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ButtonWillow NAGTROC Track Day Report from Z-Car Garage

December 30, 2008 Comments off

Buttonwillow Circuit got a workout today with the North American GTR Owners Club – NAGTROC – showing up for their track day meet. Among attendees were Z Car Garage, Kunani from, AXIS Wheels, and lots of other NAGTROC members. has a great writeup on their day out as well as a few results on how they did and some photos to boot. Head on over to the link below to check it out.

Link: ZCarBlog: Buttonwillow Track Day Report

Singaporean GT-R Owners Club Meet

December 21, 2008 Comments off

The largest get together yet for the Singaporean GTR Owners club was on today with 14 GT-Rs turning up. Lots of modified and unique GT-Rs are getting around in Singapore.

For more info on the Singaporean GT-C Owners Club check out our previous article or their forums over at

Related Story: Nissan GT-R Phenomenon in Singapore – The Singapore GT-R Owners Club
Link: Singapore GT-R Owners Club

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R35 GT-R Club Meeting: Hakone Enkai Night With Special Guests

December 2, 2008 Comments off

Nismo Festival wasn’t the only hot ticket outing on over the weekend, the R35 GT-R Club of Japan held an enkai style party at the Dai Hakone Hotel in Kanagawa, Japan as well on Saturday night.

Members were invited along for a meet and greet and banquet followed of course by some serious car talk and drinking. GTRBlog was also kindly invited to attend the function (no gatecrashers allowed!) and so along we went and took some photos.

A highlight was the special guest star who made an appearance. Junpei Okamura-san from Nismo, famous for leading many racing projects over the years but most recently heading up the development of the Nismo ClubSport Package R35 GT-R, attended the meeting bringing along the official Nismo Clubsport Package brochures for everyone.

Okamura-san was kind enough to bring along the very first Nismo Clubsport Package demo car to the meeting for us to get hands on with. So we did, we also got a nice sound clip / video of the exhaust so you can hear what a 1,890,000 yen exhaust sounds like.

Check after the jump for the continuation of the photographs from Saturday’s meet as well as to see the video of the exhaust note.

Thanks to Ado-san, head of the R35 GT-R Club for the invite and to Shin-san from The GT-R Owners Club of Japan / for driving us around!

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Nissansportz National Silverstone – R35 GT-R and KPGC10 GT-R

September 15, 2008 Comments off

Just a nice couple of photos from the weekend’s Nissansportz National at Silverstone Racetrack in the UK. The first time a KPGC10 GT-R and an R35 GT-R were on the same track at the same time in the UK and possibly the world (outside Japan of course!).

Looks like loads of fun and £2,000 was raised for charity so all for a good cause.

Link: home page
Source: Ben Linney via NAGTROC

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R35 GT-R Meet and Amuse R35 Spotted in Singapore

August 13, 2008 Comments off

Just got these photos sent in by a reader, Dave from Singapore, there was a small meetup for Singapore’s R35 GT-R owners recently. He also spotted this GT-R parked outside the Hilton with the full Power House Amuse kit sporting a Mine’s exhaust, BBS LM-DBK 20″ wheels and a HKS EVC boost controller. Yum…

If you Singaporean guys are reading, feel free to send me in more photos!

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Photo Gallery: GTROC Annual Meet and Parade Lap

August 12, 2008 Comments off

We have a few more photos from the GTROC Japan Annual Meet from the weekend. Lots and lots of GT-Rs! Check out this photo from Zele’s car below, these marshalls are doing a great job.

Thanks to Chuck from NAGTROC for linking us some of these pics.

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GT-R Owners Club – Annual Meeting 2008

August 10, 2008 Comments off

The GT-R Owners Club of Japan has held their 12th annual meeting this weekend. Lot’s and lots of R35s were in attendance as well as loads of legacy Skyline GT-Rs from all generations. One of the meet events included a parade lap around the Twin Ring Motegi circuit before the Formula Nippon race there today.

We’ll update when we have a few more pics for everyone. Click through the jump to see the pics we have for now.

Link: Youtube – GT-R Owners Parade Lap – Twin Ring Motegi

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Nismo Festival 2008 – Dates Announced

August 7, 2008 Comments off

The 12th Annual Nismo Festival is now locked in for Sunday, November 30th 2008. Held at Fuji Speedway, this year’s highlight is a giant SuperGT GT500 GT-R stage as well as loads of other GT-Rs old and new. Other events are also in the planning stages.

This is one of, if not THE best GT-R event annually in Japan and thousands upon thousands will be in attendance. Definitely worth a trip to Japan just for this.

Source: Nismo via

GT-R Festival Open Day at Nissan Technical College Aichi

August 4, 2008 Comments off

The Nissan Technical College has four campuses around Japan. Tochigi (at the plant where the GT-R is manufactured) Yokohama, Aichi and Kyoto. The Aichi campus held an open day this weekend and invited the community in to check the school out as well as get a chance to look and learn about GT-Rs.

The R35 represented along with KPGC10 GT-R, an R34 GT-R N1, the retired R34 GT500 car. There was also this insane RB26 (naturally aspirated) powered oldschool Z giving a decent burnout lesson to all the kids.

Why don’t they have schools like this near me? More photos from the day after the jump.

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GT-R Customised Street Event with Option Magazine

August 1, 2008 Comments off

Suzuka Circuit (Mobility Land) in cooperation with Option magazine are holding the R35 GT-R Customised Street event at Suzuka Circuit over August 23rd and August 24th. This co-incides with round 6 of the 2008 SuperGT series, the 37th annual POKKA 1000km race at Suzuka so the turnout will be huge.

R35 GT-Rs from every top Japanese tuner will be out on display at Grand Prix Square just outside the circuit. There will also be a demo lap on the track.

Tuners featured will be, Zele International, Autech Tsukada, Garage Yawata, Garage Defend, Esprit, HKS Kansai, Original Runduce, Sunline Racing, Concept, Blitz, Garage Sauras, Midori Seibei Center, Garage Active and MCR! One word for this, woah. It’s probably the biggest GT-R event since TAS in January with more GT-Rs.

Link: MobilityLand GT-R Custom Street Event

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