ever see.

Take a look at these photos (and the others at the link below). You can see everything has been recreated from the texture of the brake rotors, the reflections in the tail lamps, the stitching on the seats and accurate labels on the dashboard buttons.

These models are now available via Zele International in Japan for 398,000 yen a piece. For those wanting a model of their own GT-R, a custom version of the Amalgam GT-R model is available and starts at a price of 498,000 yen.

Link: Amalgam 1/8th Scale Nissan GT-R Photo Gallery

SuperGT 2009 Edition Models from Ebbro Available Now

August 10, 2009 Comments off


Well in case you didn’t know, the 2009 model SuperGT GT500 specification car differs quite a bit from the 2008 model car from the same series. Rule changes made for this season had the effect of limiting rear downforce by shortening the rear overhang maximum. Nismo completely redid the rear end aero, rear wing and front aero to compensate and to make the most of the new regulations. They then went and added improved cooling to the car which is critical in the sweltering summer races like Sepang Circuit in Malaysia.


Ebbro have produced two new models to kickoff the 2009 SuperGT GT-R range – a 2009 #1 MOTUL Autech Nismo GT-R and a 2009 Okayama Test car used during aero prototyping at Okayama circuit. Cars representing each team are also planned so also look out for a IMPUL Calsonic #12, Hasemi TOMICA Ebbro #3 and a WOODONE ADVAN Clarion #24 model to follow.

Ebrro models are superb in quality but limited in production, especially the test car versions. Pick them up while you can!

Photos: 14Moon Blog
Link: Buy Ebbro GT-R Models Online @

Ebbro Nissan GT-R SpecV 1/43rd Scale Model Photos

June 29, 2009 Comments off


A couple of photos that landed in my news feed of the Ebbro 1/43rd scale Nissan GT-R SpecV model that should now be on sale. As usual the Ebbro models are of excellent quality with high amount of attention to the details. This one is in Ultimate Opal Black but you can also find them in Brilliant White Pearl.

These should sell around the $30 – $40 mark if you can find them at your local Ebbro stockist.

For the Gadget Guy – Godzilla USB Hard Drive

June 8, 2009 Comments off


A reader pointed this one out to me and I thought it’d make a great desktop accessory for any GT-R owner or fan. A one off for now but I’m sure it’ll catch on. Built by combining a Jada 1:18th scale Nissan GT-R model and a 500GB 2.5inch HDD it connects up to your PC by USB to store all your files.

Thanks to Dave for the tip.

Link: Ebay Auction – 2009 Nissan GT-R, 500gb External Hard Drive

Ebbro Show Range of 2009 Nissan GT-R Models at Shizuoka

May 24, 2009 Comments off


The Shizuoka Hobby Show, an annual event where model makers show off their latest and future creations, finished up last weekend and today I spotted these photos of Ebbro’s upcoming 2009 range of 1/43rd scale Nissan GT-R models. Set for a June release, the SuperGT GT500 GT-Rs of all four teams in their 2009 specification aero and livery are looking good. I have the Ebbro 2008 SuperGT cars and the quality of them at this scale is top shelf.

We can also see that the FIA GT Test car in both all carbon finish and final 2009 FIA championship season livery will be released. This is set to June and may be a tough one to get a hold of as pre-orders are filling up and production may be limited.

Finally the GT-R SpecV models were shown and should be available in June as well, while they look good I think the HPI SpecV models look slightly better. Unfortunately HPI SpecV model will be four times more expensive at 16,500 yen versus the 4,000 yen expected for the Ebbro version.

Many of these models are available for pre-order already from certain Japanese hobby stockists, I always rely on Hobby Link Japan for all of these and the pre-orders.

Link: Hobby Link Japan – Ebbro GT-R Models
Source: via Yahoo Japan Blogs

Nissan Nurburgring Test GT-R Model and SpecV Model

May 17, 2009 Comments off


Nissan have partnered with Kyosho to bring us this 1/43rd scale 2007 Nissan GT-R Nuburgring test mule model limited edition. It joins a niche with other Nissan GT-R test cars from manufacturer HPI who has a 2007 Nurburgring model and a 2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed model out. The difference here is that the Kyosho item has camo stripes added. There were only 500 of these Kyosho models made available via Nissan’s online store and unfortunately they all sold out already. They may still be had via Japanese online auctions like Yahoo but are now at almost twice the price…

The SpecV models are just about ready and recently GT-R World checked out the Aoshima version at the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009. This 1/24th scale resin model is due out soon.

Link: – Shizuoka Hobby Show Photos
Link: Nissan Shop


Nissan GT-R SpecV Models by HPI Coming Soon

April 4, 2009 Comments off


Following up their past special edition models, sources have leaked news that HPI will be producing a limited edition Nissan GT-R SpecV diecast 1/43rd scale in Ultimate Opal Black and Brilliant White colours in the coming months.

This compliments their existing plans to produce a Nismo Clubsport Package special edition GT-R model in the same 1/43rd scale die cast format.


