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Nissan Tochigi Plant – Godzilla Ground Zero: GTRBlog Photo Gallery

April 14, 2009 Comments off


The Nissan Tochigi Plant is an amazing place to visit, sprawling over a vast physical area you need to take a bus (or a “plant test GT-R”) to make your way around it. That’s exactly what we did in January this year with NAGTROC thanks to Nissan Japan and our good friend and GTR Owners Club Japan President Shin Inoue. If you’re interested in the entire writeup on the experience you can checkout our previous post with the link to the official NAGTROC magazine style writeup. If you’re more of a visual person, well you can enjoy some of the photos I took at the plant.

In terms of what we could and could not photograph, we were quite restricted. Photography within the plant structures was forbidden due to certain confidential things we may or may not have seen. Outside again we were also fairly restricted. Only I was allowed to bring my trusty Nikon D300 and I tried to capture what I could but there was a LOT going on. Everyone else was made to leave their cameras behind.

Enjoy what we have here and let us know in the comments if you want any details on what exactly is going on in any of these. Click the giant “Read More” link below for the rest of the photos…

Photos: (C) 2009 – Reproduction with permission permitted
Link: NAGTROC and GTRBlog Visit to Nissan Tochigi Plant – Full Writeup (17mb, PDF)


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BRANEW Customer Cars: Dynamic Version Aero

March 31, 2009 Comments off


BRANEW have sold a few of their controversially styled Dynamic Version aero kits now and here’s a couple of photos of the latest installs on customer cars.

First up is the white with black grille insert look on black wheels. Since all we’ve seen so far of this kit is the white with silver demo car the white on black is just a small departure. The difference it makes is huge however and I think there’s no better way to do this kit.

Next up is the Dark Metal Grey GT-R again with Dynamic Version BRANEW front bumper. Click through the photo gallery below to see that as well as the BRANEW Black Edition demo car.

Nissan’s Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road Challenge Photo Gallery

March 19, 2009 Comments off


Nissan have added to the high-res photo gallery of the recent Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road Challenge event held at Jebel Hafeet Mountain in Al Ain, UAE recently. During the challenge, FIA Vice Prez and rally driver Mohamed Ben Sulayem managed a 3 minute 39.008 second run on the road claimed to be one of the worlds best driving roads.

Check out the gallery from the event below

Source: Nissan
Link: Nissan Launch GT-R in Middle East

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TAS09: Girls of Tokyo AutoSalon 2009

February 23, 2009 Comments off

One last post of photos from Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 we attended last month. We really focused on the GT-R this year and didn’t get too many shots of the booth babes, but that doesn’t mean we returned completely empty handed.

Here’s our final post on photos from TAS2009. We had an amazing time this year and can’t wait until we head back to Japan next. Click through the pages below to see all the pics. Enjoy!

Link: Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 related articles on GTRBlog

Photo Gallery: Budez Nissan GT-R Photo Shoot by TYC

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If you haven’t checked this out yet, head over to the link below to see the whole photo shoot. Some amazing shots of Kunani’s Budez GT-R against some amazing scenery.

Link: Budez GT-R Photoshoot by TYC @ NAGTROC

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Photo Gallery: Godzilla in Action – Action Shots from Targa Wrest Point

February 13, 2009 Comments off

It’s not often you get to see Godzilla in it’s natural environment, competitive racing that is. Targa Wrest Point was held a couple of weeks back and friend of GTRBlog Joel Strickland was in attendance with camera in tow. The VIP Petfoods GT-R you see here finished second outright in the race.

Please now enjoy these higher-res photos from our collection! Check out the full story at the link below and more photos after the jump

Link: Targa Wrest Point related articles on GTRBlog
Link: Joel Strickland Photographics

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Photo Gallery: WALD Sports Line Black Bison Edition Studio Shots and Pricing

February 11, 2009 Comments off

WALD’s masterpiece, the Sports Line R35 GT-R “Black Bison Edition” made it’s debut last month at Tokyo AutoSalon 2009. Since then they’ve been in the studio to shoot some dead sexy looking shots of the demo car. WALD have also announced official pricing for the kit components for the Japanese market in both wet and dry carbon versions.

