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July 10, 2021 Comments off

Well its only been 9 years since the last post, so obviously not much has changed in the GT-R world 😀 I’ve had some motivation (thanks COVID lockdowns!) to post again on the site so here goes. Let’s see how rusty I am at finding interesting GT-R posts. Surely the next GT-R is right around the corner?

I think I might start by posting a few things about what’s been going on in the GT-R world in my absence. I’m very interested in the Japanese SuperGT scene as it seems a lot has changed. Who would have expected the Toyota Supra to be a thing again 9 years ago!?

I’ve also tried to do some basic modernization to the site. I’ve fixed a load of broken images, broken links, broken videos. I’ve cranked up the image sizes overall and the width of the page. Monitors sure have changed since 2009-ish when I launched the last redesign of the site. Comments are disabled due to spammers but might re-enable them if people prefer to engage that way.

Anyway stay tuned! Let me know if anyone’s still reading, you can Tweet me @ctfkris or email me I’ll gladly take photos of your GT-R projects to post. I know there’s a lot of beastly Godzillas getting around these days.

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Happy Australia Day GT-R Lovers

January 26, 2010 Comments off

Australia Day, celebrated the 26th of January every year is the best day of the year to get out in the back yard with a case of beer and fire up the BBQ in the stinking summer heat. It got up to about 40 something Celsius today but fortunately it’s also a public holiday so we don’t need to go to work.

Anyways, lets celebrate Australia Day with some fine pics of a Aussie GT-R! One of the finest in the country, we’re going to be looking out for this car in some upcoming tarmac rallys.

Nissan GT-R All Dubai’d Out with Chrome Wrap

November 14, 2009 Comments off


It’s only being defined as a saying on Autoblog a couple days back but we already have an example of a Nissan GT-R that exactly fits the bill of “All Dubai’d Out”.

This GT-R owner in the UK has applied the most eyecatching wrap possible to his previously tasty looking white R35. The process he says was more complex than the average wrap and more expensive as well.

It doesn’t look as bad as I imagined really but I definately preferred the white…

Source: GTR UK Forums

Another GT-R Mashup: The R34 Coupe Widebody R35 Makeover

September 7, 2009 Comments off


Didn’t expect to see one of these really. This Skyline has donated it’s entire soul to be a R35 mashup of some description. The work looks unfinished but presents a whole new category of front end swaps. Will you be seeing a Bee-R R35 R32 front end soon? Maybe. Who makes this one? I don’t know. This photo raises more questions than it answers.

Source: Mindlessoath via NAGTROC

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Friday Laughs: Camaro Tuner to Take on GT-R With Turbo V6

August 7, 2009 Comments off


East Texas Muscle Cars is where you can point and begin laughing as they reckon they’ve got the know how to slap together a GT-R killing Camaro based on the cooking variety V6. Edmunds Inside Line is reporting that the V6 will be upgraded with forged internals and a remote mount turbo kit. Add to that a few other off the shelf tuning parts and they think they can tweak it to 500hp and slay the GT-R at the Nurburgring.

Their answer to improving the Camaro’s handling … ?

Other changes include a Baer big brake kit, lightweight 20-inch iForged wheels and Pedders coil-overs and bushings to address “the stock Camaro’s tremendous understeer and cradle walk.”

Edmunds Inside Line

I really gotta hand it to these guys in Texas, they brightened up my Friday with this. Whatever they’re smoking get me some.

Link: Edmunds Inside Line – Read the full story
Image: Autoblog – Click to see their gallery

Stroll Down Deviant Art Lane – GT-R Art

July 5, 2009 Comments off


I’m a frequent reader of many other blogs and probably have 200 RSS feeds in my reader so when I spotted this post on The Real JDM it ended up with me browsing Deviant Art for other gems. I’ve included a few I liked in this gallery below but hit up Deviant Art for more and spend a few hours browsing the random car images you might find.

These images are owned and copyright by the artists. Check with them at the links after the jump if you want to use their images in any way.

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Nissan GT-R at Paul Ricard HTTT Track Day Videos

June 27, 2009 Comments off

Just a few videos submitted by a reader of a Nissan GT-R playing with some other nice cars at a recent track day in France at the Paul Ricard Circuit at La Castellet. It’s a three part series, find the second and third videos after the jump.

Thanks to Philippe, the GT-R driver in the videos, for the submission.

Read more…

For the Gadget Guy – Godzilla USB Hard Drive

June 8, 2009 Comments off


A reader pointed this one out to me and I thought it’d make a great desktop accessory for any GT-R owner or fan. A one off for now but I’m sure it’ll catch on. Built by combining a Jada 1:18th scale Nissan GT-R model and a 500GB 2.5inch HDD it connects up to your PC by USB to store all your files.

Thanks to Dave for the tip.

Link: Ebay Auction – 2009 Nissan GT-R, 500gb External Hard Drive

Gran Turismo 5 E3 Movie Plus More Video Game Goodness

June 3, 2009 Comments off


A couple of exciting new tidbits of information regarding the latest upcoming release in the long line of Grant Turismo games. While we’ve all been playing the hell out of GT5 Prologue, it’s feeling more and more limited these days.

GT5 promises to add a lot more for GT-R fans though including the GT500 cars from the SuperGT 2008 series. Unfortunately, exactly how long we have to wait is still unknown as GT5’s release date is not set yet.

Sony and Polyphony also announced a version of Gran Turismo you can put in your pocket with the PSP version, called GT Mobile, to be released later this year. This version will contain the tracks seen in GT4 plus the GT-R. This means you can be tearing up the Nurburgring Nordschleife in your R35 GT-R on your train ride to work.

In other video game GT-R related news, Need for Speed SHIFT promises to be the best NFS game yet. The trailer has quite a bit of footage of a stickered up GT-R SpecV on the track. Will be good to see how it turns out.

Link: Discuss this over @ NAGTROC
Link: You can download the GT5 HD Movie at
Screenshots: Courtesy of

The GT-R Color Nissan Should’ve Offered?

June 2, 2009 Comments off


Across the world the amount of discussion generated about the lack of a blue option for the Nissan GT-R is alarming. My guess is that it stems from a love affair many had with the Bayside Blue found on Nissan’s legendary R34 Skyline GT-R.

Bayside Blue was the launch color for the R34 GT-R and, at launch in 1999, the first of only a handful of GT-R specific colors. Bayside Blue went on to prove one of the most successful colors available for the GT-R and subsequently Nissan made it available on special edition R34 Skylines that weren’t GT-Rs so everyone could share in the love.

When the R35 was launched without a single shade of blue in sight, many wondered if it would become a special edition as time went by. Personally I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

So for now, one US owner has decided to take it upon himself. While this is not exactly Bayside Blue it is very close and the color is known as “Royal T Blue”.

You can check out the painting process photos and more over at his blog linked below.

So what other colors should Nissan offer for the R35 GT-R? Add your choices in the comments below…

Update: The blue Nissan GT-R visited STILLEN’s office yesterday and they snapped a whole bunch more photos for their blog. Go check their photo gallery for the rest of the pics.

Source: Blue R35 Blog