If you’ve been holding out on getting a GT-R model car at all, this might be one to jump on. If history shows us anything it’s that this will sell out in a matter of days and they will not produce a second run. The Nismo Clubsport Package model is already pretty much sold out in pre-sales and will go up on auction sites for more than RRP soon after release.

Goodwood Festival of Speed GT-R Model by HPI

March 22, 2009 Comments off


Back in 2007 before the GT-R was launched it made an early appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2007 still bearing it’s camouflage black wrapping. In a similar vein to the previous sightings on the Nurburgring, the camouflage covered the front, rear, wheels and almost all the interior. At this event nearly nothing was publicly known about the GT-R details so it was quite an exciting time for GT-R fans.

To remember that special event, HPI have released a limited edition 1:43rd scale resin model of the Nissan R35 GT-R as it appeared at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2007. As per usual, the HPI model comes in an enclosed display box with metal name plaque.

This model is similar to their previous HPI Nurburgring Test GT-R model but some small details differ, the license plate and numbering mostly. If you missed getting one of those, this might be a nice special edition to pick up instead since you can’t get the other one anymore.

Price is 15,800 yen and is available right now from our favourite hobby partner, Hobby Link Japan. Production is limited to just 400 units worldwide.

Other cool upcoming releases by HPI include a Nismo Clubsport Package Nissan R35 GT-R which is due out in May.

Goodwood Photography: Autoblog

Link: Buy HPI Goodwood Festival of Speed GT-R online from HobbyLink Japan

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Transformers Alternity Convoy Nissan GT-R Model Arrives – GTRBlog Review

March 2, 2009 Comments off

Takara Tomy’s GT-R Transformer model has been hotly anticipated by Transformers and GT-R fans alike since it was spied way back in August 2008 at Chara Hobby Show 2008. It’s finally hit shelves in Japan and we had two of them couriered to us at GTRBlog on day 0 of availability. They’ve arrived today so we’ve unboxed them for a closer look on camera for our readers.

First up some background, the Nissan GT-R Transformer is one of the Alternity line of Transformers which are alternate forms of the characters we remember from the original Transformers models. The GT-R represents the alter ego of main man Optimus Prime (also known as Convoy by his Japanese home boys) when he’s not wearing his trucker outfit…

I’m not one to judge about what Optimus does to make ends meet but I am one to share my impressions of the model.

Firstly thanks to our sponsors HobbyLink Japan for providing these models in such a short time. I don’t actually remember any time passing from receiving the shipping notification to the delivery notification but there was a weekend in between so that could account for my blank spots. Suffice to say it was fast and I got them this morning.

First impressions are that this is way better built than the photos we saw earlier suggested. There’s lines in the body, yes but the dimensions are good and the details are pleasing to the eye so that you can overlook the lines. Especially since you know what’s inside. It’s safely packed in a bubble of protective flexible transparent plastic so you don’t need to worry about shipping damage.

Picking it up reveals it weighs a lot more than your average model. There’s that solid feel to it that you get when you pickup a quality die cast model like an Auto Art. The scale is 1/32nd which turns out to be a nice bookshelf display size. I always thought the Ebbro 1/43rd scale models were a bit small for that task unless in a display box. This wont need one to strut it’s stuff and maintain law and order over your porcelain cat collection.

Continue reading and viewing the photo gallery by clicking through the page numbers below…

Link: Hobby Link Japan
Link: Hobby Link Japan – Buy Transformers GT-R

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Tamiya 1/10th Scale SuperGT Nismo Xanavi GT-R Pre-Order Available Now

October 20, 2008 Comments off

The #23 Xanavi Nismo GT500 GT-R looks set to be the championship winning GT-R in it’s debut SuperGT season and Tamiya have produced this amazing 1/10th scale RC car to celebrate. Utilising the TB-03 chassis featuring a highly realistic body and full decal set. It’s 456mm long (18 inches) and also ships with GT500 style TE37 wheels.

This kit is due for a November 1st release in Japan but through‘s partner, Hobby Link Japan, you can pre-order it for delivery as SOON as possible. The price for the kit is 21,800 yen plus EMS shipping to your door.

This is the second Nissan GT-R 1/10th scale RC car kit from Tamiya, the first one being the TT-01E LED kit released earlier in the year based on the standard Nissan R35 GT-R. I can speak from experience as I have built the standard GT-R kit when I say that Tamiya kits rise well above the rest in terms of quality of components as well as fit and finish.

If you’re interested in the standard GT-R kit, Tamiya are about to release the XB (eXpert Built) GT-R kit which ships pre-built and painted with everything required including radio set. The XB Nissan GT-R will retail for 25,800 yen but in reality it is quite a bargain when you factor in buying quality radio gear on top of the standard kit. Pre-order that at Hobby Link Japan also.

Link: Browse GT-R Models to Buy Online – Hobby Link Japan
Link: Pre-Order SuperGT Xanavi Nismo GT-R TB-03 Kit – Hobby Link Japan
Link: Pre-Order XB Nissan R35 GT-R TT-01 pre-built Kit – Hobby Link Japan

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