WALD SportsLine “Black Bison Edition” Pricing:
Front Bumper (wet carbon, includes under cover, grille cover,
front lip, side ducts)
491,400 yen
Front Bumper (dry carbon, includes under cover, grille cover,
front lip, side ducts)
1,344,000 yen
Side Skirts (FRP) 134,400 yen
Rear Diffuser (wet carbon) 155,400 yen
Rear Diffuser (dry carbon) 661,500 yen
Trunk Spoiler (wet carbon) 113,400 yen
Trunk Spoiler (dry carbon) 155,400 yen
Rear Wing Cover (wet carbon) 147,000 yen
Rear Wing Cover (dry carbon) 207,900 yen
Over Fender 81,900 yen
Grille Cover (wet carbon) 155,400 yen
Grille Cover (dry carbon) 546,000 yen
Front Lip (wet carbon) 113,400 yen
Front Lip (dry carbon) 399,000 yen
Under Cover (FRP) 39,900 yen
Full Kit (wet carbon) 1,039,500 yen
Full Kit (dry carbon) 2,362,500 yen

Checkout the rest of the photo gallery after the jump. Thanks to Chuck from NAGTROC for pointing out the photo update.

Link: WALD International Website
Link: WALD body kit and other related artiles on GTRBlog

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Volk Racing TE37 G2 Zele Edition Black, New GT-R Offset

January 5, 2009 Comments off

First seen at SEMA in the US, Volk has recently released a new addition to their wheel lineup. The Volk Racing G2 or TE37 G2. Following this they have now added a new offset to the lineup to debut at Tokyo AutoSalon 2009. The new GT-R fitment changes the front to 20″x10″ +30mm offset while the rear moves to a 20″x11″ +25mm offset.

Zele International have a set of these for demoing at Tokyo AutoSalon in the flat black colour that everyone seemed to love at SEMA. We snapped a few shots of them while recently on site at Zele for a pre-TAS visit.

Rays Wheels will have quite a substantial sized booth at Tokyo AutoSalon as usual. They’re located in Hall 1 this year so stop by to check these out in the flesh.

Loads more photos after the jump…

Link: Volk Racing Website
Link: Zele Complete Edition Information

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Nissan Series II R35 GT-R: Photo Gallery

December 26, 2008 Comments off

Regular readers will remember when Nissan officially announced the 2009 Japanese model year updates for the Nissan R35 GT-R, something we’ve been calling the Series II R35 GT-R. Since then we’ve seen some press photos/photoshops but no great photos of the updated GT-R.

Today I headed down to Ginza Nissan Gallery in Tokyo to see if I could change this and here’s the results.

Here we have a MY09 JDM specification Nissan GT-R in the new-for-09 Brilliant White colour. This is a Premium version so it also features the new coloured wheels (Real Black colour). You can also see the updated logo on the brakes.

I took some other shots of the brake lines (upgraded stiffness) and the engine bay (not much changed). Also you can see this is the 12th MY09 JDM GT-R built with all MY09 GT-R’s beginning with chassis number R35-010000. Looks like engine numbers do the same, starting at VR38-010000.

Feel free to flick through the gallery below…

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Happy Holidays from GTRBlog – GT-R Aircraft Hanger Photo Gallery

December 25, 2008 Comments off

Happy holidays to all our readers, hope everyone had a great day today wherever you may be. Hopefully GTRBlog will be able to deliver some late christmas presents soon as we’ve just landed in Tokyo to cover some lead up to Tokyo Auto Salon 2009.

Until then however, Adrey from NAGTROC has done a pretty great job himself on delivering an awesome photo set of his GT-R in an aircraft hanger.

Check out loads more photos in this set at the link below, thanks to Adrey for publishing these shots!

Link: GT-R Aircraft Hanger Photo Shoot

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